Who’s Lance Winslow?

If you’ve been watching our expert author list, you’ve noticed that Lance Winslow has become our top submittor.

Who is this guy? Click on his mobile broadband semi to find out:

From what I can tell, Lance sends in all of his hundreds of articles from that satellite dish on the top of his mobile command center. Simply awesome! What a fun life. :)

Por Que? The No Aff?

Most affiliate program authors are usually upset with us/me for not accepting articles with affiliate links.

I thought I’d take a moment to explain why we don’t accept articles with affiliate links in them:

90% of people who use articles to pitch affiliate programs do so with non-original articles. Most receive the articles from the guru of the info product they are pitching and are told to put their name on the articles as if they wrote them (LAZY!).

As you may know, we don’t accept non-original articles.

It’s truly sad for the 10% that use their own original works have to suffer because of the 90% that are too lazy to write their own articles.

We reject non original articles because it’s an SEO no no to have duplicate content on our site…and thus the reason the policy exists.

If our policy didn’t exist, ~20% of the total content submitted would have to be removed daily because it would be duplicative of what we already have listed.

Bottom line, our “No Affiliate Link Policy” is really a defensive strategy designed to eliminate the possibility of adding duplicate identical content to our directory.

Make sense?

Auto Litter Sweeper

Every day, this EzineArticles project reminds me how small of a planet we really live on.

I’m not talking about how authors from dozens of countries submit quality articles or how a site like ours can provide value for hundreds of thousands of folks all over the world each month; but rather:

Thanks to the efficiency of search engines and the egotistical self-searching nature (referring to how most people have search bots deliver to them whenever their name gets mentioned on any site at any time), we are almost immediately notified whenever there is foul play by a particular author.
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540, new record

Ever go to bed and just know that you’re exhausted but it was one heck of a day?

Today was one of those days.

540 articles added today with about 20 total manhours of editorial labor of which 7 of those hours were training new team member hours.

Our previous peaks were around 340 per day.

1,074 new articles added this week so far and 1,589 since the first of April. Keep sending them in and we’ll do our best to give your article exposure to the 30k visitors that come to our site daily.

5,000 Authors

Drum Roll…

Today, we added our 5,000’th registered author!

I’ll admit, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the flow, not to mention author support emails and the 270 articles that are coming in daily.

If you’ve submitted an article recently, you’ll notice some new quality control identifiers that let you know which editor approved your article.

We’ve got so many fingers on the back-end of our system that we had to take some extra steps to ensure every article is being double checked with two sets of eyes…

…and that we are not double checking articles that were already double checked. :-)

BR and P Tags

When submitting articles to our system, there is never a good reason to use the

tag or a double set of



Just be sure to put a space between each of your paragraphs and our system will automatically insert the P tags around each of your paragraphs.

It is ok to use the
tag to force a hard line wrap if you have a list of something or you can always use the LI tags to do a bullet or numbered list.

Just please don’t use P tags or double BR tags, ok? :-) Thanks!

Valid URL’s

Dear Authors,

This is not a valid URL: www.ezinearticles.com
This is not a valid URL: ezinearticles.com

This IS a valid URL: https://ezinearticles.com
This IS a perfect valid URL: http://EzineArticles.com/

Please put only valid or perfectly valid URL’s in your resource boxes only. Invalid URL’s will not be auto formatted unless you send in valid HTML code. ok?


April 5th Deadline

If you’re one of the authors trying to get your articles in before the Tuesday night deadline, please go back and read the PS: in the email that I sent last Friday.

Yes, it was an April fools joke.

Thanks in advance for having a sense of humor. :-)

Well over 900 articles have come in since the 1st and we’re backlogged today by about 400. Platinum authors are still getting priority approvals and we have about a dozen Basic level authors that need our review for potential Platinum upgrade.

We still want and cherish your original articles. Thanks for not sending in garbage or articles written by other people with your name slapped on them.

27 Searches Per Hour

Last month, our internal search engine recorded over 22,000 search queries.

That’s about 700 per day.

Every hour an average of 26 to 30 searches are done on our site.

Tip: If you want to really drill into the site, use the search box in the left navigation. You can used our advanced search to find articles by ID, author, title, content, etc. :-)

How else would you like to see us evolve our in-site search engine?

Which parameters would be of value to you?

Pope John Paul II

Excellent new article about the Pope’s 27 year run:
Pope John Paul II, The Right Man at the Right Time

A few of his public positions on social issues were out-dated, but I did recognize his importance in the world as a peacemaker. Amazing that he was fluent in 8 languages! I’m sure he’ll be missed by millions.

He was the first Pope to have a “PopeMobile”:
Ze PopeMobile

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