How to Target Your Cyber Monday Audience

Who Shops on Cyber Monday?

Preparing for Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity to open doors to new audiences (and traffic).

The Eye of the Beholder: Benefits and Perception

First, it’s important to understand Cyber Monday shoppers are not limited to the shopping and product reviews niches – that’s too obvious and simple. What’s the common element that drives all Cyber Monday shoppers: Getting the most valuable online deals without hassle.

Let’s take a look at the psychology around hassle-free online shopping during the holidays:

Is finding a parking spot or traffic a battle? No. Are you able to compare prices easily without having to bounce from store to store? Yes. Do you have to deal with rude customers? No. Are the “temptations” that come along with being in a store erased? Yes, although reality leans toward “maybe.”

More perceptions like these can be delivered by the truckload; however, these aren’t just perceptions – these are benefits. Whether they are real or perceived, Expert Authors can use these benefits in their titles, summaries, and articles to attract and engage readers.

How Articles Help Consumers

Next, think about how online shoppers prepare themselves. Many will either rigorously prepare or give their purchases some consideration by funneling their decision down with the following considerations:

  • Does it cover a need or a want?
  • Where can I find it?
  • How unique is it?
  • What is the quality?
  • What is the price?
  • Who has the best deal?

The desire to find the best deals will prompt most online consumers to continue weighing their purchasing decisions before the big day. They’ll scope out deals and promotions by searching for information they can trust in order to find the best value.

The “Who” of Cyber Monday

Finally, you can give your article writing efforts a boost by tapping into Cyber Monday and holiday readers – all you have to do is target those who shop online and participate in Cyber Monday deals.

The Workers: According to comScore, half of all Cyber Monday purchases were made on work computers last year. These users are typically the most rigorous preparers and researchers; when the day comes, all they have to do is click, buy, and exit. Expert Authors can take advantage of this group by helping prepare workers with the best tips, insights, needs, and wants of the year.

The Home Shoppers: Less likely to purchase in haste, consumers who purchase at home are more likely to continue searching for the best deals and even additional deals to increase value. Product reviews, pros and cons, shopping checklists, as well as Top 7 tips are quick and easy articles for Expert Authors to target home shoppers.

The Mobile Users: Don’t put all your eggs in the mobile-consumer basket, but this is a ready market for any Expert Author to pioneer. As smartphones continue to be more accessible to consumers, so will their purchasing power. Browsing to obtain information about products and services or even tips to get the best deals as well as find promotions is steadily increasing for the mobile market.

Final Tip to Take Home (and Write)

As you get ready for Cyber Monday, write articles for audiences looking for products, services, promotions, finding the best deals, etc. Have a strong call-to-action at the end of your article to keep your visitor going in one direction – forward and to your website.

Are you ready? Give your Cyber Monday and holiday efforts a boost by building your article portfolio and open the doors to new readers. Check out the following posts for more Cyber Monday tips:

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The Guy writes:

What is Cyber Monday? And when is it?

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Cyber Monday is considered the biggest online shopping day of the year and lands on Monday, November 26th this year. This takes place the Monday right after Black Friday which is considered the largest shopping day in the United States.



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Many expert advise that never write a killer article during weekend since many people will go out and close their laptop.

Having reading this article I will continue to write article based on your tip.
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