Expert Author Case Study: Madan Singh

Today’s Expert Author Case Study introduces us to Expert Author Madan Singh, who uses his experiences in both the private and public job sectors to work through challenges in his writing.

Madan is a well-traveled Indian Air Force veteran and former leader of several multinational groups.

He started writing for EzineArticles in 2007 and uses his vast array of life experiences to direct his writing.

As part of our ongoing Expert Author Case Study project, we asked Madan to share his thoughts on article writing and marketing.

  1. What sets you apart from other Expert Authors?

    Well, frankly, all professionals are the same. The hallmark of a professional is knowledge coupled with hard work. I presume these are the qualities that I have developed in abundance. Having spent a considerable period of time in the Air Force, where a mistake made in the air is unforgivable, I have developed this concept of trying to be a perfectionist.
    However, I will state that the learning stage is never over. I recollect Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the Bhoodan leader, learning Japanese at the age of seventy. I learn and get inspiration from such people and use it to further hone my skills for readers of EzineArticles.

  2. What’s your secret to article writing and marketing success?

    I don’t know if I have any secrets in this aspect. I follow the simple principle of trying to write what an average individual would be interested in. Hence the writing, in particular the language, must be down to earth. The prose should be simple and easy to understand.
    Above all, I do make an effort to connect to the reader and try and understand what he would be looking forward to reading. Also, I try to create an interest in the subject so that the reader asks for something more on the subject he has read.

  3. How do you stay motivated to write articles?

    Motivation is something one can’t get away from. Right from the soldier on the battlefield to the writer, motivation is the secret to success. I really have never been short on motivation.
    I also follow the writings of the greats in English literature and try to remain motivated like them. What awesome motivation must Leo Tolstoy have to complete a novel like War and Peace. Motivation for me is a natural corollary to my writings. The greatest satisfaction is to see them published so that thousands read.
    Also, when writing, I keep my mind uncluttered from mundane daily chores and concentrate on what I am writing.

  4. How do you decide what to write about?

    This looks like an easy enough question. As far as I am concerned, I do not make any pre-selection of a topic. When I sit down to write, I let my mind roam like a bird and close my eyes. I do, of course, keep a list of topics in front of me as publicized by EzineArticles.
    Within the constraints, I select a topic and decide to write. I do make use of my experience and, in case I need some information, I either surf the net or visit the local library. I also keep in mind what could interest the reader. Once I am clear in all these matters, selecting a topic is easy.

  5. How do you balance writing for quality and quantity?

    One of the hallmarks of service writing in the Air Force was brevity, logic and meaning. Tell what you want without being verbose and write in a language a reader can understand. Hence, what topic I write on has a bearing on quantity. At the same time, if I can convey something in a few sentences, then a paragraph is obviated.
    My aim in all my writings for EzineArticles is to write consistently good English and convey what I have to in a shorter way. But, again, the aim is to educate and entertain the reader and that is the hallmark that dictates my writings.

  6. How has using EzineArticles affected your traffic?

    Tremendously. That is a one-word answer. There’s no doubt that recognition from all over the world has poured in since I started writing for EzineArticles. It’s great to receive emails from places as far away as Slovakia and USA.
    In addition, when I refer that I write for EzineArticles, it adds to my clout in the field of writing and marketing articles. It is a very satisfying experience.

  7. How does article marketing fit into your overall marketing plan?

    An article must be marketed. The idea is that more and more people read your articles and get to know you. EzineArticles, with its link up to social networking sites, is a great help and furthers my traffic.

  8. What EzineArticles tools do you find the most beneficial?

    There are many EzineArticles tools that can be made use of by a writer. I use a lot of them and I find they are extremely beneficial. The spell check is one such tool. Though you may have done a spell check earlier, this tool gives a finishing touch to your writing. The word count and summary is another beneficial tool. I know how much I have written and how the synopsis will look to the reader.
    In addition, the analysis of your article, like the number of visitors who have read your article and comments, if any, certainly give me fillip and I know where I stand. The monthly analysis of the traffic and keywords is another tool that’s a great help.

  9. If you had to start over again, what would you change?

    Well, life goes through a complete circle and one can look back and feel that maybe there is something I could have done better. I do feel that perhaps I should have written more for EzineArticles than I have written.

  10. What advice would you give newbie article marketers?

    I would advise newbie article marketers to think deeply on what you have to write and how it will be accepted by the reader. I would advise to remain abreast of the latest developments and incorporate them in your writings.
    Stay focused and learn at every stage. Learning is a never-ending process – always bear that in mind.
    Lastly, never write to hurt anybody‚Äôs susceptibilities and make it a point to give pleasure and information to the reader. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be critical, only balance everything for the common good.

  11. Anything else you’d like to share?

    Yes! One small point which a writer must keep in mind is to go through what types and topics are the most read. Keeping that in focus is a good idea to build your articles around the most-clicked topics. You can’t go wrong there.

