Which Summary Ender?

Which article summary ender do you like better?

A) …
B) … [Continued]
C) … [More]
D) … [Read More]
E) … [Read Full Article]

Which one will lead you to click for more information if the summary is relevant to your needs?

Yahoo Publisher Network

Didja hear that Yahoo may have a new Yahoo Publisher Network coming along?

Suppose to be an AdSense competitor.

Who knows.

We know Google knows how to execute…but it will be interesting to see what Yahoo actually comes up with.

If you end up beta testing the Yahoo pub thing, give us a report please or add a comment to this post. Thanks!

Turn-Around Time

Our turn-around time this week for article approvals has not been consistent for newbie BASIC-level members.

Platinum members are still experiencing pretty consistent under 24 business hour turn around on all new article submissions and modified articles that needed to be re-reviewed.

On Tuesday we implemented a new system that cranked up our ability to approve new article submissions by 25% with the same quality level as before. Unfortunately, we’re still working on getting the sequencing of the process so that it matches what we did when we approved articles in our old process/system.

In the coming weeks, we’ll work on getting our approval speed to be more consistent for BASIC level members… even though our priority is to give them 2nd best service with our PLATINUM level members being our first priority.

USA Tax Day Articles

Click on the tax man shake below to see over 40 new articles on Taxation (and how to reduce your taxes):
USA Tax Day

As a youngster (I’m 35), when I learned that 40% of my U.S. income taxes are going to pay for social security and medicare alone, I had to ask myself the question… Why the heck do I pay 7% of my income taxes to social security (and another 7% as an employer for social security) in addition to the 40% from my income taxes?

Take from the young to pay for the old via entitlement programs.

Read on for how I think the system should be fixed:
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URL Tip: No Dots

If you really want to slow down and hamper your article marketing efforts, put a period at the end of your valid URL. It’s a sure way to stop the positive flow of active links coming back to your website. Why? Because in most cases, it produces an invalid URL.

Bad example of what NOT to do:

Visit my website at http://Christopher-Knight.com/.

Good example of what to do:

Visit my website at: http://Christopher-Knight.com/

Now, my webdev team is smart and they have configured our dedicated webservers to deal with it for our URL’s, but most (actually the greater majority) of websites are virtual hosts and they don’t support a period at the end of a URL.

That means if you put a period at the end of a valid URL and you put your article into distribution, you’ll find that the smart article directories like ours remove your period manually but this is not the norm!

End result: NEVER NEVER NEVER put a period at the end of a valid URL, ok? :-)

Post Frequency?

An author writes:

“How often should I post a new article on your site if I want to stay up at the top of my particular category?”

Answer: Weekly to Bi-Weekly.

Better answer: Dump your load now and you’ll reap more traffic than if you spread out your submissions over a given time period. Trust me on this one. I watch the stats now on over 24,000 articles and it’s clear to me that authors should not spread out their submissions, but rather they will be rewarded with greater overall traffic for their articles if they submit everything they have got done to date immediately.

Two For One

“Two Great Pizza’s for One Low Price — Pizza Pizza”
-A popular phrase from Little Caesars Pizza commercials

Today, I want you to consider:
“Two Great Articles From One Great Piece”

Translation: Stop writing 1000 word articles and chop it in half to produce (2) separate 500 word articles.

You’ll get double the traffic impact with the same works.

/jumping up and down right now/ :-)

Copyright vs. Copywrite

Quick English Word Lesson For Authors:

Copyright is an intellectual property rights secure on a written work you did.

Copywrite is what a Copywriter does: Someone who writes copy for advertisements, promotional material, sales letters, headlines, etc.

Please don’t confuse these two. It’s a common occurance and we keep correcting them for the select few authors who send in the wrong version of the word. :!)

Article Summary dots Q?

What do you think is better to end an ARTICLE SUMMARY with:

A) Three dots …

B) A question that leads the reader into wanting to read the full article.

C) Cutting off a sentence mid stream so that your reader is forced to wonder what else you said and has to click on the full article to see it.

Which is best?

Links Within Article Body

Should we allow active links within the body of the article?

To look at this issue from the author’s perspective, the answer is YES. More links to their websites creates more link currency value.

To look at this issue from our ad revenue based model perspective, it makes no sense to allow authors to put active links within the body of the article because you get paid for your article with a link to your website in the resource box.

Why then do we allow active links within the body of the article?
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