Market Yourself with Articles

Market Yourself with Articles for Free

Marketing With Articles For Free!

Cathy Stucker, The Idea Lady, will be leading a teleseminar and interviewing me on best case strategies about how to market yourself with articles. We’ve been planning this event for more than a month so it’s sure to be a high ROI event for all guests attending.

If you’ve been contemplating either launching or scaling your current article marketing campaign, you’ll benefit from this teleseminar.

DETAILS: This teleseminar will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2005, 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The fee for the teleseminar is $39, and all registrants will receive an audio CD of the seminar. Audio CDs of the teleseminar will be available for purchase after May 17, 2005 if you can’t make it.

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Learn How To Market With Articles

Extended Details:

If you’re looking to leverage article marketing to increase your online credibility, drive targeted traffic to your website, build link popularity (which can help you win favor with the major search engines) and ultimately to increase your sales…then you’ll benefit from this event.

Anyone can jump in and get their feet wet when it comes to writing and submitting articles, but there are many insider secrets that can dramatically expand the results you achieve without an increase in effort.

You’ll learn:
– Why you should market with articles;
– How to choose great topics for your articles;
– What makes a powerful article title;
– What word length is best;
-How to write a resource box (author bio) that maximizes your results;
-How to use articles to improve your search engine position;
– The secret to make your links more effective;
– What you should not do in your articles;
– How to promote yourself as an expert on multiple topics; and
– How to develop and implement your strategy to market with articles now!

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