EzineArticles.com Links Are Now 100 Percent NOFOLLOW

Effective today, we’ve updated EzineArticles.com to be 100% NOFOLLOW. Previously, we were NOFOLLOW on everything except for the Resource Box, below the Article Body.

Keeping Our Authors’ Best Interests in Mind

I sometimes feel we should have made this decision years ago, but our members made it loud and clear to us that they valued the links in the Resource Box that didn’t include the NOFOLLOW attribute, even though we’ve felt the importance of this attribute has been muted due to the several hundred signals that search engines now use to determine rank and search results.

Today is a turning point where we believe there is more UPSIDE to moving 100% of EzineArticles.com to NOFOLLOW than a downside loss in confidence by members who may believe otherwise.

We don’t guess; we test. :-)

The goal here at EzineArticles.com has always been to help our Members to publish high quality articles that will increase traffic back to your website, help you build credibility and influence within your industry of expertise, and also to gain media exposure. Every single year, we have raised the bar and set higher quality standards to ensure we’re delivering the best end-user experience.

Quick Overview

In the past, we allowed Members to place up to 1-2 links in their Resource Box and these did not include the NOFOLLOW attribute. This meant they instructed the search engines to infer that these links should bleed value from our site, brand and reputation.

Keep in mind that search engines now use several hundred signals to deliver their results and the NOFOLLOW attribute was only one of several hundred signals. Perhaps it had a lot of importance in the first year of its introduction, but that importance is no longer the same today in 2014.

As the criteria for page indexing and search engine ranking has changed over time, we updated our standards on what types of links were accepted. For example, on several occasions we updated our requirements in terms of overall link quality. On another occasion, we updated our criteria to ensure the link content was relevant to the topic of the article. All of this was done in order to ensure that links in the Resource Box that didn’t have a NOFOLLOW attribute adhered to the highest standards of relevance and value for end users.

Our Future with NOFOLLOW Links

Typically, sites that use NOFOLLOW links tend to be considered higher quality websites that in turn see higher overall traffic.

Also, in the past, search engines relied more heavily on links when determining how to index pages in search engine results. New data implies that search engines are relying less on the content’s links and more on other quality content aspects.

In order to evaluate how we can get our members the most exposure and traffic, we updated all links to NOFOLLOW as a test to see how articles and overall site performance is affected.

Please be assured, we gave this decision a great deal of contemplation that was backed with plenty of market research and determined it was necessary for us to test with NOFOLLOW links throughout.

Dispelling Your Concerns

Essentially, there are many pieces of the puzzle that determine how a page is indexed by search engines. We can say with confidence that links without the NOFOLLOW attribute don’t carry as much weight as they did in the past. There are many content marketers who have found success in posting to NOFOLLOW pages as the website itself holds a higher ranking.

In the grand scheme of things, transparency and quality content will always rise to the top. If you post an excellent article sharing new information that uses natural keywords and includes a high quality relevant link, your readers will be more likely to engage. These types of organic, natural efforts will result in a bottom-line that truly matters.

In addition, when your articles are shared by another person, it’s possible to gain links that may not include the NOFOLLOW attribute on other more highly-niche resource websites, which results in natural backlinking, one of the keys to search engine optimization.

Moving Forward

There is no way to know if something works unless you test!

If we see better results for our Members, we will keep the links NOFOLLOW from here forward. If we see a negative change for a substantial amount of individual articles and our website as a whole, we will re-evaluate this decision.

This was a very difficult decision for several years, but in today’s current SEO climate, this was a much easier decision and we think it’s in our mutual best interests.

Because our goal is to deliver you the most traffic possible in exchange for your high quality unique article submissions, we believe today’s change has very little downside and most likely only an upside. Time will tell and we will monitor this closely. We don’t guess; We test.


JD Files writes:

I may be the only one who doesn’t understand just what is a NOFOLLOW link. I read your post but it doesn’t answer my question, it just talks about you guys, and how you are making everything better for me. How are you making it better for me. Try explaining in plain English please.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 12:22 PM


harish desai writes:


i have to voice similar feelings. although, i am a freelance writer myself, i still do not know what are NOFOLLOW links and how will that impact me or my articles on this website.

can you please throw light on this aspect? first and foremost, please demystify the NOFOLLOW link concept.


I explained this in a different comment below, but in case you missed it or need a different explanation, a NOFOLLOW link is still visible and clickable to users. What “nofollow” does is tell search-engine spiders to not follow your link, resulting in the following:

– Spiders will not follow the link
– Users may still click and follow the link
– Anchor text is not transferred to your link profile

The link relationship attribute “nofollow” is one of *many* methods search engines use to determine quality content on your site. With strategically used “nofollow” tags, you will build your exposure and protect your authority with search engines.


Actually… We know that spiders DO FOLLOW links that include the NOFOLLOW attribute; but whether they give any weight to the NOFOLLOW inclusion is unknown.

Bottom line: Yesterday’s announcement was a non-event despite it would have been a huge event 3-4 years ago. We perceive only upside potential from this decision and remember, it’s a test. …a test we were too afraid to do until now in today’s current SEO climate.


