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Must be a “May” thing, but in the last two weeks, I’ve heard at least 5 times that an author BLAMED their “Ghostwriter” for [insert the excuse for bad author behavior, such as plagerism, leaning on fair-use doctrine too hard, or flat out article theft).

Bottom Line: If you’re going to hire a ghostwriter to write for you on an exclusive rights basis (the only type of ghost written articles we accept), then know that you will be held 100% responsible for the integrity of the articles listed.

When I hear “must have been that rotten no-good two-bit ghost writer that did the bad thing”… I think, “you’re the dummy because you didn’t do quality control on the agent you hired.”

Ghostwriters come cheap these days and that must be the pressure that some of them stoop to lower their integrity in order to get the job done. Don’t be duped by a bad ghostwriter… but if you are duped, don’t publish the works until you’ve done random exact match spot checks in the major search engines on the works to ensure it is original work.

You can do an “exact match” search by putting quotes around the phrase or sentence.

Make sense?



That is the funny thing about the ghost writing business. People come along everyday who complain that we charge too much money for our work. People just have an idea in their brain that they should pay their ghost writers less than minimum wage, and then the ghost writer should produce his best work ever.

What the bargain shoppers don’t realize is that they get what they pay for, and that is how it should be.

Ghost Writing is actually a skilled profession. If it wasn’t, you could hire your son’s ninth grade class to do the task for you.

This idea that business owners should be able to hire a skilled professional for the same rates that a McDonald’s employee is hired is pure foolishness. What good is our education and skills if you think you can hire our labors for pennies on the dollar?

All I have to say on the matter is that if you go out and hire a writer to write an article for you for $5, $10 or $15 an article, then you got what you had coming to you. You got exactly what you paid for… you paid nothing and got nothing in return.

When you are ready to hire a professional writer, you might come look me up.

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Lance Winslow writes:

Dear Hunter,

Boy do I agree with that. I can remember before I retired hiring a staff as well as trading a few of our franchisees to help with research. We would power thru trade journals, websites, brochures of competition, anything we could find to come up with ideas or borrow them from other industries and modify them to fit. One of our Alpha research team members who we paid $3,000 per month to do research, copied some articles verbatim from a competitor. These articles ended up going out to our team members as ideas, yet they were copied verbatim. That was not the real problem as no one made mention of it, had I known we would have simply copied the magazine and sent out the pages and given credit for the articles and their source. The real problem came when we later used those articles as informational advice to our industry. Ah, so we get a nasty letter and email from the very competitor who wrote them, I defended the work as authentic until the competitor not only showed me his writing, but a copy of the magazine it appeared in. I defended our team member to the end, almost accusing the competitor from stealing the work from us. Turns out he was right and I was wronged. From that time forward I always checked anything our research team wrote up and read it and added knowledge to it and completely re-wrote it, I questioned the sources and asked for all the back up materials. The fellow who worked for us was a class act, good man, never even suspected it. How embarrassing indeed. If you are going to hire a writer, hire a good one. We have a problem with ethics in our nation. It seems the average person will lie to you to save $2.00; that is the average. Pretty pathetic indeed. Those who pay others to write their articles should hire only professionals and expect to encounter problems if you don’t. Although you should be writing your own articles if you are able. Some lessons are hard to learn, if you are smart you will learn from such experiences of others and not get burned. Think on this Hunter is correct.

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