Your Cyber Monday 2010 Special from EzineArticles

For a limited-time only, get a half year Premium Membership subscription for the quarterly price!

In honor of Cyber Monday (the online equivalent of Black Friday), start a new quarterly Premium Membership subscription (or upgrade your existing monthly subscription) before 11:59PM CST, today, Monday, November 29, 2010 and you’ll get 6 months of Premium Membership for the price of 3 months!

To take advantage of this great limited-time offer, just follow these simple instructions:

Sign-up for a New Premium Membership Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click on:
  5. Enter your credit card information
  6. Click on:

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Quick Case Study: Beverleigh Piepers

The 17th edition in a series of posts that highlight one Expert Author who has achieved success by doing just one thing exceptionally well.

Beverleigh Piepers likens the process of writing and submitting articles to talking to people. They’re both a means of communication to make real connections and explain to people the “real deal” about issues, except articles have the scale to reach people worldwide.

Beverleigh has a desire to have a real impact with readers that could save their lives. This desire has motivated her to write many articles on living with diabetes and treatment options.

According to Beverleigh, “I want type 2 diabetics to have a better life, be really informed about their condition, and know where they stand. I think [my articles] attract type 2 diabetics who are looking for answers they’ve had trouble finding elsewhere. It’s great when I hear one of my readers has told their friend to sign up to receive my articles.”

If that wasn’t motivation enough, Beverleigh has also accepted and completed several writing challenges, including #HAHD.

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Sharing Your Articles – Easily Post to Your Site With an RSS Feed

There are a couple of very powerful ways you can share your expertise outside of your EzineArticles account.

One such example is placing your Expert Author RSS feed on your own website. This gives your site visitors a chance to see the extent of your expertise directly.

RSS (also known as Real Simple Syndication) is a way for people interested in certain topics to be instantly updated when new content on those topics is published. RSS feeds provide a stripped-down version of the new content in a flexible web format that can be placed on websites or read with an RSS reader.

All EzineArticles Expert Authors with at least one published article have an RSS feed set up for their articles. The Expert Author RSS feed shows a summary of your bio and your most recent articles with the title, published date and a summary.

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How to Read and Use Your Article Stats Data

Have you sat down to evaluate your article writing and marketing plan lately?

You can get a ton of analytic data related to your writing efforts right from the View My Statistics section of your EzineArticles account.

At first glance, the View My Statistics section of your member account has an overwhelming amount of statistical data.

With so much data at the tips of your fingers, it takes time to sort through and gather the best insights, but it’s worth that effort because knowing which of your articles’ are performing better than others, and why, will help you write new articles with laser-targeted accuracy to the demands of your audience.

Your statistics are accessible through your Author’s Area. To get there:

  1. Log into your Member Account
  2. Hover the cursor over the Author Tools dropdown
  3. Select View My Statistics from the dropdown

This brings you to the Stats Dashboard, which is broken into three main sections: Article Stats, Keyword Stats and Author Stats.

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EzineArticles Formula – What You’ll Get

The lowdown on what’s inside our newest training program.

In Monday’s Blog post, we shared with you some of the details of the EzineArticles Formula, a training system that’s currently in development and slated for release on December 7th. In today’s post, we’re going to give you an in-depth look at exactly what you’ll receive, and when, over the course of this 5-week program.

The EzineArticles Formula is a 10-module, step-by-step training system designed by the article marketing coaches here at EzineArticles. This comprehensive course will not only help newbie authors get started, but also aid veterans in becoming more efficient and effective with their article writing and marketing efforts.

When you order the EzineArticles Formula, you’ll immediately gain access to all 10 modules of the course.

These instant downloadable items include:

  • Instructional Videos (66 in both MOV and WMV file formats)
  • Convenient Audio Files (An audio-only alternative in MP3 format)
  • Workbook Exercises (Over 50 in PDF format)
  • Quick Reference Checklists to Accompany Each Module

Each module will build on the coursework you’ve discovered and mastered over the previous modules. Here’s what you get: (Continue Reading…)

Expert Author Case Study: Sam Manfer

Today’s Expert Author Case Study introduces us to Expert Author Sam Manfer, who uses his personal experiences, along with humor and stories, to show salespeople how to implement his own sales strategies and tactics.

Sam has coached and trained salespeople all over the world. From his experiences, he wrote a book titled “Take Me To Your Leader$,” and he continues to write articles in the Business niche.

As part of our Expert Author Case Study series, we asked Sam several questions about his article writing and marketing experiences.

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New Author Bio Layout Test

Today, we officially launched the beta test of a fresh, new Author Bio page for every Expert Author.

A little over a month ago, our new Blog theme made its “red carpet” debut. Back then, we asked for your first impressions and feedback on the Blog’s updated appearance and new features. We’ve taken that feedback and applied it to the Expert Author Bio Page as well.