Ron writes:

This will enviably hurt your Trustrank, especially authority links removed by nofollow. I haven’t seen a case where every link on a site was nofollwed, and it turned out to be good for them.

Take a hint from wikipedia. It’s amazing how many people can’t grasp why wiki ranks so well.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 12:35 PM


Haris Mughal writes:

Ron you raise a very good point, How wiki ranks well ? I think it is not a good decision of EzineArticles for writers, you guys should re-evaluate it again.



Wikipedia does well because they go deep with ONE article on MILLIONS of topics whereas EzineArticles allows hundreds of thousands of viewpoints by our half-million active members.

This is the ONLY HUGE ELEPHANT in the room reason why Wikipedia ranks so very well, and for good reason.

Also, Wikipedia has been NOFOLLOW since 2007. I’m not sure which argument you’re making? Please clarify. :)


Ron writes:

“Effective today, we’ve updated EzineArticles.com to be 100% NOFOLLOW.”

Ah, i see, the article is misleading, the site is not “100% NOFOLLOW.”

We know (at least with Google), they are looking for authority content. In these terms, someone who knows what they are talking about. The references provided by wiki show the authors have research to back up their positions (TrustRank).

Articles on EZINE generally have links to the author or their website (generally, no authority). The Resource Box, has been used for years, by EZINE users, to improve search engine rankings. I am guilty of this too.

What resource box links you did have, that were pointed to authority sites, are now nofollow, will have a negative impact. What percentage of an impact will this have, no one really knows but Google. I would guess it to be very low, but every little bit of authority helps.


Ute Goldkuhle writes:

Just to be clear in my mind, if I suggest a good resource to the reader, instead of putting the source site clickable link, I should make it non-clickable, e.g. http://funfitandhealthygrandma.com (clickable) vs [funfitandhealthygrandma.com](non-clickabl?
If that is not correct how I understand this, could you please give an example how exactly it would be correct to site a NO-FOLLOW source without being rejected?

You clarification would be very helpful. Thank you so much.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 1:04 PM


Some clarification –

You do not have to format your links differently than you have been. The HTML needed for this change is all handled by us.

Like we mentioned, this is a test and we have positive feelings about this change; we know that this is just another step towards ensuring only quality content is published on EzineArticles.


Wendy writes:

Does this mean that the links in our resource boxes will no longer count as “backlinks” by the search engines? From my understanding, the more external links you have pointing to your pages, the higher your pages will rank in search results. Since these EzineArticles links are now “no follow” the search engines won’t count them as backlinks anymore? Is that correct?

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 1:50 PM


Hi Wendy –

The sheer number of external links you have pointing to your page is just one aspect of SEO, one that isn’t necessarily about quality so much as it is about quantity. Since we have always focused more on quality, we encourage our Expert Authors to focus on writing great content using high quality keywords. In the end, this will earn you a lot more trust in the eyes of your audience (and search engines).


Wendy writes:

Yes, I definitely focus on other aspects of SEO and my content is very high quality focusing on keywords, etc. But what I was asking was, if I have 100 articles on EzineArticles all linking to various pages of my site, those links will no longer be “seen” by search engines, which lowers the ranking of my site in search results, correct? I realize that backlinks are not everything, but I have a couple of other websites that are high quality sites and they rank very poorly. I suspect it’s because I did very little backlinking on those compared to some of my other sites. The sites where I have continuously built incoming links from other sites rank far better. Backlinks may not be everything but they definitely DO help the search engines determine a site’s relevance/popularity. Now it sounds like the articles on EzineArticles may be not worth much in that respect.


We believe that search engines do not see backlinks as important as they once were, and we do know that backlinks are just one of hundreds of measures that determine search engine ranking. With the search engine’s constant focus on quality, we know that backlinks are not where it’s at – it’s quality content (which is why we constantly are raising our quality standards). Thanks for your patience and understanding!


if I have 100 articles on EzineArticles all linking to various pages of my site, those links will no longer be “seen” by search engines, ( it will be seen. But they will omit this links, as good as not seen).

The problem is that if you have 100 EzineArticles all linking to various pages (do follow links), Google will penalise you and will take out all those pages from search result. (As good as that page does not exist).
So decide yourself what you want (as good as not seen while calculating search result position or as good as that page does not exist in web while calculating search result position.)

Ezine links are just like advertisement. That is the only use of it. You get clicks free of cost.



Kay Franklin writes:

I think this is a good move – but we’ll wait and see! Backlinks are no longer what they used to be and people writing articles for that sole purpose have the wrong strategy anyway!

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 4:06 PM


Eric Smith writes:

I think it is a good move.

Article Directories with FOLLOW links are the modern version of yesterdays FFA sites.

