Broken Link Stats

As of this post we have 15,948 articles in the directory.

Our initial broken link scanner processed 14,481 of those 15,948 articles and found 9,277 unique links of which 8,676 (93.5) were GOOD links and 601 (6.5%)were BAD links

601 articles are on the chop block evaluation decision this week.

What a shame considering our entire directory doesn’t have any articles that are older than August of 2004!

We’ll probably not do anything with this data and run it again in a week and then compare the results so that we don’t remove articles by authors who were just having transient problems when we ran the report.

Bottom line: Broken links in any article is an SEO liability and it’s a problem we intend to correct on a frequent basis.

What do you think we should do with the articles that have broken links in them? Do we remove them or do we just make the link inactive?

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