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This week I was interviewed by radio personality, International Master Marketer and EzineArticles Expert Author, Dr. Tony Marino on his American PodCast Network.

Take a Listen

It was a brief interview (about 15 minutes or less) and fun to wait in the Green Room while I waited for my interview. He even left some Snickers and 3 Musketeers candy bars for me (what a nice staff he has :). We introduced his audience to some of the basics of article marketing.

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Public Domain = No

Wanted to publicly make it clear that we do not accept articles from the *public domain* and the articles contained within our directory are not public domain.

Each article is copyrighted by the author who sent the article to us.

We do not claim copyright on every article within our directory, but we do claim copyright on the compilation that we have painstakingly created through careful selection.

We also do claim full copyright on many seed articles laced throughout our directory designed to enforce our compilation copyright.

Helpful Links: Author TOS (for those who submit articles) and Publisher TOS (for those who reprint)

Any questions?

Article Agents

Think about each of your articles as your “agents.”

What would you rather have: 10 agents, 100 agents or 1,000+ agents?

Because competition is heating up, you’ve got to step it up a notch to rise to the top.

Consider either producing 100 more articles or repurposing existing content that you created previously to create 100 more articles to put into distribution within the next 30 days.

Once you break through some of your existing plateau’s, you’ll find that it’s easier to produce 4 to 10 articles at a time rather than sitting down 4 to 10 times to produce the same articles.

It’s about efficiency and quality ROI on your time. Make sense?

No Ads?

“You’ll See It When You Believe It”

This is a funny note I just received from an author of ours: (I’m paraphrasing)

“How come you didn’t put any ads on your site? Like top banners. Don’t you plan on adding ads on your site? You don’t like ads?”

You have just witnessed the power of Google AdSense. I clearly see the ads on every page of our site (2 to 3 panels of ads), but they are integrated into the content to the point where the site is built for the ads and the ads are built for the site. Call it “contextual loving” if you will.

Isn’t it super when ads add value just like the content rather than distract from the content?

I had read in eMarketer a few months ago that as high as ~60% of Internet surfers are not aware that the contextual ads are really ads at all.

Author W/ Multiple Brands

If you’re like most prolific writers/authors, you wear a few hats or “author name brands” when it comes to your favorite topic or expertise.

A common question I got asked 4 times a day is this:

I’m an author with 2 or more areas of expertise. How to setup my account with you so that each article does not confuse my reader with my other articles that might not be related to the topic?

Solution: Create either variations of your name or create multiple pen names for each of your areas of expertise.

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Comments Challenges

Yesterday we rolled out a new comment management system where anyone could easily register to be a “registered commentor” and add comments to any article.

Every comment is moderated to ensure quality.

It only took about 4 comments before we received the first of one author slamming another author’s article. Sheesh. Worse, they were competitors of each other.

So now we get to create a set of rules for how we’ll manage the comments. Overall, I intend to set a precedence that we will not approve negative tone comments, but ones that offer constructive thoughts with some critical thinking will be allowed.

Stone Evans

I’m hoping this blog post will reach affiliates of Stone Evan’s PIPS marketing product:

If you read our editorial guidelines, you’ll find that we don’t accept articles with affiliate links.

We’re very close to implementing a filter on all new accounts that list pips.html anywhere in their member profile or resource box.

In one respect, I want to give Stone an ‘attaboy’ for being so darn popular that we get his affiliates trying to create accounts with us enough for it to be a trend. Seems 80% of his clients are from outside of the USA.

Perhaps you could help us to spread the word that we only accept original articles without any affiliate links in them.

Thanks in advance!

Comment System Beta

Shhhhhhh, it’s a secret.

And only you know about it because you read my blog. :)

After 2 weeks of preparing our new CMS (Comment Management System), we just rolled it out quietly so that we can improve it before we tell the world about it. Consider it Beta for now.

Could you do me a favor? Go find an article that interests you and add a comment to it. We need a few hundred comments to really understand how to improve the new system.

Registration only takes 10 seconds to sign up and then you’ll be registered to comment.

Let me know how we should improve this new system.

Have Courage

We have a hard internal rule to never tell any author when we reject their articles because there is almost always so much resentment.

When I break our internal rule and try to help an author out…

It’s almost predictable … as if some authors are looking to be rejected and when we do, we fulfill their need to be rejected. What gives with that?

While I’ll admit there is some subjective decision making when we accept or reject an article, the greater majority of decisions are based mechanically as to whether it meets our posted editorial guideliness or not.

It’s a darn shame that legitimate authors who don’t take rejection personally are denied knowing why we rejected their articles.

I can see why large companies prefer faceless private communication so that the stakeholders (in this case the authors) can dissasociate from the rejection and know without a doubt that it’s not personal.

Worse, it’s almost a guarantee that if we reject an article from a author who takes it personal (even though it’s usually not), we run the risk of creating an enemy that we didn’t ask for.

Personally, I’m burnt out on working with overly sensitive authors. :!) Maybe there is a full moon or some weird star alignment going on today.

25,000 Articles

Thanks For Sending In Your Best Original Articles!

If someone told me that on August 5th, 2004 when we tore down this entire site to rebuild it from scratch…that we’d be able to help over 5,000 authors to promote over 25,000 of their articles that are listed with our site before our first year was up, I’m not sure I’d have believed ’em.

First, a very big public thank you to the 5000+ authors who have sent in their best articles! Muchas Gracias!

Now I sit here contemplating how we can help 15,000 more authors before Summer to send in 75,000 articles.

Truth of the matter is that it’s not a 1:4 ratio, meaning we have about 85% of the 5000 authors have only sent in 1 article. Reminds me a lot of how businesses should find a way to do more business with their existing clients rather than always trying to find new ones to serve.

Do you have any suggestions for how we could encourage the 80%+ of authors who register with us but only send in one article?

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