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Earn Bragging Rights with the Badge to Prove It

Besides being both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing,

  • Helps you easily network with fellow Experts Authors
  • Keeps track of your articles’ performance statistics
  • Gives you access to dozens of article writing resources
  • Delivers bragging rights to share your triumphs with badges

“Bragging rights?!”

As you submit articles and are active on, you earn achievements and awards in the form of badges. Collecting badges shows how active you are as an Expert Author as well as contributes to your credibility.

Check out what badges you’ve earned:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select the Profile tab
  3. Select Achievements and Awards from the left navigation menu

The Achievements and Awards section is divided into Profile Awards and Account Achievements. Account Achievements are badges you earn based on your account-wide activity (e.g. membership level upgrades and adding an alternate author). Profile Awards are badges you earn based on your Expert Author Profile activity. The types of Profile Awards you can earn are:

  • Profile: Earn badges by completing your author profile and uploading author photos.
  • Published Articles: Earn badges for writing and submitting quality articles.
  • Networking: Earn badges for linking social networking accounts and connecting with other Expert Authors.
  • Article Niches: Earn badges for publishing articles in a particular niche.
  • Article Submission: Earn badges by using various tools within

Unearned badges are indicated by a lock whereas your earned badges are colored in. We’ve sprinkled in a few mystery badges and we’re keeping mum on what you need to do in your profile or account to earn them.

Click on any of the badges within your account to:

  • View the “Badge Details”
  • “Discuss” with Expert Authors in your Network
  • “Share” with your Twitter Followers

Use your awards and achievements for major bragging rights by showing off your badges to your Expert Author network and of course sharing them with your Twitter followers.

What badge are you striving to earn? Let us know in the comments section below!



I would like to have Diamond status for past articles.
About a month ago I had s stroke and spent a week in the hospital. That event has changed my vision. The result is it is now quite difficult for me to see to type and write new articles. I can still think clearly but reading and writing are now quite tedious. As time goes by, this situation may improve. But, in the meantime my article writing will have to be drastically reduced.

Comment provided June 13, 2012 at 9:56 AM


Terry –

I’m sorry to hear about your stroke and wish you a very speedy recovery. In the meantime, I will have our Member Services Team review your account to see if you meet the qualifications for Diamond Member status.

Best of luck to you!

– Marc


Commerce writes:

What do’s users get besides getting a virtual rank in the form of a badge? Suppose according to me it would be great if we get a certificate from you as an Expert Author which will help us in getting more article writing contracts. What do you say?

Comment provided June 13, 2012 at 10:37 AM


Commerce –

That’s an excellent idea! We could indeed provide a printable certificate that identifies you as a EzineArticles Expert Author and perhaps even shows your current authorship level if you are Platinum or Diamond.

I will look into the possibility of doing this. Maybe you’ll see your idea come to fruition sometime in the near future! :-)

– Marc


Commerce writes:

Definitely! Some of us use for article marketing purposes while some others for gathering experience of article writing or as a hobby. All of your writers give you a huge content (for free) and what they get in return? A good reputation in your website! But if you can offer them more than they expect it would be the great business idea!



Hello Chris,
Please accept my sincere thanks for awarding me
new Diamond Member status at EzinesArticles.

I have been striving for that status for a long time.

We are told that every negative event in our lives has a
positive benefit as well. This award is certainly proof that
my recent stroke (the negative event) has given me
positive encouragement (the Diamond Membership) to do
whatever I can do to regain my visual ability to read and
write more and better in the days ahead.

Please extend my heartfelt thanks for this award to
all of your very enthusiastic associates at EzinesArticles.
Terry L. Weber

Comment provided June 13, 2012 at 12:37 PM


Terry –

Congratulations! It was well-deserved.

– Marc


Hi Marc,
To find the right words to express my thanks for your congratulations message is just about impossible for me at this time. Please try to read between the lines of this reply because there you can, I hope, get the feeling of all the thoughts I want to say in thanks to you for your most encouraging message to me.


Hi Terry –

It was my pleasure. Thank YOU for the kind words. :-)

– Marc


opal writes:

Terry, I am so happy that you are on your way to recovery. I am living with cancer now myself and writing is a wonderful outlet for me. I have been given 3-6 months to live twice and I am still here after two years. Not bragging – just grateful. The first article for EzineArticles was about living with cancer.

I wish you were near enough for me to take notes and type and edit for you. Never give up and keep your positive outlook.

Comment provided June 13, 2012 at 4:30 PM


Hello Opal,
My heart goes out to you! You are a fighter! You are a survivor! I can see you will never give up fighting for just one more day of life and happiness. You story is an inspiration to me and others. My stroke seems minor in comparison. Keep on writing. Keep on telling us about your battle from the view point of an eye-witness, as you encouraging us to fight back and never give in. I’m sure you have a purpose and reason for being here with us. Write. Tell us about your vision, your hopes, your dreams. Don’t hold back. My CPA accountant has offered to do all of the typing (keyboarding) for my website business – what a great help that is. She has also offered to fill and mail the products that I supply to her as inventory. Again, thanks for your offer to help me with typing and editing. I am as you are, looking forward to full recovery as well as finding the many benefits of this little health problem in life.




Congratulations on achieving the highest level of professionalism on EzineArticles, I must say it is well deserved. You have quite an amazing story, and can say that I am genuinely happy for you, even if we have never met. I hope that you are able to continue writing, and living out your dreams.


Comment provided June 14, 2012 at 12:02 AM


wayne writes:

All the best to you hope you recover fast and congratulations on our achievement

Comment provided June 14, 2012 at 6:06 AM


Hello Wayne,
Thank you. I’ll try to follow doctor’s orders, take all of the pills and do a lot of praying for prompt recovery and help.



Hello Vince,
Thanks for your congratulations. I’ve been writing on EzinesArtilces for a long time, always working toward achieving “the highest level of professionalism” – as you say. As writers, our main purpose is to do our best with what we have as writers to express thought and feelings that our readers find impossible to do. I am an inventor and creative guy. I am sure this little problem I have with my eyesight will diminish over time. In fact, since I have trouble right now, with very slow reading and writing – I’ll have more time to really “think” about what I want to say and write in the days ahead. Keep up your good work and keep on thinking and then writing those thoughts for the benefit of your readers. Always remember to keep your eyes on that “main purpose!”

Comment provided June 14, 2012 at 7:02 AM


good read writes:

Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

Comment provided June 27, 2012 at 12:38 PM


Good Read –

We use a customized version of WordPress.

– Marc


Prince John writes:

Excuse me for a too basic question, but …
How can I place a ‘platinum author’ badge in my blog?

Comment provided July 17, 2012 at 8:47 PM


Hi John,

In order to get the code needed to place the Featured Author Banner on your own website you will want to do the following:

1. Log into your account at
2. Go to the Resources tab.
3. Click on the Author Banners box.

Here you will see the different options that are available, and will be able to copy the code needed to display the banner on your own website.



Randall Magwood writes:

The more badges I achieve, the more I like to promote them to my email list. This shows that I know what i’m talking about, and that they’re dealing with a credible figure that deserves to be listened to. Thanks for adding this feature to EzineArticles.

Comment provided August 11, 2012 at 2:23 PM


Kara Nelson writes:

Penny, thank you for your article about Expert Author Awards and Achievements. I will follow those above steps.

Comment provided October 23, 2012 at 10:13 PM


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