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Sooner or later, as an article author… you must make your way to: to investigate and/or register how to copyright your articles or your compilation of articles.

Most legal counsel would advise you to not even think about throwing stones at those who would rip you off until you had a registered copyright on your works. (of course, I’m not a lawyer, so consult yours first before taking my advice.)

Almost everyone I know who has ever produced a book registers their copyright — but it’s not all that common for article authors to register their copyright.

Basic copyright registrations are $30 USD.

Have you ever registered a copyright for any of your articles?

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Lance Winslow writes:

The only problem with copyrights is you have to defend them. So if you put articles up and then copyright them and someone steels them, you still have to defend them. Also your site in fact shows a date of first publishing in some cases and thus a simple “C” should suffice,m shouldn’t it? You cannot prevent others from stealing your ideas, concepts, writings or anything else. Humans are a lot like monkeys they copy and immitate. I find it interesting when someone here writes an article on a certain subject and the next week authors who are promoting similar trinkets or services have almost the same article and title with some changes? How can anyone stop that? It happens in all industries all the time. Do you really think the $30.00 copyright is going to protect you?

Comment provided May 12, 2005 at 11:58 PM


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