Por Que? The No Aff?

Most affiliate program authors are usually upset with us/me for not accepting articles with affiliate links.

I thought I’d take a moment to explain why we don’t accept articles with affiliate links in them:

90% of people who use articles to pitch affiliate programs do so with non-original articles. Most receive the articles from the guru of the info product they are pitching and are told to put their name on the articles as if they wrote them (LAZY!).

As you may know, we don’t accept non-original articles.

It’s truly sad for the 10% that use their own original works have to suffer because of the 90% that are too lazy to write their own articles.

We reject non original articles because it’s an SEO no no to have duplicate content on our site…and thus the reason the policy exists.

If our policy didn’t exist, ~20% of the total content submitted would have to be removed daily because it would be duplicative of what we already have listed.

Bottom line, our “No Affiliate Link Policy” is really a defensive strategy designed to eliminate the possibility of adding duplicate identical content to our directory.

Make sense?


Yvonne Finn writes:

Thanks, at least for the response.
Your policy still does not make sense to me, but that is your prerogative.

This is a world where generalities seem to rule!

However, my question about your own possible affiliate program launch does deserve more that just the fluffing off that you did.

How will affiliates promote your program?
Will they not be affiliates?
Will they not write articles and post them on ther sites?
Just wondered!

Thanks for your time, Christopher!

Comment provided April 22, 2005 at 7:39 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

This seems to be a good rule. Yet I understand the concern. All my articles are original? Maybe that is why they are not so good? HA HA HA. Well you can take a non-original article I suppose and weave in originality by interviewing a customer and putting that in, slightly changing it around some. Chopping in and putting in your personal thoughts, experiences and observations. I think those 90% who are claimed to do this are short sided in their thinking. It seems in a way this is not very fair to the reader, clicking on something they already have read if they came to the EzineArticles.com website from the search engines or even if they are slightly involved in the industry which the article belongs to, the Ezine editor must get tired of this. I know that most copy sites to this one do allow that, maybe that is why they are less successful, laiden in debt and will soon go out of business? If you were a Ezine Editor, wouldn’t you get tired of the same old dribble? I would. As a matter of fact I take about 75 print magazines in various subjects and industries and since that medium of advertising is cutting back they so often allow filler articles, talking about various subject and regergitated stuff, it is boring and unfair to my time to have to go thru the minutia to get to whats real. So really I am for this policy. If authors are upset, use you mind and modify the article to have some relevance, something worthy, something that benefits all concerned.

Comment provided April 28, 2005 at 9:59 PM


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