Resource Box.

When you put your URL in your resource box, be sure to never put a PERIOD right after your URL.

In many cases, you are mostly throwing away your time here as your URL will dead end and the high majority of people who pick up your article will be giving you a dead link back because most URLs do NOT work when you have a period right at the end of the URL.

Bad form: Visit my website at

Good Form: Visit my website at:

Sweep Sweep

In our secret article marketing labs where we build our supercharged content management system that is built on alien technology acquired from SG1… we’re about ready to quietly introduce:

The current system is beta named the “Article Sweeper System” (but will probably get a new name in the future of even less relevance for more internal fun) that is going to quietly troll the entire database on a ongoing basis to identify, suspend and report articles that have dead links in them.

We’re going to make a distinction between hard and software failures to give liberal chances for sites to have ‘bad days’…but over a period of time, if you can’t keep your web server up over a period of days, we’re going to call your site dead.
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Smart Quotes Article

Of the hundreds of author questions I field monthly, this one has been so thorny that I’ve finally wrote a quick and easy to read article that gives the skinny on defining the smart quote problem and 2 solutions to it:

Be free…of smart quotes.

Disable MS Word Smart Quotes

Today’s Article Marketing Tip of the Day:

How To Disable Microsoft Word’s Smart Quotes:

1. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect Options, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

2. Under Replace as you type, select or clear the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” check box.

Why? Because your articles sent into distribution should never have any smart quotes in them so that you don’t look stupid when other people’s servers display the non-ASCII characters in your articles as garbage code.

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Cute Titles Hurt

So I’m reviewing several thousands articles this weekend and it amazes me how many quality articles WILL NEVER receive a tiny fraction of the potential traffic that they could receive if the author would just put some intelligence in the ‘keyword smarts’ of the title.

Today’s article TITLE Lesson:

Keep quotes wrapped around the outside of your TITLE OUT of your TITLE. It’s just a dumb practice that has zero pay off.

Frankly, I just don’t get it. Why would an author try to “cutesy” up their article TITLE by putting quotes around the entire TITLE?

Why add the WORTHLESS baggage of nonsense characters that the search engines then have to deal with… and if a search engine bot is not smart enough to deal with the nonsense quotes wrapped around the title, you just may find your article is ranked lower in the search engines than if you just kept them out of your title all together.

For clarity, I’m not circling any one particular author out as there are at least a few dozen per day that send in articles with quotes wrapped around the entire TITLE.

It’s not in our or the authors best interest to allow this nonsense! ;-) Let’s call it an article traffic killer mistake to avoid.

Problem Status Project

In an effort to help authors understand why we couldn’t accept their article yet when there is an editorial guidelines conflict, we have come up with these initial problem status codes:

2.1 Affiliate link violation
2.2 Self-Promotion / Advertising to Content Ratio Too High
2.3 Grammar, Spelling or Punctuation problems
2.4 Image tags or Javascript violation
2.5 Excess HTML code or bloat
2.6 Author name does not match Resource Box author name.

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Platinum Benefits Happening

Those of you who are Platinum with us are experiencing an advantage today that you’re probably unaware of…

We are 3 solid days behind in approving “BASIC” level member articles, but Platinum members have had their articles and their modified articles waiting for re-review done under 24 hours.

There are only 16 BASIC members that have zero submissions remaining on their accounts and they will be reviewed this weekend for Platinum upgrades.
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Sorry, No Aff Here

Dear Author Universe,

We here at love your articles and appreciate every single one that you take the time to produce, edit, and send in.

With that said, it’s important to point out that we do not accept articles with any affiliate links…so please don’t send them in.

It’s our belief that you get a high enough ROI from your efforts to submit your article to us to not warrant needing the affiliate revenue to justify the article submission.
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8,681 Email Alerts

Factoid of the day:

Since we began delivering real-time and daily summary email alerts when new articles were published, we have emailed 8,681 unique emails since we started on November 20th.

So far there are 1,431 members on over 40 email alert lists. There is quite a bit of churn in the email alerts in that over 4k folks have subscribed, yet we have less than 1500 aboard yet. Perhaps they are finding that RSS is a better way to manage the flood of emails that our system can create (especially when we get into flow).

Internet & Businesses Online, Business, and Self-Help are the top categories of email alert lists that are heavily subscribed to.
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Your Article ID

Dear Authors,

As you can probably see from our directory, every single article has a unique numeric ID number associated with it.

We can speed our service to you if you tell us the ID number of the article that you have a question about.

From time to time, authors send us a little over 150 questions a week and we want to speed our service to you by requesting that you tell us the ID number of the article you have a question about.


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