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Wanted to introduce you to Dr. Lynella Grant as she has a site on the topic of promoting with articles:


I’m not sure which direction Dr. Grant is going to take her project, but we welcome her to the Article Marketing discussion.

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Lynella Grant writes:

Thanks, most kindly,
My website’s only two months old, but has 130 pages, 255 Google mentions, and a Page Rank of 4 already. Credit goes to widely posted articles since that’s the only promotion so far. I intend it as a helpful case study of what really works re. writing and posting articles. A scoreboard and progress report (diary) track each step.

In that spirit, I’m looking for case studies to post on my site: “I did this (whatever) and here is what happened…” Or X worked, or Y didn’t. Although there’s a lot of encouragement for writing articles, there’s almost no feedback about what works (or doesn’t).

There’s ample free in-depth advice/resources, focusing on 4 purposes – promoting yourself, your business, your website, or your book. It’s humorously called Article Marketing Academy – all electives. Term papers are called articles.

I invite readers of this blog to send questions or case studies.
Lynella Grant

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