I’d rather my articles be published on a quality site than among authors only looking for a back link.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 4:42 PM


Parsa writes:

Testing is the best way to know whether it works. Just like medical science that many treatments come with high expectations and proven to be failures.
Please keep us posted.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 6:56 PM


Matthew Morris writes:

So the logic that I *think* I’m following from this article is that you (Chris and the SEO team from EzineArticles) are testing to see if making all of the resource links NOFOLLOW will increase the SEO of Ezinarticles (in your words ‘sites that use NOFOLLOW links tend to be considered higher quality websites that in turn see higher overall traffic’)

This theoretical increase in quality/traffic to EzineArticles, will in turn help the members who have supplied content to the site by increasing the number of people that articles. More article readers means more reader click-throughs in the resource box. This will (theoretically) more than offset the loss of Pagerank-affecting backlinks.

I don’t buy it. That said, it’s your site — you can do what you want with it. By the same token, it’s my content, I can write for whoever I want to.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 7:18 PM



I care about traffic… I care about high-value traffic coming to us and high-value relevant traffic leaving us via links in your Resource Box.

It’s my and our belief that adding the NOFOLLOW attribute will be seen as a positive thing by the search engines as it proves that our members are not submitting content purely to get backlinks.


Matthew Morris writes:

I’ll certainly watch to see what happens. My articles receive a reasonably consistent number of hits each month. I have not published a huge number of articles on EzineArticles, but the ones I have written are actually useful to my target audience. I provide content to a number of different sites. This is the only ‘article’ site I submit to, though. The others are sites dedicated to my target audience and pay me for my submissions.

I have one personal ‘template’ that allows me to develop articles as part of an ongoing series for EzineArticles. I justify the marginal return with the fact that the template allows me to create a new article without investing a significant amount of my limited writing time. As payment, I get clicks and backlinks. A backlink isn’t much… but it’s something. If making the site 100% NOFOLLOW increases traffic and clicks, then I will grant that the change can be accounted a positive one. If traffic and clicks stay level then basically the change is a ‘pay cut’ — albeit from ‘next to nothing’ to ‘even nexter to nothing’ (if ‘nexter’ were a real word, of course).


Matthew Morris writes:


I’ll be shocked if you’re still paying attention to a post that is five months old, but occasionally strange things happen. That said, I now have sufficient data to make a statement about the effect of this change. I haven’t added new content to EzineArticles in some time. As mentioned above, I have other outlets. In this case, however, the lack of new articles is a good thing since if gives me a steady-state to analyze.

The existing content is still relevant to my target audience and has provided remarkably steady numbers when averaged over a period of three or more days. From September 2013 to September 2014, my articles routinely generated between 15-35 hits per day, averaging right at 25. Since September 2014 (i.e. *right* after the NOFOLLOW change was made), hits on my articles took an immediate and obvious drop. Since that time, they are once again remarkably steady, but with ranges from 7-25 hits per day and an average around 17.

Your stated hope was that search engines would see the NOFOLLOW change in a positive light and direct more traffic to articles on this site. Apparently the reverse has happened. I do not believe that the 32% drop in views on my articles is coincidence. In any event, even if the change made did no cause the DROP — it certainly has not resulted in any INCREASE in the viewership of my articles. Therefore, as I indicated in my response of September 13th, the NOFOLLOW change reduces the value of posting new articles to this site.



I’m paying attention.

Our internal Google Analytics show a slight increase in Google referred traffic since the change but we are also seeing a decrease in Yahoo/Bing referred traffic. These things ebb and flow.

We never promised an increase in traffic would happen with this change… As much as we’d really like to have seen that happen.


Matthew Morris writes:

I did not claim you promised it. My word were ‘Your stated hope’. Specifically in the original reply to my comment, you indicated that you believed that the NOFOLLOW change would be seen as a positive by the search engines. At least in my case, the opposite has occurred. As I have stated, though, it’s not a huge deal for me as I have other outlets I can utilize.


Michael writes:

I agree with Matthew. This is simply a self serving change (for Ezinarticles). This is circular logic and goes in the face of years of SEO research and experience. So you are saying “Everyone else is doing such a good job we don’t need “Follow Me” links”. Bull, you are an important part of a good SEO plan.

Just one follow me link from a government site (assigning me a link of credibility for an article) give my site a PR0 to PR2 boost. I am sorry but your “TEST” logic is flawed. This is all about you AD dollars, not us. Well it works both ways, we will surely contact your advertisements and let them know how we feel.

The only one to benefit here is (Ezinarticles). But as Matthew writes “it’s your site” and you have just lost another client. Sorry but when someones does a favor for me like this I grab my wallet.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 8:42 PM



Uhm, if the amount of traffic that you receive as an author is proportionate to the total amount of traffic each of your articles receive (meaning, if EzineArticles gets more traffic, then a rising tide floats all boats and your articles may naturally receive more traffic), then HELL YES it’s self-serving for BOTH of us to test this change to see if it can improve things.

I think you are making it clear to me that you care only or more about SEO than TRAFFIC back to your website? Is that correct?

I hope I’ve made it clear that we did this test with hopes that it would eventually INCREASE our TRAFFIC and thus, our ability to send millions of more visitors to our members. We really don’t know how it’ll impact our SEO value but since it’s a change aligned with what Google has been saying for years, it can’t be all bad or wrong.


