Quick Case Study: Tiffany Dow

The Tiffany Dowsixth edition in a series of posts that highlight one Expert Author who has achieved success by doing just one thing exceptionally well.

Tiffany Dow is quite simply “A Writer.” Unlike many EzineArticles Expert Authors, she is not a marketing specialist who writes for the sake of getting exposure for her links. Instead, she tells us, “I’m a writer first, who discovered I could use my talent to make money online. I have over a decade of experience writing about a wide range of topics and can write approximately 5 pages/hour.”

As a dedicated Writer, Tiffany has embraced a no-nonsense method of overcoming the writing struggles many of our other members face. “I think one of the biggest problems I see is a lack of organization,” she says. “I always have an outline in mind using the introduction, at least 3 main points, and conclusion layout. It’s something we learned in grade school that still applies to readers today. This makes it easy to move from one point to the next, without simply trying to fill a word count requirement.”

Tiffany’s Secrets to Success

Where others may use creativity as a motivator, Tiffany focuses on her end product as a way of keeping herself motivated. “There are three things that motivate me to write more articles,” she says. “First, there’s money in the end result. Second, there’s a new and powerful backlink pointing to my site for added relevancy in the eyes of the search engines. And lastly, there’s the opportunity I’m given to share my expertise and increase my own branding authority within a niche.”

And finding something to write about doesn’t seem to be a problem for her, because her desire for organization is also reflected in her topic plan. “This is all based on whatever marketing campaign I am immersed in at the time. I often go back to old campaigns and submit some new, updated articles for the niche. I also keep tabs on the news and print media for ideas. One issue of Woman’s World Weekly could literally yield hundreds of article ideas.”

Insights on Article Marketing

Tiffany fully understands the need to balance quality and quantity in her article writing. She tells us, “I lucked out with my background in journalism, my experience working for a newspaper, and my years of ghostwriting [original articles] for top Internet marketers; so the more I wrote, the more experience I gained. It also helped me get faster with each piece of content I delivered. But make no mistake in choosing quantity over quality – you almost always lose as a result of taking this mindset.”

EzineArticles helps transform her original articles, and her clients’ articles, into revenue-producing end products. “It’s not only helped with direct click-throughs to my affiliate links,” she says, “but it’s assisted me in getting my own sites ranked higher in Google because of the page rank authority that EzineArticles has. Also, my sites get more exposure and traffic each time a publisher picks it up and introduces it to his or her target audience. [Article marketing] is one of the most important components to me because I’m a freebie addict. EzineArticles.com, and article directories in general, give me a simple platform to use with many perks and I reap the rewards of providing good content. I’m allergic to paid traffic tactics, I think, so article marketing suits me perfectly.”

Her praise of EzineArticles continues. “I really love that we can use the author tools to see what keywords we’re ranking for. I can take a list of keywords I’m being found for on EzineArticles and use those on my own domain as new articles or make brand new articles for them to grab those coveted top spots.”

Despite her success, Tiffany does have one regret. “I would have taught myself how to write more SEO friendly articles,” she laments. “I wasn’t well versed in that at first, so I wrote completely for a human audience. Now, I grasp the idea of mixing the two elements together – so not only does my human reader like what they see, but the search engines do too.”

Some Good Advice

So what advice would she give newbie article marketers? “Start with a list of keywords,” she replies. “Keep it small – about 5 to begin with. Use the keyword in your article title, first sentence, and maybe twice more in the article if it’s a full page length article. Organize your thoughts before you write, and end with a nice call to action in your resource box. Let the reader know what they should do next and why, creating a certain sense of urgency.”

As an ethical and successful ghost writer, Tiffany shares this crucial advice: “Don’t try to game the system. I see so many uninformed marketers trying to slip some plagiarized content or shoddy writing from an article spinner into EzineArticles, and they get blocked each and every time. You’re wasting time doing this, and losing money because the sooner your article gets published, the sooner you’re seeing click-throughs on your links!”

That’s good advice! So good in fact, we covered it just yesterday in a Blog post and video. Check that post out if you haven’t already.

Speaking of good advice, here’s 8 pieces of good advice you can take from this post:

  • Experience, organization and dedication all contribute to success.
  • Focus on the end product and the results to help keep yourself motivated.
  • Balance quality and quantity.
  • Make use of the powerful tools offered by EzineArticles.
  • Develop at least a rudimentary understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Start each article with a small list of keywords.
  • Don’t try to game the system! It never works.
  • We couldn’t agree more with Tiffany’s advice. Now take some of this advice and apply it to your next set of high-quality, original articles today.

