Recipe for Success Article Template

Easily Stir Up a Great Article With This Recipe

Even the most successful chefs practice with recipes. Failing occasionally, the chef takes risks by tweaking the recipe based on their own style and taste.

Eventually, the recipe transforms into an entirely new, enticing, and delectable result that makes your mouth water in anticipation.

Having reached perfection, the chef will write the recipe down to more easily replicate it or to publish it in their next recipe collection.

You can use this same concept by sharing your “recipes” with readers in your articles! Readers love recipe-formatted articles because it’s a model with which everyone is familiar and it incorporates proven steps. How are they proven? They are backed by your credibility as an Expert Author.

Writing a recipe article is easy! Simply spend a little time thinking about your topic, its key ingredients, and the steps you took to achieve your goal.

The Recipe for Success Article Template

  • Introduction: Leading with your reader’s gratifying WIIFM (what’s in it for me) factor, describe how this recipe for success will help the reader achieve success.
  • Ingredients: List what the reader will need. Your list can be specific (e.g., a calculator, a stopwatch, or 30 minutes) or general (e.g., motivation, inspiration, or attitude).
  • Steps: Provide the steps you took to advance or as a precautionary measure to achieve success. Each step should relevantly incorporate your ingredients.
  • Conclusion: Once again, call attention to the benefit the reader will gain using this recipe. Succinctly describe how it worked for you, a client, or another source of inspiration.

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Albert Eiseman writes:

This article template is great is really a no brainer. The right formula is really a step by step. How could anyone go wrong? Free is always a good thing don’t you think?

Comment provided March 6, 2013 at 6:29 PM


Albert Eiseman writes:

Writing is a art and not everyone can do it. Practice always makes it perfect. How can you go wrong with a proven formula. If your going to start something always do research. People can always tell if your rush anything.

Comment provided March 6, 2013 at 6:36 PM


Sandy Ghina writes:

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Succintly is a great way to describe winning content that rewards the reader and endorses the author as an authentic enthusiast in their field.

Short punchy content makes for compelling reading, but above all give the reader what she wants.

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Thanks for the recipe template. I knew you were going to send this to me so I baked a cake. ha ha ha.
Have a great day and thanks for the info.

Steve, UK

Comment provided March 7, 2013 at 2:34 PM


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It helps my to sharpen my writing.

It’s a great way to make my posts/advice/etc. come to life.

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