Soni Kumari writes:

I read the entire post. It is quite good to place no-follow link into the website. But, I would like to mention one important thing here: No-follow links have their own importance. Search engine looks into no-follow and do-follow, but, on the other hand, he looks the quality of a website as well. Now, a good quality depends on several things of a website. So, nice updation. If, the content of an article is good, then, i don’t think, it is going to be useless. Certainly, it is going to give more benefit. Thanks, nice post.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 10:51 PM


John Wright writes:

The goal behind writing and submitting articles is different now than in the past. Back then, one wrote and submitted articles with the goal of driving traffic from places like EzineArticles to your website (along with positive link juice).

EzineArticles => Your website

Presently, the goal should be to write and submit articles to places like EzineArticles so that other webmasters looking for content find your articles and then reuse them on their website.

EzineArticles => Some Other Webmaster => Your website (receiving positive link juice from Some Other Webmaster)

In fact, some folks are going so far as to write articles then publish them on their own site first. Only after Google crawls their site will the authors then publish that same article to a place like EzineArticles.

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land says, “The nofollow tag is a way publishers can tell search engines not to count some of their links to other pages as “votes” in favor of that content. Why would publishers need to block such votes? Doing so can help them avoid problems with search engines believing they are selling influence or are somehow involved in schemes deemed as unacceptable SEO practices.” (http://searchengineland.com/infographic-nofollow-tag-172157)

It seems to me that EzineArticles is sending a clear message to “Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft” that they are serious about providing high-quality content. This will, in turn, help hungry webmasters find our content.

Comment provided September 11, 2014 at 11:09 PM


RIGHT ON JOHN! This is the message for sure.


Marc David writes:

“This will, in turn, help hungry webmasters find our content.”

They would have found it anyway but the funny thing is.. your content will end up on a webmasters site with a nofollow link as well because everybody is doing the same thing.

Interesting that when IE was on Windows by default, it was a monopoly, even thought users did have a choice.

But when Google says Jump and everybody says How High.. you understand that search is now a monopoly and pretty much everybody if fine with it.

The web is made up of links. Without them, it’s useless. PageRank, juice flowing, disavow, follow, nofollow.. who cares. Write good content, post good content and screw Google if they can’t figure it out.

The current results today and pretty much manipulated which says, whatever everybody is doing, sure ain’t working.

I still think EzineArticles has to do whatever needs to be done to play within the rules and the authors should focus on quality content.

I for one, will never use that Disavow tool and essentially “tattle” on other sites. I also won’t use poor quality content (unless it’s my own terrible writing) and I am not interested in what Google thinks or doesn’t think. They too have a business to run and my little blog probably is meaningless to their bottom line anyway.

Focus on what matters to you and forget everybody else.


John Wright writes:

“your content will end up on a webmasters site with a nofollow link as well because everybody is doing the same thing.”

Not everybody is doing the same thing. There are many webmasters that are looking for good quality content and hope to find it on Ezienarticles. It is just time to be more selective about it.

“Does your site have a lot of guest blog content on it? Now would be a pretty good time to do a content site audits and employ plenty of nofollow links on any guest blog posts of questionable quality you have accepted previously, outside of those written by people you can personally vouch for.” (http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2324561/Matt-Cutts-Says-Stop-Guest-Blogging-for-SEO-Heres-Everything-You-Need-to-Know)

The nofollow link is only suggested if you are accepting money for a text link, or writing about a particular brand and that brand’s link is on your website. There are other use cases, but you get the idea. As Becca posted on her blog, she doesn’t need a nofollow link,

“If I’m linking to another blog, chances are it’s because I’m sharing a post I really liked, or linking to a recipe that’s relevant to my own blog post – and that’s totally fine! You don’t need to use nofollow links if you’re sharing something because you enjoyed it. In fact, I’m actually pleased that I’m able to give a backlink to a blogger that I enjoy!”
Read more at http://www.amuse-your-bouche.com/blog-tips-when-to-use-nofollow-links/#EuiubA008oQ2d6ye.99

The takeaway is relevant content. Webmasters and bloggers don’t need (and aren’t encouraged) to use the nofollow link if they are posting high quality, relevant articles.

With that said, the nofollow link doesn’t hurt you, regardless of search engine. Traffic is still passed and the link is still crawled. If nothing else, you will still get raw traffic back to your site. Wordstream says,
“A well-placed blog comment or a relevant forum post, no follow or not, can send a huge amount of traffic to your site, which then can funnel down to leads and conversions!”(http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/07/24/follow-nofollow-links#.)


Sajith writes:

None of my comments published. Looks like Knight will approve comments that suits his view.

Google says organic links only have value. If you people think that Google will consider links from EzineArticles.com is organic, then you are wrong. 98% of articles here is published for back-links by site owners.

And Knight should understand what is the so called Articles quality. Quality of articles can be greatly improved by adding links to referral domains. It depends on article’s requirement. May be one, may be 10 or may be 100.

