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“You’ll See It When You Believe It”

This is a funny note I just received from an author of ours: (I’m paraphrasing)

“How come you didn’t put any ads on your site? Like top banners. Don’t you plan on adding ads on your site? You don’t like ads?”

You have just witnessed the power of Google AdSense. I clearly see the ads on every page of our site (2 to 3 panels of ads), but they are integrated into the content to the point where the site is built for the ads and the ads are built for the site. Call it “contextual loving” if you will.

Isn’t it super when ads add value just like the content rather than distract from the content?

I had read in eMarketer a few months ago that as high as ~60% of Internet surfers are not aware that the contextual ads are really ads at all.


Dennis Mellersh writes:

You make a very good point about the unobtrusiveness of these ads.

I recently read a post whereby a webmaster achieved even stronger click-throughs on their site by actually integrating the ads closer to the page copy rather than having them as stand-alones on the right of the page.

Because these ads are promised to be contextually relevant it is in Google’s interest to ensure that they match content as closely as possible and from what I have seen they are doing a good job in that respect.

Good content plus contextually relevant ads will always be a winning combination.

Banner ads, according to studies I have read, are no longer all that appealing to site visitors and in fact are regarded as “advertisements.”

In a niche medium, such as a theme website or a specialty magazine, viewers of the pages involved want to see ads pertaining to the subject matter — they just don’t want these ads to scream.

Dennis Mellersh

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Comment provided April 22, 2005 at 11:54 AM


Glennys writes:

You really have put your ads tastefully on your pages. Dennis is right, they don’t scream at you. I guess I’m aware they’re ads because I put them on my pages.

Recently I’ve made them so they blend right in with my content.

Visitors are tired of having ads in their faces all the time. They just ignore them when they’re too pushy.

Comment provided April 22, 2005 at 3:59 PM


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