More EzineArticles Mug Shot Mentions

EzineArticles expert author Allen Taylor recently wrote an article about his experience receiving the “I Love EzineArticles” 15 oz mug: So What’s Wrong With A Little Shameless Self-Promotion?

EzineArticles expert author Cynthia McKenna recently wrote about her EzineArticles mug in her CounselingBlog and sent us this ‘mugshot’ photo:

Here are some assembly line photos from the team that put them together last week:

Show us your EzineArticles Mug Shot

As Chris noted earlier this week, we sent out a large mailing of our “I Love EzineArticles” mugs and, based on the number of emails we are receving, they are starting to arrive at their new homes (for the most part intact).

We received our first 2006 “mug shot” from EzineArticles expert author, Patsi Krakoff. Patsi also mentioned her new mug in her blog (Ezine@rticles: I Love You Too!), as did EzineArticles expert Stephanie Mulac in her site (Ezine Articles Coffee Mug Speaks a World of Thanks).

Have a “mug shot” of your own?

Send a 500 pixel shot to support “@” and we’ll add it to this blog entry.

The Mug Shot

Write Articles, Earn a Holiday Mug!

Finish 2009 by completing this 10-day “mini-challenge” and you’ll earn a limited-edition EzineArticles holiday mug!

The rules are simple:

  1. Submit at least 25 qualified articles between 12:01AM CST-USA today (12/23/09) and 11:59PM CST-USA on New Year’s Day (1/1/10).
  2. After you have submitted 25 articles, and prior to 11:59PM CST-USA on January 7, 2010, send an email requesting your mug to – you’ll receive an automated email response.
  3. Confirm your shipping address is correct in your EzineArticles profile. We’ll only ship these mugs to confirmed postal addresses worldwide.

Do those 3 things and you’ll receive one of these limited-edition EzineArticles holiday mugs. There’s no need to sign up. It’s that simple.

We’ll announce the first names of the winners in the comments section of this Blog post on Monday, January 11th.

So take a break from holiday eating and entertaining. Instead, spend a little time boosting your credibility, driving traffic to your site and increasing your exposure for 2010 by writing and submitting at least 25 high-quality, original articles. =)

Platinum Author Mug- Illustrated

Leave it up to EzineArticles Expert Author Jim Degerstrom who took his “I Love EzineArticles” mug to illustrate how to do some cool special effects

Nice work Jim!

While everyone else was drinking coffee, tea, soda and water from theirs, he used his mug to illustrate a tutorial for graphic artists.

I’m having flashbacks as I used Xara (software program Jim is recommending) years ago for it’s cool anti-aliasing effects but never kept up with it.

Jim also used a smaller image of his mug illustration here on his articles page.

Reminder: We love seeing your “I Love EzineArticles” ‘mug shot‘ so email them to us or post them on your blog or website and let us know.


This past week we’ve been tripping over hundreds of “I Love EzineArticlesmugs that our team has put together in a care package. The first round of 1400 mugs has been released this past week to the USA-based Platinum authors (with postal addresses that validated) who became Platinum sometime between Dec 1st 2005 through October 2006. After these go out, we’ll be catching up the new Platinum authors, so if you just qualified, be watching for the mug. After that, we’ll be putting together another care package (not sure what yet for the token) for charter Platinum members who received the mugs in 2005 and stayed active in 2006; and then we’ll focus on some love for the top expert authors who live outside of the USA.

Since we were tripping over the mugs, a couple of our dev guys thought it would be cool to create a 20 foot long layout of the mugs:

Email us your mug shot and we’ll add your photo to the latest round.

Show Us Your Mug!

Gotta hand it to expert author Dina Giolitto for being creative.

Dina Giolitto

Being the first author to send us a photo of herself with her “I Love” mug wins her a blog mention and a link for you to surf Dina’s website:

Send us your mug shot via email and I’ll add it to this blog thread.

What’s in my ‘I Love’ mug you ask? SOBE Adrenaline Rush.
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Facebook Fan Page Gets a Facelift

Our newly renovated Facebook home is more than just a pretty face!