So instead of doing the circus here I request Knight to change the standard quality. The start revenue share with authors, so that real serious authors will come and total site value will improve.

If he do not want to share anything and keep everything in his pocket, then good luck to him



Sunil Chadha writes:

it is great source of knowing about nofollow link

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 2:15 AM



Let’s wait and see, but hope for the best.

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 2:19 AM


David writes:

I think this is a very smart move, and maybe it should have happened some ago. I have a number of small niche blogs and took the decision a while ago to make ALL the links NOFOLLOW. The net result has been an increase in traffic and ranking for all the sites.

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 2:55 AM


Luciano Borg writes:

Not only is this a move in the right direction, but it is definitely over due! All the SEOs in the world were “disavowing” links from article sites (this is done via Google Webmaster Tools) since they were targeted by Google as links that should not have been passing page rank in the first place. What authors have to appreciate is that good sites like Wikipedia still pass on SEO Value through their links even though their links are no-follow. So keep the articles flowing, keep sharing on your preferred Social Media platforms, and let Google do the rest.

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 8:12 AM



We appreciate all of your feedback, both positive and constructive during this testing phase. Our #1 priority is and always has been continuing to find new ways to remain a top-quality service for our Expert Authors! :)

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 8:14 AM


Kumar Dwivedi writes:




I like the fact that EzineArticles.com is willing to test different methods to better the site’s performance in searches. The better their performance, the better are my chances of showing up on page one of search results. To their credit, they have stated that they will reverse course if this change fails to provide positive results. I’ll leave SEO choices to EzineArticles.com and focus upon my research, content, and whether or not all of my werds are spelt korrectly :)

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 8:40 AM


Thanks Timothy!


Eric Smith writes:

Considering EzineArticles relies on traffic to every article in their directory for their own income I don’t see that with any changes they make they would want to shoot themselves in the foot.

They are trying to get more traffic and ranking of their own site which is made up of thousands of articles of US…

I read somewhere recently that Google’s current algorithm is the number of clicks on links not the number links themselves, if that is the case then more page views and clicks will give a higher page rank. So any changes Ezine makes to get a higher pager rank the better.

Comment provided September 12, 2014 at 4:01 PM


william Smith writes:

I have passion to write my article regarding oral health.
Considering this matter that all information can not detailed in one small articles for readers,therefore link to the website
of expert is essential to create more value to the article.
Also we can not ignore that Google is a search engine which is hypertext-based, it means that google like the link.

Comment provided September 14, 2014 at 3:25 PM



Article directories are dying. Using article directories for backlinks/SEO value has been dead for over 2 years. The switch to NOFOLLOW is just the 2nd step of death for Ezine.

ArticleRich.com finally decided to throw the towel last month, now Ezine is changing their links to NOFOLLOW?

I think changing the links to NOFOLLOW will get rid of those who thought it was good for SEO and thus more genuine articles might come out of it, but that is probably about it.

Good luck Ezine!

Comment provided September 14, 2014 at 10:10 PM


Kumar Dwivedi writes:

Thank you so much for clarification, but can you clarify if the link is nofollow then how much it impacted links? and can I submit more than 3 articles in a day at Ezine?

I am looking for your reply,


Comment provided September 15, 2014 at 4:48 AM


Hi Kumar –

All links in your articles are now NOFOLLOW, and there is no limit on the amount of articles you can submit in a single day.



Kumar Dwivedi writes:



Ozair Akhtar writes:

But I have seen that still Ezine doesn’t accept articles. I think now everything is NoFollow and they should make it easier for people to share articles.


Eric Smith writes:

As a matter of interest, will the html publishers copy for their own website also include a NOFOLLOW attribute ?

Comment provided September 15, 2014 at 2:36 PM


Dan writes:

Do you believe this change will encourage webmasters to republish more articles?

Comment provided September 15, 2014 at 4:40 PM


Dan, I have no idea but my gut feeling is that this change is unrelated to whether or not webmasters will republish more articles.


Kumar Dwivedi writes:

Good move !I think this help us to drive genuine traffic to website, but it’s not helpful for the SEO, because still Google is looking on links, if Google will not see the links how they can deliver the ranking to websites, while all have the good quality content. Can you please clarify on this topic?

I am looking for your reply


Comment provided September 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM


Nameer writes:

Hi Chris, others —

Oddly enough, I was just doing some research on Alexa and Compete, and it appears EzineArticles continues to lose traffic. Before the initial onslaught of changes at Google in 2011, EzineArticles was serving something like 57 million unique page views a month. (Over 1 million unique per day). Now, it appears EzineArticles serves around 65,000 unique pages per day — down from over a million per day at the peak.

To the extent this change by EzineArticles helps stop this shocking death spiral, then it definitely makes sense to at least try.

At the current rate of traffic loss, EzineArticles will be down to approximately 4,500 unique page view per day in the next few yeas.

Any general thoughts and/or observations as to why EzineArticles has fallen this much, and appears to continue to fall insofar as traffic figures?

