Article Groove-On

This weekend and for fun, I drilled through our inactive waiting to be approved queue to add a little over 400 articles into the directory.

By the numbers: I see we are now past 18,000. Month to date, we’ve added 2,660 new articles thanks to quality submissions by our expert authors. As a new milestone of interest, this week we will be adding our 4,000’th unique expert author.

Anyway, I meant to stop several times because I knew our editorial team would be working the queue on Monday morning but… I got into a article approving groove and couldn’t get out of it. :-)

Did that ever happen to you where you get into a groove and it just feels natural to stay there even when your mind is telling you to “step away from the computer”….

We did have one hicup from 4:30pm CST on Friday till around 1pm on Saturday where about 52 articles got reviewed and made instantly live into the database. Ooops… Know that we have a list of these and will be reviewing them manually.

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