Here are 6 lessons from Madan:

  1. Never Stop Learning – There’s no age limit to the education process. As we get older, it may seem to get more difficult every year to get inspired and interested in new things, but that inspiration keeps life interesting and it makes writing easier. Writing for the internet means you need to be constantly evolving and sharing new thoughts, ideas and concepts.
  2. Write About Your Interests – If you have a personal interest in the subject matter you are writing about, it’s a lot easier to understand where the common reader is coming from when they find your articles. You need to write the articles for those people so they get the most out of your insights.
  3. Look For Your Own Motivation – Everyone needs motivation sometimes. Whether you read the works of other great writers or you just really enjoy helping others with your ideas, we all have times that we need an extra push to get into the writing process. Don’t be hesitant to use yours.
  4. Shorter is Usually Sweeter – Try to convey your message in the way that is shortest and easiest to understand. Many writers drag on in their writing with what they are trying to communicate and that typically only scrambles the message. What sets good writers apart is the ability to revise long-winded portions of text into more succinct nuggets of knowledge.
  5. Stay Focused – Set goals and stay focused on them. Develop the best possible conditions for you to succeed and keep yourself in that environment for as long as possible. The environment will help you stay focused and make any goal reachable.
  6. Be Positive – Negativity in article writing and marketing won’t get you anywhere. You are providing insights in your area of expertise. Don’t use the platform to hurt anybody’s susceptibilities. You can be critical of ideas, but be sure to think about the common good whenever you write negatively.

Use these lessons today to write your next set of high-quality original articles. Also, leave a comment for Madan on anything he has shared. He’d love to hear from you.


Susan Greene writes:

Hello Madan,

I looked at some of your many articles. You have an impressive body of work.

I am wondering though, what is your objective in writing articles for placement on I didn’t see a URL in your resource box, so presumably you’re not trying to drive traffic to a website you own.

Comment provided November 1, 2010 at 12:09 PM


mark rutledge writes:

Ive been reading some of your articles and im amazed at the quality.
im very impessed 100%


Sexyladydee writes:

My motivation comes from reading good work and being inspired by interesting writers. Thank you for the inspiration.Dee

Comment provided November 1, 2010 at 9:26 PM


zahra writes:

Mr. Mandan Singh,

I am sure Mr. Singh has started his writing during his battle field days.

Many of us prefer to express what is inside us or what is worrying us by writing
and then from there they develop to write accordingly to their feeling.

In a battle field or war zone where Mr. Singh was away from home, love ones, his kids and at the same was fighting for your country, must have been a difficult moments for him. And to put all in one basket and at the sometime, handle them in equally in your heart and your mind needs a courageous.

Consequently, some of us, like Mr. Singh did, decide to express their frustrations; either by complaining, crying, singing, praying, commit suicide, or writing.

So I shall congratulation herewith to Mr. Singh for choosing writing for revealing his system from the battle field.

Zahra J. Saleh

Comment provided November 1, 2010 at 11:50 PM


Larry Icabandi Nabiong writes:

Yes, writing is an outlet of an emotion. Whatever it might be, creativity and resourcefulness to put an idea on paper or what is a gift only chosen few have been endowed with.

It is just a matter of appreciating uniqueness and respecting one’s idea or what since embracing diversity is key to curbing out intolerance of and ignorance to other people’s experiences, circumstances and the like.

Congratulations Madan for writing great ideas and giving the world a glimpse of your wisdom.

Comment provided November 2, 2010 at 12:32 AM


Ann Canfield writes:

I found your information usefull especially about finding a topic to write about, sometimes I have a difficult time with that, Thank you

Comment provided November 3, 2010 at 10:39 AM



Hello madhan,

Great set of articles you wrote mate. Proud to be indian. I am inspired by you to write more articles.

Comment provided November 23, 2010 at 8:30 AM


zahra writes:

I have experienced that there is no writing whatsoever when you are not in the correct platform.

Sometimes life drives into a different direction from writing. And to write a beautiful piece of material, you must well set in all areas including venue. You need special platform which motivates and helps to write.

I don’t like to write when I have financial worries. I like to write while I am sitting either beside the beach or lobby of beautiful hotel. During holidays while I am at home, I like to write early in the morning.

Writing needs a cozy place which helps to considerate and very relaxed mind with no worries at all. So friends, what is best atmosphere for writing? Over to you.

Best regards

Comment provided December 25, 2010 at 10:13 PM


Madan G Singh writes:

Hi ! I agree with you. One must have a proper atmosphere to write.Also you need to be free from worries and other mundane matters and then you can be creative

Comment provided December 27, 2010 at 8:50 AM


Joginder writes:

Hello! I think Madan is one of the best writers on His range and vision is exceptional. I commend you sir, for giving all of us a varied enlightening experience

Comment provided March 20, 2012 at 2:09 AM


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