Looking Back on 2013: Top 20 Article Writing and Content Marketing Posts

Wow! Look at All of These Great Article Writing and Content Marketing Tips!

From Expert Author Interests and Content Marketing tips to Top Misused Words and other Grammar Tips, we publish dozens upon dozens of posts on the EzineArticles Blog every year.

These posts may be overflowing with tips, strategies, insights, infographics, and more, but it’s the growing number of commenters who offer their own insights and feedback that makes the Blog a thriving community of information and discussion.

In case you missed them or forgot to bookmark them for reference and inspiration, here are the Top 20 EzineArticles Blog Posts of 2013 and don’t forget to leave a comment to join the discussion:

#20 – Stop Keyword Stuffing! What It Is and How to Avoid It
Abusing the power of keywords can have ill effects: A poor user experience, rejected articles, and a spammy website. Discover exactly what it is and how to avoid keyword stuffing.
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#19 – 10 Tips to Be Kind to Writers
Writing can be a tough job! Take a moment to share your thoughts and compassion. Try one or all of these 10 tips to show your appreciation for writers.
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#18 – Are You Connecting with Your Audience? 5 Tips to Write Compelling Articles
Writing compelling articles and motivating readers to truly become vested makes a tremendous difference in activating your call-to-action with terrific click-through power. Grab hold of your audiences’ attention with these 5 writing strategies.
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#17 – 30 Time-Saving Tips to Free Up More Time to Write
Not enough hours in the day? Over committed? Stop using “I’m too busy” as an excuse and start writing. Master one or all of these strategies to add more time to your day and write.
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#16 – Descriptive Writing Examples and Methods to Engage Readers
Begin writing engaging descriptions using valuable (but not superfluous!) language. Use these tips and examples to start writing in objective and subjective styles as well as explore how analogies, similes, and metaphors can be employed to your benefit.
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#15 – 20 Writing Exercises and Tips for Expert Authors
Feel the cold grip of writer’s block or need a jumpstart? Keep your pen moving and the ink flowing with these writing exercises and tips!
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#14 – Book Review Article Template
Reading is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge base, enhance your problem solving skills, reduce stress, and even advance your writing style. Use it as an opportunity to build your article portfolio by writing book reviews with this article template.
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#13 – Considering Editing Your Live Articles? Top 5 Editing Mistakes
Should you edit an already live article? There are a few instances when editing a live article may be advantageous; however, there are at least 5 instances when it is not. Ensure your time isn’t wasted using these tips.
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#12 – EzineArticles Asks: What’s Your Favorite Blog Post or Series?
We chatted with the EzineArticles Blog Community over their favorite blog post or series in addition to recapping some of the greatest blog hits over time.
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#11 – 25 Writing Ideas and Article Topics to Reach Your Audience
Content is king, but it won’t do you any good if you have writer’s block. Bookmark this list of idea primers for your next writing session and many future writing sessions to come!
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#10 – Guide to Entertaining: Writing Informative Content with a Creative Twist
A water glass is just a glass. Add an umbrella and it’s so much more! Discover how to channel your creativity and improve your writing with great creative details.
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#9 – Article Marketing for the Online Entrepreneur
Writing articles isn’t always easy, nor is analyzing your results and implementing new strategies. In the end, you know that it’s all worth it … you just wish it were a little easier. That’s where a Premium Membership subscription can help.
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#8 – The Long-Tail Method: How to Write Great Titles So Easily, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Do It Before
By targeting your audience and creating content along the long tail, you will exponentially increase the likelihood of your articles being seen by readers. Check out these 5 easy steps to get started.
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#7 – 20 Embarrassing Authority Killers That Will Make Readers Flee En Masse
There are several scenarios that will deflate your efforts to build exposure and leverage your expertise. Save face by avoiding these 20 authority killers.
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#6 – How to Promote Your Content
Content marketing is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. It’s about the 4 Ps (Plan, Place, Produce, Promote) – just don’t forget that last P! Use these 7 methods to promote your content.
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#5 – 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Looking for new social media marketing strategies? Check out these 10 tips to get a better handle on your social media efforts, maintain that audience you’ve worked so hard to build, and avoid these common blunders.
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#4 – Get an Upgrade: A Fresh Look at EzineArticles Membership Levels
Not sure how the EzineArticles membership pyramid works? Get the scoop to discover the benefits of each level.
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#3 – 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know Part II
You’re the expert, so you decide what language works best. Make sure that language targets your readers without obstructing their ability to get your message.
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#2 – 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know Part I
Want to expand your vocabulary to include some rare gems of the English language? Spice up your writing or see how many words you know and don’t know.
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#1 – 10 Distractions that Destroy Productivity: The WRONG Advice
Reclaim your power over distractions! Discover what self-sabotaging distractions you are guilty of, whether you’re hurting your own success, and whatever you do, don’t follow the advice provided in this most popular post of 2013.
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Did your favorite blog post make the top 20 list? What was your favorite article writing and content marketing advice from 2013? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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