25 Writing Ideas and Article Topics to Reach Your Audience

Content Is King

Write quality, original content that meets the interests and needs of your audience and you will succeed at becoming a leading authority in your niche – but no matter how long you sit at your writing desk, what if you can’t think of what you should write about?

Whether you’ve been writing articles for years or you’re brand new to content writing, bookmark or pin this list of writing ideas and article topics to give your next writing session (and all future writing sessions) a great kick start.

  1. Categorize Phases: Identify stages of a process, activity, or topic in general, such as introductory, advanced, and professional or even mild, moderate, and severe.
  2. Take Them Back in Time: Reminisce and reflect on how it has changed for better or for worse. Readers love nostalgia and younger generations may be able to use it for research.
  3. Create a Checklist: Make a list of items required, things to be done, points to be considered, or items used as a reminder.
  4. Identify Common Problems: Describe a frequent problem or problems and then provide solutions.
  5. Uncover Obscure Problems: Describe a sporadic or uncommon problem or problems and then provide solutions.
  6. Take a Stance: Factually address a controversial issue, but be on the side of caution! Make telling the truth your goal and the controversy the side effect of that truth.
  7. Propose Counter Positions: Suggest the other side of a topic by providing the counter argument or angle.
  8. Jump Into Current Events: While staying in your niche, identify relevant links between a current event and a topic as well as show your audience how they’re affected.
  9. Write a Dear Expert Q&A: Provide a relevant question from a client or customer in a Dear [Your Name] format and provide a personable, compassionate response.
  10. Provide All Angles: Consider a highly discussed topic and provide an in-depth explanation of a topic based on unique insights, analysis, and commentary – pros and cons, risks and benefits, etc.
  11. Illustrate a Euphemism: Evaluate how a euphemism is similar to aspects in your niche and break down the meaning by listing similarities and differences.
  12. Create a List of Goals: Help readers set realistic goals by providing a list of common goals in your niche and identifying measures and milestones to achieving those goals.
  13. Identify the Golden Rules: Provide a list of rules that sum up the primary lessons you’ve discovered or learned through your experience and expertise in your niche.
  14. Share Gratitude: Create a list of things you’re grateful for in your niche and explain how each item works and why it was critical to your success.
  15. Bring Seasonal Cheer: Select a holiday or season and provide tips or insights relevant to the festive context (e.g., decorating, presents, traditions, consequences, etc.).
  16. Be Helpful with a How To: Like a recipe, provide the chronological steps to achieve a particular end goal as well as list the ingredients or supplies needed.
  17. Share the Love: Share something you love (or have a passion for) and describe why you love it.
  18. Industry Trends: Identify, provide examples of, and analyze recent trends in your niche that are pertinent.
  19. Lay Down the Law: Even if they’re more like guidelines than laws, create a list that identifies the unwritten rules or laws of your niche.
  20. Take Readers on Location: Share location-specific details about places you’re familiar with, like sharing a perspective on culture values, local/regional laws, unique amenities, and attractions.
  21. Share Saving Techniques: Pick a resource in your niche that’s important, share why it matters, and propose proven methods to save that resource.
  22. Prevent Mistakes: Hindsight is 20/20. Turn your mistakes into an education resource to help your readers avoid the mistake by identifying them and then provide measures on how it can be avoided.
  23. Recommend Motivating Activators: Share how you stay motivated to maintain your drive for success in lieu of the constant balancing act of family, work, and play.
  24. Bust Myths: Point out a prevailing myth in your niche. Bust it by providing evidence, whether one point or a list of facts, that completely debunks it.
  25. Review Products and Services: Provide an unbiased critique of a product or service in your niche that will help benefit readers in their purchase.

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Thanks, This makes a wonder checklist that is practical and useable.

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Great guidelines in this article. I write regular seniors leaning articles and sometimes I run out of ideas and steam. Some of this will help.

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These are all great ideas to come up with inspiration for writing new articles. Thanks a ton, the blog posts are always awesome.

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Lance Winslow writes:

Regarding #9, I was under the impression that EzineArticles did not want the authors name anywhere in the article even if it was in a quote from someone else, am I incorrect, is it okay to use the example in #9 in my articles without rejection?

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Hi Lance,

You’re more than welcome to include your name in an article when it is in an Interview-style. You can search our site for live examples, otherwise here is one that demonstrates the correct format for this type of article: http://ezinearticles.com/?Interview-With-Chryssanthi-Sahar—Middle-Eastern-and-Greek-Tsifteteli-Dance-Expert&id=7092646



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Wendy R writes:

Thank you for the tips Penny.
Another angle that is difficult for writers, is the comedic situation that occurs from time to time within interactions among families, friends and colleagues. They can be quite funny to relate verbally but can be difficult to put into words. Capturing the magic of the moment (and I’m not saying it is easy) on paper, is a quality that few can master. I applaud those who can do it. Give it a try the next time a funny situation occurs in your day. :)

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Kent l Rounkles writes:

I am not the greatest of writers yet, i have problems with run on sentences and grammar. when i use Microsoft word to help me in my spell check it doesn’t catch all of the grammar problems as well as the writing issues. I have no one to read or give comments to the articles that i write. I could go up to the college, and check with my old professor, but i don’t what to go up there every time that i write a article. i know that once i get going it will get better. I have written my first article and it was sent back for prof reading and repairs on the sentence structure as well as the grammar.

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I love all the tips above. That is gonna challenge me to write new material.

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Sometimes a writing idea can keep you glued for days and even months. Ultimately, you are successful in writing unique pieces that intrigues your audience.

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Hi Michael,

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