As Facebook has grown in popularity over the last few years it has become the first stop for many people seeking to interact with not only their friends, relatives and celebrities, but also with non-profit organizations, charitable causes, brick and mortar companies … and of course, web sites like

In in effort to make ourselves more available to this growing Facebook community of members and non-members alike, we figured it was time to give our Fan Page a little upgrade. Not only did it need to look better, it needed to be more interactive and user-friendly too.

EzineArticles Fan Page at a Glance:

  • Welcome Tab – You’ll be automatically brought to this page if you’re not already an EzineArticles Facebook fan. Here you can watch a brief video introduction to EzineArticles by yours truly. You’ll also see a not-too-subtle request to become a fan.
  • Become a Member Tab – This is where you go when you’re ready to become a member. There are several testimonials here plus a link to our Membership Sign-Up page.
  • Discover More Tab – On this tab we provide a short description and links to 8 of the most popular EzineArticles destination pages. From this tab you can jump to the:
    1. Blog
    2. Twitter Home Page
    3. YouTube Channel
    4. Forum
    5. Editorial Guidelines
    6. Membership Benefits
    7. Free Training
    8. Newsletter Sign-Up

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Over-Saturated Niche Decisions

aka: What do we do with all of these over-saturated niches?

We’ve come to a crossroads in a few topics of discussion and feel that bringing it to you will aid us in making the right decision. We are extremely grateful for your continued support and we continue to take actions daily based on your recommendations and the discussions in this Blog.

Today’s topic warrants collaborative discussion since the decisions we’re about to make won’t be easy. Before you respond or comment, we ask that you read all of the recommendations, weigh the pros and cons of each and offer your thoughts based on the totality of the information and the impact any decision will cause in each niche.

The following niche areas are the point of this discussion:

  1. Penis Enlargement
  2. Get Your Ex Back
  3. Acai Berry
  4. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
  5. Credit Card Debt Relief
  6. Male Enhancement Pill
  7. TV for PC

Truth be told, all of these markets are saturated. There are penalties that come with market saturation of articles: 1) They all have a higher potential as being flagged as spammy, 2) They undoubtedly contain a high volume of derivative content, and 3) Because of their popularity, you can almost guarantee that many are spun (created with article spinning software).

However, there are many Expert Authors who add a tremendous amount of value in these niches. Their articles are educational, assist in life changes and allow for increased awareness. These are all very positive attributes.

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Get Ready – #HAHD 4 Starts May 1st!

Are you ready? Because the 4th “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” (#HAHD) begins in just 2 days!

TO QUALIFY:* You’ll need to sign up and submit at least 100 qualifying articles of 400 words or more anytime between 12:01AM CT-US Saturday, May 1st and 11:59PM CT-US Sunday, August 8th. Once those 100 articles are approved, you’re qualified!

Sound too easy? Then you’re going to like the new Personal Goal progress bar that allows you to set and track your own personal article goal above and beyond the 100 articles needed to qualify for the normal #HAHD.

If that’s still not enough of a challenge for you, we’ve also upped the ante this time by adding a Double #HAHD Challenge! Write an additional 100 articles (200 total) in the same time frame and we’ll reward you with a leather-bound EzineArticles journal and pen!


  • All Qualifiers Receive:
    1. Downloadable #HAHD Certificate of Achievement (frame not included)
    2. Original Limited-Edition EzineArticles #HAHD Trophy Mug
    3. Limited-Edition EzineArticles #HAHD Mouse Pad
    4. Limited-Edition EzineArticles #HAHD Canvas Tote Bag
    5. Limited-Edition EzineArticles Motivational Wall Clock
  • Double #HAHD Challenge Prizes (Click on image to see a larger photo):
    1. EzineArticles Leather-Bound Journal
    2. EzineArticles Premium Pen
  • Added Bonus:
    The top 100 members for total number of approved submissions will also qualify to be selected for 1 of 10 FREE 1-year EzineArticles Premium Membership subscriptions valued at $697 each!

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