    Now it’s your opportunity to interact with a top-performing Expert Author – leave a comment or question for Tiffany.



    Congratulations on all of your success! I have followed you online for a few years now, and you are a professional in everything you do.
    You are a true inspiration to writers who are striving to achieve success, both online and off.
    Connie Ragen Green

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 12:41 PM


    Ross Leadbetter writes:

    As a newbie writer — one who wants to share the ‘inside workings’ of teaching an learning, I have to agree with your Connie. Tiffany’s post is an inspiration to me and I am sure many others. I sure am enjoying reading about all the great authors and reading comments as well. I think I am finding a home here at EzineArticles !


    Edie writes:

    Thank you for spotlighting Tiffany. Since I discovered her website and tapped into her wisdom and experience, I have really grown as a writer and builder of lenses.

    Although I totally dislike writing articles, the tips Tiffany shared in this article, and the reason why she writes and submits articles, should help spur me to get those sets done. Thank you!

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 12:48 PM


    Gail Hess writes:

    Thanks for emailing to let us know about this case study Tiffany. It contains information that we all can use – especially the new internet marketers.
    Gail Hess

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 12:52 PM


    Suzanne writes:

    Tiffany’s one of the best! If only all article writers would follow her lead. :-)

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 1:06 PM


    Leonard writes:

    Unlike EzineArticles, i’ve known of Tiffany and her over-the-top writing skills for years. Congrats on a littlt recognition Tiffster.

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 1:22 PM


    Doug writes:

    I really liked the #6 suggestion….Start each article with a small list of keywords.


    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 1:25 PM


    Terry writes:

    Tiffany very much deserves this honor of being chosen as an expert author. I only learned of her last year, and have followed her ever since. I always look forward to her writings and products.

    I was one of the many people who begged her to start an affiliate program for her prodcts so I could make money referring others to them. Guess what? I am both ashamed and proud to say I haven’t made a dime selling her products because they are so good that I do not want to share them with anyone else.

    I have learned so much from her in the past year to steer me on my own road to success. There are not enough known words to give her the full credit and accolades she deserves.

    However, in closing, I do desire, wish, and pray that she is blessed as much as she has been a blessing.

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 1:33 PM


    Susan Greene writes:


    I’m on your mailing list for your PLR content. Your articles are top notch, and I’ve bought some of your PLR packs. I’m curious as to your writing process.

    How do you go about coming up with multiple articles on the same topic? Where do you get your ideas?

    Also, do you limit your research on the topic to what you can find online via a Google search or do you employ other methods to get up to speed on a subject area?

    Keep up the good work. I’m definitely a fan.

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 1:59 PM


    Tiffany Dow writes:

    Hi Susan!

    Thanks for the kind words. When I have a topic, I first conduct keyword research using Google’s free keyword tool. That will often give you clues on what titles/topics to use.

    If it doesn’t, then I scout around online to see what people are writing about it and what people are asking about it (ie: Yahoo answers is good to see that latter portion).

    I never copy someone’s content – but it can spur ideas.

    For teaching me about a topic, I use a wide variety of things. I might buy eBooks on it or buy books or check out books from the library – I might get magazines for it. I use Google too of course, but you can’t always trust the information there.

    Most articles, though, remember – are not in depth tutorials but more of a lighter delivery of information because you want them clicking through on your link to get the real meat of the information.


    Gayla Goodman writes:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for the great tips. I’m wondering how you get around using a restricted set of key words and still keeping the content appealing to readers? How do you maintain that balance in using the key words without destroying the flow?




    Tiffany Dow writes:

    Hi Gayla!

    What I do is try to find a way to use the kw phrase in the 1st sentence, middle of the article, and last paragraph.

    I try to make sure each article is focused on ONE keyword phrase. It’s impossible for me to try to manage 5 keywords in one article, but I do have them handy in case I want the variety in there.

    If you have trouble, write for the human reader and then go back and see where you can work the keyword phrase in. That way you appease real readers and searchbots alike.
    tiff ;)


    Linda writes:

    Tiffany has always produced quality content and is well deserving of your case study.