Comment provided September 16, 2014 at 9:39 PM


At our peak in January 2011, we served 52 million uniques.

Our monthly average ranges from 6-12 million uniques.

It is true that the traffic trend is lower today and that’s why we felt this change was necessary to at least test to see if it can slow the traffic losses down and hopefully reverse the trend. Quality content and raising our Editorial standards didn’t appear to be enough.


Soon Chai writes:

Hi guys,

When they say “EzineArticles.com Links Are Now 100 Percent NOFOLLOW”, they don’t really mean it.

Please go to view your own articles on EzineArticles.com, then on your article page (e.g. http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Title&id=1234567890) scroll down until you see the section ‘Article Tools’, and then click on the EzinePublisher tab.

See for yourself what sneaky stuff EzineArticles.com has done inside the textbox under HTML version. They put our resource links as ‘nofollow’:

Your resource link becomes http://www.yourwebsite.com

But they keep their all their links back to EzineArticles.com as dofollow (by not putting nofollow):

By Your Name

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Your_Name


This is not 100% nofollow, is it?

They do this way so that Google will see this as a vote from a publisher’s website to the article source page. This will increase the page rank (and trust rank) of the article source and author pages.

Alright, it may seem that we authors are benefiting as well since the link juices are flowing back from the publisher’s website to the author’s profile page and article pages. But when you think deeper, it’s actually EzineArticles.com getting most of the credits.

The link juices will boost the search ranking of those pages, yeah, it may somehow benefit us since when people see our profiles or articles, there may be a chance for them to click on our links and go to our websites. But do you receive 100% CTR?

More often than not, 80% or more of the traffic goes to EzineArticles.com and click on their Google ads or buy their products and of course, leave their sites without leaving any clicks or money behind.

Honestly, good quality articles will naturally attract website owners to publish them on their websites. And I strongly feel we, as the authors should get the credits.

I mean, I’m fine with EzineArticles.com putting our resource links as nofollow on EzineArticles.com site to test if doing so will make Google think otherwise of EzineArticles.com and increase their trust rank.

But when publishers publish our articles on their sites of their own accord, our links should be dofollow and not nofollow. It’s a recognition that our articles are of good quality, otherwise who would want to publish? Make sense?

And if our links on a publisher’s website are nofollow while EzineArticles.com links are all dofollow, then that’s not 100% nofollow. And it’s 100% not fair to us. We spend all the effort writing quality articles for you but yet in the end you’re getting the biggest share of the pie, what the heck!

My suggestion is, either you revert our links to dofollow under the EzinePublisher section so that we authors and EzineArticles.com both get the link juices when someone publishes our articles on their websites, OR, make good your promise… and make everything nofollow!

Comment provided September 16, 2014 at 11:00 PM


Your statistics do not match our internal stats.

As I’ve already commented on your other comment suggestion, we are making the EzinePublisher tool to be DOFOLLOW for all author resource box links; then, it’s up to the Publisher who re-publishes your article to determine if they want to keep it that way or add the NOFOLLOW.


Taufik Mansuri writes:

I am sure, this move will be helpful for ezinearticle.com only but not a good signal for a SEO.

Comment provided September 17, 2014 at 1:11 AM


Kumar Dwivedi writes:

I think you are Absolutely right !


Soon Chai writes:

You’re right that it benefits only EzineArticles.com because when someone publish our articles on their websites or blogs, EzineArticles.com is getting all the link juice since all the links pointing back to EzineArticles.com is dofollow (by not putting ‘nofollow’), whereas our resource links remain nofollow.

You guys can check out on your own articles published on EzineArticles.com (e.g. http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Article-Title?&id=01234567) and then scroll down till you see the section ‘Articles Tools’, then click on the EzinePublisher tab right under it.

When you’re on the page (e.g. http://ezinearticles.com/ezinepublisher/?id=01234567), scroll down to the HTML version of your article, you’ll see that your resource links are all nofollow, but the links pointing back to your author page and article source are dofollow.

This means that EzineArticles.com is getting the link juice.

I’m actually fine with EzineArticles.com putting our resource links as nofollow on EzineArticles.com site to test if doing so will make Google think otherwise of EzineArticles.com and increase their trust rank and so their traffic.

But when someone publish our articles on their sites of their own accord, our links should be dofollow and not nofollow. It’s a recognition that our articles are of good quality, otherwise who would want to publish? Agree?

And if our links on a publisher’s website are nofollow while EzineArticles.com links are all dofollow, then that’s not 100% nofollow. We spend all the effort and time writing quality articles for EzineArticles.com but yet in the end they’re getting the biggest share of the SEO pie. That’s 100% not fair to us.

My suggestion is, make our links dofollow under the EzinePublisher section so that we authors and EzineArticles.com both get the link juice when someone publish our articles on their websites or blogs.


Soon Chai,

Sorry you feel this way. I disagree with your premise that it only benefits EzineArticles.com purely on the fact that if it helps us maintain or grow our traffic, then we both win. If you only wanted an SEO benefit, then we were already in misalignment of our purpose.