Here’s What’s Changed:

  • A new crisp, clean look. Everything on this page is easily accessible and delivers on our purpose: To bring the focus to you and to promote you as the Expert Author.
  • Your Expert Author View and Expert Bio View shared similarities. Now you have all your information in one area, which makes you easily accessible.
  • Easy Access to comments, views, and the niches you’ve written in.
  • Published dates are visible on this page (this used to be located at the bottom of the article view).
  • Quick sign-up box to get email notifications when the displayed author publishes a new article.
  • 25 most recent articles.
  • Top 20 niches you’ve written in (ranked highest to lowest).
  • Brand new search function specific to the author which allows you to search the author’s articles.
  • Links to the author’s recommended reading and 4 professional photo thumbnails in the “More From …” section.

Now it’s more important than ever to complete all of your Expert Author Bio by posting an author photo, a short introduction of who you are and links to your websites and social media pages. Go to your Expert Author Account now and fill in as much as you can. The more complete this section is, the better you look!

Also, leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the new Author Bio page layout.

EzineArticles Formula Available Dec. 7th

Last week I shared with you that our team has been working on a comprehensive step-by-step 10-module / 5-week training course called EzineArticles Formula.

Six people on our online education team spent six weeks in producing this course, which was expected to debut tomorrow. But, after reviewing the great input from 80+ comments in the Blog, we’ve determined that investing another few weeks of work into this training will insure that it’s done right.

Here’s our plan:

This Thursday, we’re going to reveal, in detail, the outline of this 10-module course. This course was assembled after reviewing over 500,000+ support tickets to our member support team, 10,000+ emails to my AskChristopherKnight site and our 10+ years in this business.

On Thursday I’ll be asking for your help to make sure the course covers the knowledge and skills you most want to discover, master and execute with less pain and fewer frustrations.

December 7th 2010, Noon CST, is the new release date.

There will be no limits to how many students we will be able to accept. But because this is a time-delivered course, there will be a limited window of availability no different than any college level course. In other words, it will have a start and an end date as a component to its delivery.

Our intention is to make this course comprehensive yet quick-start enough for a beginner- to intermediate-level Expert Author. We hope to over-deliver to our charter students so that we can accomplish two things:
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Article Writing and Marketing Tips to Retweet

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information, fun facts and training – We’ve gathered 30 of the best ones from October right here. Retweet any (or all!) of them to enhance your article writing and marketing efforts.

Just CLICK on to auto-populate your Twitter status field.

EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Try conveying your points in shorter paragraphs or bulleted lists. They’re easier to digest than huge blocks of text.
  • Article Writing Tip: Select an article topic that genuinely interests you. Your writing will be enthusiastic and engaging.
  • Easy on the Eyes Articles: Use tips or how-to steps in list formats so readers can follow easily.
  • Looking for Article Content Ideas? Here are some sources: Long Tail Keyword Research, your past articles, forum posts, etc.
  • Article Writing Tip: Your article body is the GIVE and your Resource Box is the TAKE. Don’t sell hard in the body.
  • Target readers: Focus on topics that will attract your audience. What do they want? Need? What are their barriers?
  • Your strategy for adding value in your niche should be clear to you. Create positive noise by delivering what you promise.
  • Quality and Unique Content always stands out in a highly-saturated niche. Your readers are looking for more every day.
  • Article writing is the fine art of clarity and brevity! Is your point clear, easy to understand, and thorough but brief?

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Introducing the EzineArticles Formula

If you’ve always wanted to become an article writing and marketing expert, now’s your chance!

For the last few weeks, we’ve been telling you that we’re in the process of developing a brand new step-by-step training tool. A system that will not only help newbies get started, but also aid veterans in becoming more efficient and effective with their article writing and marketing efforts.

We are proud to introduce the EzineArticles Formula!

This 10-module training system has the power to forever alter the way you view article writing and marketing no matter how much experience you have.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering inside the EzineArticles Formula:

  • Getting Started with Article Marketing
  • Generating Article Ideas to Captivate Your Audience
  • Creating Article Titles That Get Results
  • Developing Writing Rituals That Work for You
  • Creating Results-Driven Author Bios
  • Driving Traffic to Your Site with Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Using Social Media to Increase the Potency of Your Article Marketing
  • Proven Ways to Increase Conversions
  • And much, much more!

The EzineArticles Formula includes:

  • 10 Training Modules (You’ll receive 2 modules per week to download over a 5-week period)
  • Concise checklists and reference guides for every module
  • Workbook exercises that will help you better understand the material and build your article writing and marketing skills
  • A bonus teleseminar with Christopher Knight, article marketing expert and CEO of

This is the most comprehensive article writing and marketing training course you will find anywhere! If you want to take advantage of the power of article writing to drive more traffic to your site, you don’t want to miss out on ordering the EzineArticles Formula!

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