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 2:22 PM



    Congratulations to Tiffany for this well-deserved featured case study as an EzineArticles expert author!

    I was introduced to Tiffany’s PLR content only a few months ago and instantly became a big fan of her writing. I have since purchased a number of her PLR packs and am using them in my maketing.

    Tiffany is also a great personality, a very down-to-earth “regular mom” and one of those rare online marketers who actually replies to emails in person.

    Thanks again for the feature case study and some great advice tips!

    Natalia Hawthorne

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 2:32 PM


    Keith Lutz writes:

    I can’t wait to start reading her writings. With such glowing heart-felt reviews, she must be good!

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 2:49 PM


    Fran Civile writes:

    Thank you to Tiffany for sending us an email alerting us to this great EzineArticles review of her successful career as
    a writer of articles and more!

    I thoroughly enjoy Tiffany’s sincere approach in her teaching products, her reviews and blog postings.

    Thank you for the 8 pieces of good advice! I will definitely applies myself to following each one of them.

    Fran Civile

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 3:09 PM


    Victoria writes:

    Tiffany, I’ve been getting your emails for a couple of years now, and all I can say is that I admire and envy (in a good way) your writing talent! :0) Keep up the great work!

    Comment provided June 9, 2010 at 11:57 PM



    Tiffany, what you said about keywords in title, and first sentence rings well with me, it has helped with another website of mine – good advice all round.

    Thanks again.

    Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 2:21 AM


    Mack writes:

    Great advice, Tif. I love everything you write and you are so good at it.

    Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 8:19 AM


    Tiffany Dow writes:

    Susan asked:

    “How do you go about coming up with multiple articles on the same topic? Where do you get your ideas?”

    My answer:

    Hi Susan! I use all sorts of stuff to get ideas, starting with keyword research. That will often yield a lot of results. Start with Google’s free KW tool. Other ways to get ideas include surfing the web to see what’s being discussed, like looking at Yahoo Answers to see what people are asking.

    And then Susan asked:

    “Also, do you limit your research on the topic to what you can find online via a Google search or do you employ other methods to get up to speed on a subject area?”

    My answer:

    I use online info, but I also buy books and eBooks, look at trade and consumer magazines, and even watch TV for some insight on topics depending on what they are.

    Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 2:31 PM



    Hey Tiff!

    Congratulations for this well-deserved honour!!!

    I first met you on the Warrior Forum years ago and have enjoyed interacting and learning from you ever since.

    Keep on trucking, Tiff!!!
    And Thanks for featuring Tiff, EzineArticles!!! ;-)

    Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 3:33 PM


    J. Gail Leabo writes:

    Great info for someone just starting out in the ” produce an income online ” though monetized blog. This is a goldmine for me!

    Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 4:43 PM


    essay writer writes:

    Hi, Tiffany. It’s quit interesting to read what you write. Now I’m also trying to write something between seo and “for people” articles, though English is not my native language… Well, wish me luck ;)
    Keep going!

    Comment provided June 11, 2010 at 4:31 AM


    Alterik writes:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Just wanted to say congrads! and your writing is wonderful.
    As a rookie I look up to you and i’m working on my new ebook(Mastering the art of seduction)promoting it on webluvexperts.com.
    If I can see half your sucess i’m bless. Thank You and keep it up.

    Comment provided June 13, 2010 at 2:37 AM


    Stacey writes:

    How inspirational! I am so thankful I stumbled upon this article!! I LOVE writing… but am often required to write on things that are (essentially) of NO interest to me. THANK YOU TIFFANY for your words and advice. I actually feel a little excited to write something now!

    Comment provided June 15, 2010 at 8:39 AM


    shaaam writes:

    “1. Experience, organization and dedication all contribute to success.
    2. Focus on the end product and the results to help keep yourself motivated.
    3. Balance quality and quantity.
    4. Make use of the powerful tools offered by EzineArticles.
    5. Develop at least a rudimentary understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    6. Start each article with a small list of keywords.
    7. Don’t try to game the system! It never works.”

    Quality Contents, Tiffany is really great writer, interesting post to read . We should also try to write good contents, I always need help from such a good writer like Tiffany.

    Comment provided June 18, 2010 at 1:42 PM


    Lisa writes:

    Hi Tiffany, I also know of you from before/ outside of EzineArticles. Great to see you getting a well deserved spotlight here!

    Comment provided June 21, 2010 at 10:59 AM


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