Eudora Pro

Eudora Pro is my email client of choice. I’ve been using it since the mid to late 1990s. It’s made by Qualcomm.

The reason it’s so awesome is that it does not treat me like a user that needs to have my experienced ‘set up’ so that I can function like MS Outlook does. In other words, it doesn’t wrap my experience up with a pretty bow but rather presents the incoming emails as they really are.

Another big bonus that Eudora offers me: I can send and receive HTML code via email without my email client trying to interpret and execute the code.
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Webmasters Sin Code

(Sin is Espanol for “without”)

Interesting lesson I learned this week:

So many GUI (Graphical User Interface) CMS’s (Content Management Systems) have allowed non-HTML smart webmasters to create websites. They know HTML code is being created but have built their websites without an ounce of HTML knowledge.

Along we come to offer our expert authors web buttons they can use to show that they are an expert author…and what do we do? We offer them the exact HTML code they will need to display and link up the image.

It’s like a deer looking into the headlights. Many of our authors have no idea what to do with the HTML code because their websites were built with copy and paste templates. ArggghH! :)

Frankly, just like Amateur Radio operators are not suppose to get licenses without knowing the outdated Morse Code, I don’t think Webmasters should be allowed to be called Webmasters without knowing at least an ounce of HTML code.

To this end, I offer: Essential HTML Skills For Article Authors – 7 Tips

April Fools Day

I admit it.

I sent an email to our main EzineArticles newsletter list (about 7,000 authors) and shared with them that we are going fee-based for our article marketing & publicity services starting on Tuesday.

Rather than tell you about it, go read what Willie had to say:

:-) Smile, it’s Friday.

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