Top Article Writing Tools Right Under Your Nose

Tools That Make Article Writing Easier

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the process and routine that you forget to look up from time-to-time. So much so that you may not notice or have forgotten about the tools at your fingertips – literally!

We offer a great wealth of strategies, resources, and tools throughout the platform. Discover what tools you can add to your article writing and content marketing toolbox in order to accelerate your exposure today. All it takes is a click of a mouse!

Great Tools in Your Member Account

EzineArticles Members have a bounty of tools right in their account. Check them out!

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Scratch Pad

Have you noticed that little yellow square at the top of your account? It’s the Scratch Pad! Here you can brainstorm article ideas, set reminders, create lists, and much more. [Learn more here.]

Write and Edit

Did you know the Submit New Article form in the Write & Edit tab has these three great tools built right into it?

  • Title Suggestions: Not sure what to write about? In the Title section of the Submit New Article form, enter a few keywords into the Title Suggestions search field to find unique titles that are optimized to your audience’s current needs. Use these as inspiration for your next article!
  • WYSIWYG: Not HTML savvy? No problem. The WYSIWYG text editor in the Body section of the Submit New Article form functions like most word-processing programs, allowing you to seamlessly edit text without the need of HTML language.
  • Scheduled Release: Available for all Premium Membership subscribers, you can choose when your approved article will be published with the Schedule Release section which appears at the bottom of the Submit New Article form. It’s the number one tool for many of our Premium Membership subscribers because this great tool gives you the control to maintain a connection with your audience whenever you want.


Tracking the performance of your articles is important to your article writing success. Use the Performance tab to do just that!

  • Traffic and Activity: Monitor your articles’ Traffic and Activity over time, compare your articles, and analyze your articles’ statistics. [Learn more here.]
  • Category Ranking: Want to set writing benchmarks? Gauge where you currently rank in your niche by portfolio volume and set goal benchmarks by viewing your Category Ranking.
  • Monthly Summary: Available for Diamond and Platinum members as well as all Premium Membership subscribers, the Monthly Summary section neatly and comprehensively compiles the key data you can use to find-tune your article writing efforts. [Learn more here.]


There’s more to the Profile tab of your account than a place to add your biography and links! Use it to help build your brand and stay motivated.

  • Author Profile: Haven’t completed your Expert Author Profile yet? Don’t miss out on a chance to build your brand as well as gain traffic and exposure. [Learn more here.]
  • Professional Photos: Nurture transparency and build trust with your readers by uploading your Professional Photos. [Learn more here.]
  • Achievements and Awards: Collect badges and share them with your Expert Author Network, Twitter followers, or Facebook friends to show of your Achievements and Awards. [Learn more here.]
  • Certificate of Achievement: Download and print your EzineArticles Expert Author Certificate to proudly show off your author pride! [Learn more here.]


The Expert Author community is a great way to connect with other Expert Authors. Check it out in the Networking tab. [Learn more here.]

  • Recommendations: With over 400,000 Expert Authors to meet, you can start building and expanding your Expert Author network with Recommendations. [Learn more here.]
  • Connections: View everyone in your network and even connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media in the Connections section.
  • Discussions: Ask for advice, share your achievements, and kick start a conversation with your network in the Discussions section.
  • Activity: Check out your connections’ latest Tweets, discussions, and EzineArticles blog post updates in the Activity section.


From plugins to wallpapers, use the Resources tab to help you gain exposure and increase your credibility as an Expert Author. [Learn more here.]

  • Widgets: Show off your recently published articles on your blog or website with this widget.
  • Author Alert Signup Box: Add this customizable tool to your website so visitors can sign up in order to be alerted when your next article is published on [Learn more here.]
  • I Heart EzineArticles: Proudly share your support for EzineArticles and the Expert Author community at large by adding an I Heart EzineArticles button to your blog or website.
  • Author Banners: Share your EzineArticles Expert Author profile easily on your blog or website with an attractive splash of color. [Learn more here.]
  • Wallpapers: Refresh your old desktop wallpaper with one of our original, fun, and inspiring Wallpapers.


Find all sorts of downloadable and valuable training and reference material to help you with your article writing efforts in the Library tab.

  • Training Series: Whether you are new or you feel your efforts are going off course, check out the Training Series for helpful tips and strategies to crafting easy-to-write articles, HTML tips, SEO methods, and more.
  • Audio Training: Each of these 90-second episodes features helpful article writing tips, strategies, and reminders.
  • Video Library: The Video Library contains a wide range of article writing tips, tricks, and knowledge to help you write more high quality, original articles in less time.
  • Digital Locker: No need to memorize a combination on this locker! Any downloadable content you have purchased, like Article Templates, is stored here.


Check out EzineArticles’ Expert Author-exclusive products in the Store tab!

  • Premium Membership: Gain speed, confidence, control, convenience, freedom, and intelligence with a Premium Membership subscription. [Learn more here.]
  • Article Template Packages: Designed to make it faster and easier than ever to write high-quality original articles, each of the Build Your Own Article Template Packages contain 15 original Article Templates to keep you writing for months. [Learn more here.]
  • 52 Article Templates: Get hundreds of great new ideas with the original 52 Article Templates to build a quality, original article portfolio and meet the demands of your readers. [Learn more here.]
  • Deck of Cards: They’re fun and helpful! The EzineArticles Deck of Cards functions like any ordinary playing card and gives you 52 article ideas! [Learn more here.]

To take advantage of these amazing tools and write your first article today, sign up for a FREE EzineArticles account!

Whether you’re attempting to meet a resolution to write more or to achieve a specific content-marketing goal, use tools to make your article writing efforts a little easier. What’s your favorite EzineArticles tool? Do you have any questions about any of these great tools? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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