MySQL Rocks

We’ve been making small incremental changes to our article database design in order to improve speed and reduce lag.

On Friday, in the previous 24 hour period, we had 6,418,429 MySQL database queries of which ZERO have failed :-). This is a good thing.

When we have bad or sloppy code or the server can’t keep up, we get error messages in the database (db for short).

This is all useless trivia, but it’s part of the making of an article marketing super site.

I am aware that some processes are still taking 4-20+ seconds per process, so please be patient and only click on SUBMIT once when you are creating a new account, sending in a new article, updating your profile or adding an alternate author name. We are planning on addressing these speed issues over time so that everything is returned in a second or less with 5 seconds on a bad day.

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Luke writes:


As a SQL Server DBA by profession, I’m one of the very few people who read your blog with interest on any technical minutea you spill about your database. It’s great to see the MySQL platform really coming into it’s own as a robust and feasible competitor to even my bread and butter.

Kudos to the technical staff,


Comment provided February 17, 2005 at 1:10 AM


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