Posthumously Articles

I learned a new word this week: posthumously –> It’s an adjective that means “after death.”

Laura M. Walker

Today, we received our first articles posted by an author who died tragically at a young age: Laura M. Walker

Laura was working on these articles right before her death and her family sent them to us so that others could benefit from their daughter’s writing passion:

The Things That Stay Important To Us…
Road Linking Afghan Cities Nears Completion

I can think of no better honor for Laura’s family than to continue to allow her articles spread the truth about what our troops are doing for the benefit of future generations of our friends in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

It’s my understanding that Laura had dreams of becoming a journalist when she returned home from duty. It was great to see that she had an opportunity to document her work while out there and from many of the photos on her memorial site, it appears she was a great photographer as well. She will be missed.

Something Unexpected

Against the recommendation of our management team, I wanted to share with you something we’re currently dealing with internally in regards to our Premium Membership service level.

We’ve been firing an average of 2 Premium members every day now as not being a good match. In some cases, we’ve had to fire members who were Premium, got fired, bought again and then had to be banned from Premium membership. We’ve had members plead to pay any price for speed or to be unbanned. One guy yesterday offered us $36k to accept his articles on top of our Premium membership fee with one exception: He wanted us to accept derivative content. No way!

Key Issue: Our team has been at great odds with ourselves because we want to deliver excellent service to our Premium members, yet a high percentage of our Premium members are not ideal EzineArticles members. We’ve essentially accelerated the speed at which our worst members can submit low value, thin content into our system.

This further frustrates our Premium members because they are getting downgraded (most are at Basic Plus level), having their articles rejected and are being shown the word “NO” more often than they’d ever care to see.

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EzineArticles Members Who Pass On

Statistically speaking, enough of our members have now actually died that we receive a letter every once in a while from an executor of an estate asking what their loved one has in terms of an account and articles with us.

How we’re handling it: EzineArticles has a new membership level called “Posthumous” for when this happens. Technically we should have called the status “Deceased” but a few years ago an author had works queued to be approved, she was an American soldier killed in battle, and her works were published after her death… thus the proper use of the word “posthumous” or after death.

Scary thing is that I’m pretty certain a good handful of our members have died and we just haven’t been notified yet.

The lesson: If you care about your content after you’re no longer a carbon based life form, be sure to include in your Will what your wishes are in terms of what to do with the content you’ve spent a lifetime creating.

Your Articles After You Pass

We’re often notified that one of our members is no longer with us… as in has ‘died’ (with issues ranging from tragic death to old age natural death). The family usually has no idea what their loved one was up to… and thus, the topic of today’s blog entry.

The articles that are submitted here at EzineArticles usually have some marketing purpose to them as they are used as lead generation vehicles for the lively business interested owned by the member. Once the member is no longer living, it becomes a dis-service to keep their articles in present form because the business is either gone or in radically different form (possibly new owners).

Recommended: Let someone close to you (perhaps even a close business partner) know your wishes should you die before you had a chance to tidy up your online life.

You essentially have two choices: A) Remove your articles from syndication/circulation or B) Change the resource box to something that can live on for a very long time without misleading readers.

What do you think we should do with members who die (ie: We have confirmed their passing) who don’t leave us instructions? Would you keep your articles live post-death? How would your resource box change?

Laura Walker, Fallen Hero

Remember EzineArticles expert author Laura Walker? She was one of our first Posthumously Article Authors who touched us last year in August with her articles from the front lines.

I was just alerted that the CBS News Network tonight at (6:30 EST) –> there will be a segment called “Fallen Hero’s” by “CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer” that features Laura.
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