Webmasters Sin Code

(Sin is Espanol for “without”)

Interesting lesson I learned this week:

So many GUI (Graphical User Interface) CMS’s (Content Management Systems) have allowed non-HTML smart webmasters to create websites. They know HTML code is being created but have built their websites without an ounce of HTML knowledge.

Along we come to offer our expert authors web buttons they can use to show that they are an expert author…and what do we do? We offer them the exact HTML code they will need to display and link up the image.

It’s like a deer looking into the headlights. Many of our authors have no idea what to do with the HTML code because their websites were built with copy and paste templates. ArggghH! :)

Frankly, just like Amateur Radio operators are not suppose to get licenses without knowing the outdated Morse Code, I don’t think Webmasters should be allowed to be called Webmasters without knowing at least an ounce of HTML code.

To this end, I offer: Essential HTML Skills For Article Authors – 7 Tips


Dennis mellersh writes:

The article, Essential HTML Skills for Article Authors –7 Tips, is excellent.

This is valuable information for non-techno website builders.

There will be increasing offerings of “no-HTML-necessary” site-building software, but there will likely always be occasions when html is needed to accomplish an objective.

A short textbook on the most commonly required html code and where and how to use it would be useful, if someone would care to write it.

Dennis Mellersh

Comment provided April 2, 2005 at 10:45 AM


Glennys writes:

Hey Dennis. I’ve been helping people learn a bit of html so they can do a bit more with their websites.

It doesn’t take long before some who has a tiny bit of creativity wants to know how to do something that requires html knowledge. :-)

http://www.notepad.com has an excellent mini tutorial. It is basic, basic, basic html and a good place to start. He has even made his own small html editor to use as you go through the lessons.

It’s all free too. Just thought I’d let you and others know.

Comment provided April 2, 2005 at 12:28 PM


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