That said, I do agree with you on the EzinePublisher links being DOFOLLOW for the author. This change is being pushed live this morning. Thanks for the suggestion.


Soon Chai writes:

Sorry for posting two similar comments as I thought my first comment was lost in the submission. Anyway, thanks for heeding my suggestion. And yup, as for whether the publisher will add a nofollow tag to our links is totally up to them. I’m looking forward to seeing our article traffic return to once they were at.


All dofollow backlinks created yourself (be it through ezinearticle or anywhere else) is unnatural and google will punish. These articles are good for traffic only. Forget about getting all the link juice. You can only get penalty for publishing articles with dofollow back link to your site. (un natural links)



Ozair Akhtar writes:

I think they should upgrade their whole website and add some social signals too. EzineArticles have loosed too much online especially in terms of PR which was once about 8 but now its 6 as of today. But I think it will going to drop a lot in future as well.

Comment provided September 17, 2014 at 8:37 AM


Jeany writes:

Well, this won’t affect to those really author on ezinarticles.com, as they are write useful and helpful articles or just news&tips they are interested in. Yeah, maybe not a good signal for a SEO writer.

Comment provided September 18, 2014 at 2:18 AM


Kumar Dwivedi writes:

Most of the questions with author images, how I can also keep my photo on comments and questions?

Comment provided September 18, 2014 at 8:07 AM


Hi Kumar –

Members can use gravatar.com to create avatars that will appear when you comment on the EzineArticles blog. We wrote a post with instructions on how to upload a photo, which you can find here: http://blog.EzineArticles.com/2010/07/gravatars-revisited.html



Kumar Dwivedi writes:

Thanks for your kind information i added one image at there,


Kumar Dwivedi writes:

Thanks for your information

Comment provided September 18, 2014 at 8:40 AM



Dear editor,

All these wont help you to improve the traffic. You have to answer the prime question.

Why authors has to submit the articles for you? What they get in return?

If they are submitting for monetary compensation, then it is fine.

If they are doing backlink clicks then it is fine.

If they are doing for SEO value, then you are allowing others to use your system to game google.

Then 100% nofollow links?? If all the websites follow your rule (100% nofollow links) then googles algorithm will fail. And I am sure that they do not like it. So forget about 100% nofollow links)

Only thing you can do is adding monetary compensation. It is always better to make more money and share it, than making less money


Comment provided September 19, 2014 at 11:45 PM


Calvin McLain writes:

If you would all read the article, it clearly describes why it is a good thing example: Wikipedia is 100% no follow right? Do your keyword research and you will find Wikipedia tops most keywords period. The SEO for (website owners) applies to people who understand (backlinks). No one is trying to game any search engine rankings. They are linking to highly relevant keywords Which is considered to be good off-site optimization. Any body can purchase a domain and build a authority site in your niche, the no follow links shows Google that you are here to provide high quality content and educate.

Comment provided September 26, 2014 at 5:01 PM



“the no follow links shows Google that you are here to provide high quality content and educate.”

Google does not care about no follow links. It is as if it is not exist. They just avoid no follow links. So the question of showing google nofollow links does not arise at all. (how can you show something to some one who does not look that one)


Comment provided October 14, 2014 at 2:30 PM


Love Shayri writes:

But this may also result in lower submission of articles by those people who are looking for DoFollow links..

Comment provided November 7, 2014 at 10:27 PM


Byron writes:

Hi Chris,
I think one of the main objections is, a writer provides content for your site, free of charge. They expect something in return, a link, a click, something that benefits them. It’s a win – win for both sides.

If one side does anything like, write poor content, nofollow links, both sides may loose. Ya, Wikipedia ranks very well, it’s not because of good or even accurate content, it’s because references are provided, to try and prove the content is worthy of trust.

Another reason eZine is hurting, is because “anyone” can post content, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, etc… with no recourse. It’s somewhere between a tabloid and Wikipedia, and that’s a very wide range.

Since Google went on the quality rampage, I’ve had well over 20,000 links go nofollow or even worse, just flat out removed. Yes, it hurt, and it’s hurt thousands of regular people and small businesses, that relied on link building from sites like eZine. Small business has less advertising power, they don’t have unlimited ad accounts, etc .. like big brands.

In Google’s own words, a nofollow link is a link you do not endorse, you do not want to pass authority too, basically, it’s worthless. nofollow was originally put into place to combat spam, will having every outgoing link make the search engines think every one of eZine’s pages is spam? Or that you are afraid to link to any outside page because it maybe spam? If every outgoing link on a site is nofollow, what is Google going to think about that site? That it’s totally worthless too?

It depends, Wikipedia does really well having most links nofollow, if you understand how this happens, which i am sure your team can figure it out (one reason, see above). Once you change to this format, eZine gets good rankings again, writers get their content out in front of people, and even though they don’t have link juice pointing at their site, they just might actually get a click!

Comment provided February 25, 2015 at 5:16 PM



An interesting article that will help me much, I believe to find out do follow or no follow links. Thanks for sharing.

