How We Prioritize

A lot of authors who use our system often get upset or confused because we do one of their transactions but take a day or more to do another. Please know that we are moving into becoming more machine-like and in the greater majority of the cases, it’s absolutely not personal if there was a delay from one transaction to the next. Our staff is lean and every person wears multiple hats in order to create a high return from our time investments into this site.

Example: We approve an article that they modified but don’t immediately approve one of their new article submissions.

Example: We approve a new article submission but don’t respond to their email to us about some other issue until a day later.

Example: We respond to a customer service email sent in but don’t approve a new article submission for a few days later if they are basic level.

Example: We approve 6 out of 10 new submissions and 18 hours lapse before we approve the remaining 4.

Thought it would be good to share how we prioritize our load:

1) Articles that were modified get first priority because these articles have been removed from the live directory and we don’t want to lose search engine position for them…so we give these our highest priority.

2) Platinum level new article submissions are next.

3) Basic level new article submissions that have been fixed or repaired from a previous Problem status are next. We like getting these out of our way as they require more brain time to evaluate than non previous problem status Basic level submissions.

4) Then it’s on to Basic level new article submissions.

Weaved into the above activities is the answering of the support emails that are sent in daily (about 50-70 per day right now). On a day like today, there are 350 articles that have not been approved yet of which about 325 are from Basic level authors.

After the above is done or at some break interval, we also review new alternate author names setup, new expert author bios sent in, review the recent forward to a friend posts to check for abuse, duplicate article checking, blog post approving, review who is deleting articles and ask why if there is a pattern, check on the automatic email notification emails to ensure they are going out and a brief tour through the forums to make sure there is no abuse happening. Platinum upgrade decisions are usually done once every other day and we are alerted when a new Basic level author has zero submits remaining in their account.

In addition to all of that, our network admin is checking in on the web, dns, email and list server 3-5 times per 24 hours to ensure we’re not being abused and all systems are green light. The network admins and programers work together to do database maintenance to keep the site functions going without interuption. They also monitor the RSS feeds and RPC pingers to make sure they are doing their job.

There’s more to it than this, but I thought you might enjoy taking a peak under the hood.

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