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I’ve been doing this for some time and never realized it was actually a strategy to help spur your creativity to enter the zone of flow when writing.

Here’s what I do: A day, week or month before I write an article, I’ll create the TITLE for the article.

Ideas To Help You Enter The Writing Zone of Flow

My subconsious mind then mentally creates the entire article or at least the main points of the outline of the article so that when I finally sit down to do the article — it was already pre-written for me. I usually have very little awareness of its creation or the mental construction of the article in my mind.

Have you ever done this?

How else can you get into a state of flow when writing?




I sit down with an idea, brainstorm a list of more ideas, then write like mad.

Usually, I come up with a mess that I can then rework into a two or three articles.

Then I edit, edit, and re-edit until I have at least one polished article.

I can do this in about a day.

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Dennis Mellersh writes:

Another way to get the juices flowing is to do the research for the article, but then instead of sitting down to write it immediately, let it bounce around in the back of your mind for awhile.

The ideas will start to sort themselves out and before you know it, the article starts to organize itself in your head.

When it comes time to actually write it we all sometimes have writer’s block. When this happens, and I just can’t seem to get a beginning for the article, I will often just type in the words [intro] in brackets.

I then start maybe one-quarter into the article, with the writing based on the meat of my research. Later, perhaps part-way through writing this portion, an idea for the beginning, or “lead” of the article will gel.

Dennis Mellersh

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Mona Grayson writes:

I got a great suggestion from Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing. ( He does a weekly ezine and I was wondering how he does them so regularly and still finds things to write about!

He said that he thinks about a problem that his audience might have and then writes about a solution for that problem.

The idea sounded great to me, so I made a list of problems or struggles my readers might have and it really helped. Now when I go to write an article I look at the list and see which one I’m ready to write about.

~Mona Grayson

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David Perdew writes:

Believe it or not, Chris, I do exactly the same thing.

I actually have a list of about 35 article titles that are future topics for my blog ( stored in my computer.

I use Microsoft’s One Note for storing article ideas. Each title has a tab so that when I do write one (try to write one each day,) I see the titles and re-think some of the content.

It works great for me. You too, I see.

David Perdew

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Lance Winslow writes:

I agree as I do this also. Then as I read articles, do research or think of things I write them onto the word file with the title only. Eventually after a few paragraphs and much thought, you are ready to tie it all in. So this works good and at any one time I have 40-50 topics on hold…thinking on them. Works for me.

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Andrea Goodsaid writes:

Yes, yes! Title first then article that follows to answer the readers needs … so cool to hear that others are doing this too ;-)

One thing I find though is that I have to sit down and write it right away (much like Jeremy described). If I leave things to percolate … whoosh… my mind is on to other things; often never to return again ….lol.

~Andrea Goodsaid

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M. Anthony writes:

I believe is was Whitman or Hemingway (one of the great American drunk writers) who always write drunk and edit sober. Meaning just start writing… let it all come out, write down anything and everything without judgement and without editing. Simply get ideas on paper. You can come up with a million ideas and often “million dollars” ideas with this process (drunk or

I’m also of the Robert L Stephenson philosphy of going to bed with an idea or request in mind for the subconscious to “write the story for me” (I believe he called them “story gnomes”) And then first thing when waking up write down everything that pops into mind. I’m a strong believer in letting the subconscious mind handle the “details” and giving the conscious mind the “overview”

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