Top 7 Article Templates to Get Ready for Cyber Monday

Begin Building Your Article Portfolio Fast With These Templates!

The holidays are coming up fast and for the online community, Cyber Monday is the kick-off.

You can tap into Cyber Monday’s incredible traffic surge by writing engaging articles and submitting them before the big day.

What Should You Write About?

Cyber Monday is all about the upcoming holidays. So put on your holiday-writing lens and create a list of all of the holiday themes that impact your audience. Just off the top of my head, here are some great topics readers crave:

  • Best products this year and ideas for gifts.
  • Budget shopping, travel, preparation, etc.
  • Tackling tasks without getting overwhelmed physically and emotionally.
  • How to avoid overconsumption, from food to gift buying, by weighing quality vs. quantity.
  • Travel tips, from preparation to arrival.

Come up with a list of topics of your own and the more in-tune those topics are with your niche, the better. To make your efforts even easier, use the following article templates as a guide.

The Top 7 Article Templates to Get Ready for Cyber Monday

  1. Product Review Article Template: Help Cyber Monday shoppers determine the best products to purchase for gifts with the Product Review Article Template.
  2. How-To Article Template: Use the How-To Article Template to help readers achieve their holiday goals with a step-by-step article. If it’s a budget-friendly solution, fantastic!
  3. Top 7 Tips Article Template: The Top 7 Tips Article Template helps you easily organize 7 quick and easy tips or strategies, which can be expanded on to create an additional 7 articles. That’s a total of 8 articles!
  4. The Checklist Article Template: Readers love checklists because this format distills the essence of what you have painstakingly identified as being important to achieve a goal or solve a problem. Use the Checklist Article Template to identify the “must-have” or “to-do” items in your niche.
  5. Methods of Saving “X” Article Template: The holidays, family, and shopping can be overwhelming – one just never seems to have enough time, energy, and even money. Share your insights with the Methods of Saving “X” Article Template to help your audience save.
  6. The Pros and Cons Article Template: With so many products and services available, weighing what has more pros than cons can be what tips the scales for consumers. Help Cyber Monday goers see the big picture with the Pros and Cons Article Template.
  7. Seasonal Article Template: Sprinkle a couple dozen holiday-oriented articles into your article portfolio by using the Seasonal Article Template to generate page-view spikes while you further define your niche and have a little fun in the process.

Bonus! Readers are inundated by tons of information telling them to “buy this,” “download this,” “do this,” “don’t do this” – give them a break! Try the I’m Grateful for X Article Template to give thanks and relieve your readers with a positive message.

Go on and start building your article portfolio to get ready for Cyber Monday today!

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Randall Magwood writes:

The “How-To” template is my favorite. I use this template time and time again with my article writing efforts.

Comment provided November 13, 2012 at 1:12 PM


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