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Got a brand new article out on my lastest thoughts from watching the results from 15k+ articles that have created more than 1 million page views.

Check it out and let me know what you think:
Article Marketing & Copywriting Secret: How To Make Your Article TITLE Sell

The one secret I didn’t mention in the article is the keyword research tool that I use: GoodKeywords.

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Dennis Mellersh writes:

Excellent article!

As a recently joined member of your service, I have not yet submitted articles.

Your article has given me reason to rethink my whole approach.

On my blogs, for example, I will often have a post headline that says what I think will interest people, but I have not been mindful of leading with keywords.

Even the title of my main blog, The Niche Content Digest should have Web Content instead of Niche Content, even though niche-orientation is what the site is all about.

I looked up niche content on NicheBot and there were only 2 searches for this term in the past 60 days.

Therefore, using your thinking, I will be rebuilding the blog, probably changing most if not all of the post headlines.

My posts tend to be small articles,so your advice is well timed.

I have been very frustrated about how to focus this site and build traffic to it.

Your advice will be very helpful.

I will probably now also look at leading the site title with either Web Content or Internet Marketing as site-title keywords.

When you think of how we would look for a book in a bookstore, a title which contains the keywords we want is one of the main ways we choose books for further examination.

Christopher, keep up the good work in your articles. They are most valuable.

By the way, is this article accessible to surfers who are not members of your service?


Dennis Mellersh

Comment provided March 13, 2005 at 10:01 AM


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