Article Quantity?

How many articles do you need to have in order to reach some realizable order of success that can be measured numerically?

I’ve seen authors with 100 articles get only 2000 combined page views over a 5 month period and I’ve seen authors with only 2 or 3 articles get 12,000 combined page views.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know the tune: KEYWORD RICH TITLES make the difference!

That said, I think a good target for an article marketing newbie is to produce a pack of 30-50 articles to start out with THIS QUARTER yet and get them into distribution.

If you’re an expert that has been around the block a few times, producing 100-150 articles within a few months or repurposing existing articles you’ve already written is a great way to kick your results in high gear!

Your article marketing success is related to:

The quantity of articles you produce X the quality of your keyword rich titles X the distribution you achieve of getting your article picked up and reprinted by others.

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