Comment provided March 16, 2016 at 5:10 AM


Matrimo writes:

We stopped writing new EzineArticles since all outgoing links became nofollow. We prefer to write new articles with original & unique content on our dating website instead.

Suggestion: Ezine should accept at least one dofollow link to the editors websites.

Comment provided October 2, 2016 at 1:37 PM


Aaron writes:

I don’t write for Ezine article anymore because of this change and because of the slap Google put on article directories several years ago. And, I agree on allowing at least 1 dofollow link in the article body. By not allowing dofollow links, EzineArticles is keeping the majority of the link juice (all the juice from the article body) for it’s own domain name. SEO professionals know that domain authority, article quality and DOFOLLOW backlinks are the key metrics for ranking in Google’s top 10 SERPS (search engine results pages). I have not published on here for a long time because there are zero SEO benefits, only direct traffic benefits of people that stumble on one of my articles. It is better for me to partner with other high or moderate domain authority sites all around the web in order to build some SEO benefit for my hard work. If EzineArticles would change its policy from nofollow to at least 1 dofollow link in the body of the article, I would submit quality original articles and quality original articles of my clients to this site. Until then, I won’t. I hope you change this and I will be eager to find out when and if you do. Thank you.

Comment provided December 5, 2017 at 12:57 PM


Sajith K Kanangottu writes:

Hi Aaron
Do follow links from any article directory are not good. Google will simply remove that result from their results or they will penalize all domains. Be it 1 link or 2 links. It is the same story.
Google needs organic links. Not you yourself writing articles to these type of article directories and making your own back links.

SO better stay away from these article directories. No more use to anybody. And the traffic of EzineArticles has dropped to only 2.5 million.



Ron writes:

Picking up on the last comment by Aaron, I begin to wonder if the nofollow is being used as a way to retain “link juice” per say. After reading through the comments some more, I find the explanation of why Wiki ranks so well as compared to ezine, quite wrong. Wiki ranks so well due to its internal structure, and the millions of incoming links. I don’t think ezine will grasp this, I don’t expect them to thrive because of this misguided SEO strategy.

Comment provided December 5, 2017 at 10:32 PM


Brian Watson writes:

I have to say as a newcomer to EzineArticles I find this NoFollow decision to be quite astonishing especially as we are almost 4 years on and the decision does not appear to have been reviewed. Firstly though, I can also see that many of the contributors above do not understand what NoFollow is so allow me to elaborate.

The term NoFollow relates to the HTML attribute that can be assigned to your hyperlink (the link you posted containing your site URL). The attribute tells the search engine crawler not to acknowledge link. A regular link does have such an attribute and is followed by the search bot. NoFollow is often used on internal site links to tell a search engine not to index certain pages such as a login page but generally speaking you add NoFollow tags to external links that may be related to untrusted content. A good example of this is paid links because you are not necessarily endorsing the vendor or their product. Adding a NoFollow ensures you are compliant with the likes of Google whose terms would otherwise penalise you by damaging to your site reputation.

I’m not suggesting all links should be followed. Placing a regular link (omitting the NoFollow) might well encourage others to interact because each contributor could benefit from a link back. However, this runs the risk of spammers clogging posts and damaging the site and its primary contributors. Therefore, a balanced view should be taken to determine who can be trusted and who might not.

As the author of my articles I can trust what I write and if I add a link to my site it too can be trusted. Therefore, this is a link that should be followed. If others add comments, good or bad, I cannot vouch for them or any link provided and quite reasonably these links should be NoFollow.

Some earlier posts referred to Link Juice. This is a value that passes between web pages. When one high ranked page links to another it passes that value along. Each domain holds a rank which is determined by the total positive links associated to the site. Each page in a site will also hold a rank that differs from the site as a whole. Google no longer shows PageRank but it is still used by others to rank the quality of information within. So, regardless of the rank that EzineArticles.com has your page within will have a different rank. It is the rank of that page that could be passed to the page on your site if a regular link is used.

In short, those authors who feel they have lost out in SEO terms have a point because regardless of how good their article is and how well their EzineArticles page ranks, the NoFollow means that the author’s site gets no benefit and that quite frankly is wrong!

Comment provided May 7, 2018 at 10:50 AM


Brian Watson writes:

The problem of typing text that is longer than this input box is that typing errors are often missed. As I review my post above I can see a few missed words “not to acknowledge link” should read “not to acknowledge THE link” and “A regular link does have such an attribute” should read “A regular link does NOT have such an attribute”. I apologise for my errors.

Comment provided May 8, 2018 at 4:41 AM


Jonathan Parker writes:

While I may still submit the occasional article (1 or 2 a year) I will never pay for the privilege of providing you guys free content quicker via your premium membership.

Paying Enzine money so that they process what is free content for them quicker with NO SEO value in return is a crazy situation.

If there is no SEO value within the articles published on Enzine then to charge for quicker review process surely must be questioned from a moral perspective.

Comment provided July 25, 2018 at 8:00 AM


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