Problem Status Project

In an effort to help authors understand why we couldn’t accept their article yet when there is an editorial guidelines conflict, we have come up with these initial problem status codes:

2.1 Affiliate link violation
2.2 Self-Promotion / Advertising to Content Ratio Too High
2.3 Grammar, Spelling or Punctuation problems
2.4 Image tags or Javascript violation
2.5 Excess HTML code or bloat
2.6 Author name does not match Resource Box author name.

And will most likely add a few more in the coming weeks.

When you log into your members only interface, if you have a recently submitted new article stuck in the PROBLEM STATUS queue, you’ll begin to see one of the above problem status notifications alerting you to the general issue as to why we didn’t accept those specific article(s) yet.

This is only phase 1 for us in this project.

Phase 2 will include an email alert that will be sent to you at the moment that we put a new article submission of yours into one of the problem status queues.

Phase 3 will include us adding detailed instructions on how to make your article compliant with our editorial guidelines.

Normally all of this was being done by hand and for the past 2 months we just can’t do it any more by hand…so we’re automating this communication process.

Of course, you’re still always welcome to contact us via the LiveChat feature or the email contact us page if you’d like a more in depth explanation as to why one of your articles is in the problem status queue.

Always open to your thoughts for improvement on this new feature… :)

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