Platinum Benefits Happening

Those of you who are Platinum with us are experiencing an advantage today that you’re probably unaware of…

We are 3 solid days behind in approving “BASIC” level member articles, but Platinum members have had their articles and their modified articles waiting for re-review done under 24 hours.

There are only 16 BASIC members that have zero submissions remaining on their accounts and they will be reviewed this weekend for Platinum upgrades.

We usually try to upgrade a quality author BEFORE they use up all 10 initial submissions, but when we are behind, we use the failsafe report (of BASIC level members with zero submissions remaining) that is generated once a week to make sure no one gets left behind by accident.

Now for the not so happy news: 3 BASIC members of the 16 are not having their accounts upgraded to Platinum… essentially, these are our first “trapped” authors who have live active articles that are in good standing with us, but have not proven themselves worthy to receive more submission allotments.

The real bottom line is that we don’t have time to continually re-educate the same authors on how to read the posted editorial guidelines.

As Dr. Phil would say, “You Either Get It or You Don’t.”

If you are one of the very rare few who have dead-ended BASIC level membership and would really like yet another chance, contact us and we’d be happy to reconsider. :) We are very forgiving but need our editorial guidelines to be respected if you want your articles to make it to the live site.

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