8,681 Email Alerts

Factoid of the day:

Since we began delivering real-time and daily summary email alerts when new articles were published, we have emailed 8,681 unique emails since we started on November 20th.

So far there are 1,431 members on over 40 email alert lists. There is quite a bit of churn in the email alerts in that over 4k folks have subscribed, yet we have less than 1500 aboard yet. Perhaps they are finding that RSS is a better way to manage the flood of emails that our system can create (especially when we get into flow).

Internet & Businesses Online, Business, and Self-Help are the top categories of email alert lists that are heavily subscribed to.

On average the real-time lists have about 17% of the quantity that the daily summaries email alerts have. I can understand why as it would not be uncommon for over 100+ email alerts for one specific category to float in a single day.

Personally, I really like the look of our real-time email alerts as they are very easy to read and take action with. Our daily summaries do need a small makeover job to be easier to execute on if desired.

Have any suggestions for us on our free EzineArticles.com email alert service?

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