Two Exceptional Authors

I literally have thousands of new articles sifting through my fingers weekly and it takes a lot to impress me.

Two authors that I really enjoyed reading this morning:

Fran Briggs – What Oprah might look like if she knew how to be an online diva.

Michael Losier – Because he has an excellent and brief way of explaining the simple laws of attraction.

Of the 4,328 new articles that were added in the last 21 days of March, these two were exceptional for me. Fran because I love her positive attitude and Michael because I really enjoy his topic.

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I too enjoy Michael Losier’s articles very much. I discovered them only yesterday. I am consciously aware of how the universal Law of Attraction works and have lectured and written on this subject. It’s refreshing to see an expert such as Mr. Losier share this knowledge in such well written articles and in a very comprehensive way.

Also, I find it interesting that I stumbled upon, or rather, was “attracted” to one of his articles in particular yesterday called, “Attract Your Ideal Relationship Using the Law of Attraction”. I was in a conversation earlier that day with friends about this very topic and I will definitely refer this article to them! :)

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