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Spicing Up Articles With Local Flavor
By: Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor

Some of the questions we get from our Expert Authors pertain to how they can provide additional value on their regular niche. One suggestion near the top of our list is to add some local flavor to your articles. The effect is like taking the existing recipe for your favorite dish and adding just a bit of spice to make it slightly different; slightly better.

Devouring the Travel and Leisure Category

Creating localized content can be particularly easy when your niche is in the Travel and Leisure category since local content is more-or-less the backbone of these articles.

For example, if you want to write an article about fun activities to enjoy while on vacation in Vancouver, it would be important for you to include activities that are specific to Vancouver. Included could be a list of the public places one could visit on a tour of the venues for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

However, there is little value to writing about “unique dining experiences in Vancouver” if the restaurants included in the article are chain restaurants that could be enjoyed anywhere. Information on locally owned and operated restaurants that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world makes for great article content. If your readers have a positive experience, they are more likely to come back to you for more … and suggest your content to others! As a result, you’ll benefit by gaining both loyal readers and a larger readership base.

This type of local knowledge takes either personal experience – which is preferable – or a fair amount of research. That’s why grasping the concept of localized niche articles takes practice and time.

Cooking Up Localized Content in Your Niche

Local flavor can also be added to articles written outside of the Travel and Leisure niche. In fact, we encourage you to occasionally write articles that include location-specific information. These articles can be particularly helpful to readers who are looking for information on local/regional laws, cultural perspectives or the real estate market in your community.

Article Indigestion

All too often, we find authors misunderstanding the interest we have in providing location-specific information to readers.

For example, imagine you wrote the perfect article about the perfect cup of tea. It includes three cafes that are worldwide chains, but since you want to add value for your readers, you titled it “Getting Sunday Tea in London,” because all three cafes have at least one location in London. This title, while technically accurate, would be less-than-ideal. A better title for this type of article would be “Finding Comforting Tea Anywhere In The World” because the article doesn’t actually include location-specific information.

On the other hand, imagine you wrote another article that reviewed and compared three different small cafes, each with a single location in London. This article would provide a huge benefit to readers and would earn the right to bear a title that includes the specific location.

The Just Desserts

When you add local information to your articles, it’s kind of like adding spices to your food. It can change the quality and consistency for the better (or worse!) and leave a lasting impression on the people who sample it. But just like many spices, it’s important to add local information early in the process so that the flavor becomes infused throughout the article. When you find the perfect balance of local content and meaty information, you will end up with a much tastier article that will continue to feed you with abundant page views and enhanced credibility for the local flavor you provide.

Take a few minutes and try your hand at writing a localized niche article set today. Who knows, you may find a tasty new treat to add to your article writing and marketing buffet!

Oh, and don’t forget to share your recipe! ;-)



I counsel my clients that one way they can attract customers and gain huge customer loyalty is by becoming involved in their local historical community — and not just by writing a check. There’s something about being involved in a preservation project, supporting the local historical society or a historical community event, or promoting their own business history (using local historians and researchers to find the information) that really resonates with customers. When businesses care about a community’s historical assets in this way, people pay attention!

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Paul writes:

Great article Penny. I always knew local niche article marketing could and does work. But you have now giving me the go ahead signals to start today.


Comment provided June 7, 2010 at 2:19 PM


Hiram"Mayor"Evans writes:

No doubt, the point of emphasing a local flavor is a good point to make. Certainly, there are times when a broader interest may prevail, but for the most part, a specific niche and content for it means that one is getting information to the researchers who have a defined interest. Your article and point of view just makes good sense.

Comment provided June 7, 2010 at 6:32 PM


Up Yours writes:

Hi. this is kind of an -unconventional- question , but have other
visitors asked you how get the menu bar to look like you’ve got it? I
also have a blog and am really looking to alter around the theme,
however am scared to death to mess with it for fear of the search
engines punishing me. I am very new to all of this …so i am just not
positive exactly how to try to to it all yet. I’ll just keep working on
it one day at a time.

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Can you explain which menu bar you’re referring to? And what specifically you like about it? I can then try to get some answers for you from our Development Team if it’s appropriate.


Ross Leadbetter writes:

As someone living close to Vancouver, you caught my attention right away. It is funny how we look for places we recognize in movies and books etc. It is in our recognizing the things unique to us and our environment that we begin to share a greater closeness with the community around us. Great advice. Ross.

Comment provided June 10, 2010 at 9:08 AM



I always knew local niche article marketing could and does work. But you have now giving me the go ahead signals to start today.

Comment provided July 7, 2010 at 8:51 AM


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