Article Content vs. Real Life – Keyword Stuffing

The first in a series of videos that brings poor article-writing practices into the real world.

For months we’ve been struggling with the question of how to explain the “wrongness” of certain article practices. Practices that are fairly common, yet provide no real value to either the reader or the author … or are just downright unethical. They include everything from keyword stuffing and plagiarism to article spinning and copyright infringement.

What we realized is that despite the fact that almost all Expert Authors are good, decent human beings, many are doing things in their articles that they would never dream of doing in the real world. Their reaction when confronted with this fact is almost always one of confusion. They find it difficult to understand what’s wrong with doing what they’re doing.

Last week, with the help of our Editorial Staff, we found a promising method for explaining this concept. When these bad article writing practices are brought into the “real world” of day-to-day life, it quickly becomes stunningly obvious how wrong they really are.

It’s also pretty dang funny. :-)

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Question & Answer Article Template

I write a lot of articles in “list” format – but I want to try something new. How can I shake things up a little?

A. Try a Q&A format! Answering questions is one way to establish or raise your credibility in your chosen area. A question-and-answer format delivers valuable information and is easier to read than paragraph after paragraph of copy.

You can frame a Q&A article in many ways such as “Top 10 Questions about Body-Building” or “Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Financing.”

Q. Where do I get the questions?

A. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably heard clients, customers or prospects ask the same questions over and over. Start with these.

If not, invent your own questions. Think back to when you were new to your niche and had many questions about what things meant, or the right way to do business. Or, think of questions people should ask but don’t?

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Expert Author Case Study: Andy Britnell

Today’s Expert Author Case Study examines how British Expert Author Andy Britnell combines the power of creative story-telling and no-nonsense data analysis to create a winning article writing and marketing strategy.

Andy has worked as a professional musician, a cheesemonger (someone who sells cheese) and in hotels, including Claridges and the Savoy in London. He spent 15 years latterly designing and delivering international management, sales and graduate development programs.

He now lives in Somerset, UK, where he runs a training and coaching practice specializing in sales, customer service and personal development training for the private and public sectors. He is an accredited coach and trainer of the Insights Discovery System which is a model based on the pioneering personality profiling work of Carl Jung.

We recently asked Andy to tell about his path to success. What we discovered is that, once again, no two Expert Authors are alike. Andy brings his specific skills and experiences to the table and combines them to create a strategy that is not only highly effective (he averages 1,600+ views/article), but also uniquely his own.

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#HAHD 4 Video Swag Review

Swag -noun: A slang term for free promotional items … often pronounced or spelled shwag or schwag. (

Let’s face it, we love to give stuff away. We’re especially well-known for our highly coveted mugs, which are treated more as trophies than beverage receptacles. First-timers are often amazed at how much effort top authors will invest merely to lay claim to an EzineArticles mug.

In the last year, our Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD) has clearly become the poster child for our obsession with shwag (our preferred spelling). As a reward for writing and submitting 100 articles in 100 days, we send each qualifying member an assortment of cool promotional items.

We just passed the 3-week mark in #HAHD 4. This is the point in the challenge where we typically start to see a separation between the truly dedicated Expert Authors and the author wannabes. So we figured it was time to remind you of what you’re working toward … or could be working toward … if you were to enroll in the #HAHD 4 Marathon Challenge.

With that thought in mind, we put together this 2-minute video to highlight the selection of fine promotional items (aka: shwag, booty, goodies, prizes, etc.) that are being offered up for #HAHD 4.

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27 New Subcategory Additions

Bringing our grand total up to 631 Niches!

Common sense would tell you that eventually EzineArticles should reach a point where we’ve created the minimum number of subcategories (niches) necessary to encompass every possible article topic and there’s no need to add more. If that’s true, however, we haven’t reached that point yet!

As EzineArticles continues to grow, and the world continues to change, we continue to receive articles that don’t really fit into any of our existing subcategories. When that happens, we note the potential new category and watch for more article submissions that match that topic. When there’s enough activity to warrant the addition of a new subcategory, one is created.

Below are the 27 newest categories. Expect 2 more groups of about this same size in the near future.


  • Business: Architecture-and-Interior-Design – Articles about/concerning Business Architecture, Interior Design, Decorating, Business Reference Models, Famous Pieces of Architecture, Architecture Supplies and Software.
  • Business: Business-Travel – Articles about/concerning Business Travel, Luggage and Statistics, Travel Magazines, International Travel, Business Travel Technology, and Business Travel Tips.
  • Business: Construction-Industry – Articles about/concerning Construction Industry, Contractors, Construction Management, Construction Trends, Manufacturing and Recent Developments.
  • Business: Furnishings-and-Supplies – Articles about/concerning Business Furniture and Supplies, Office Furniture, Filing and Storage, Furniture Buying Tips, Furniture Brands and Ordering Supplies.
  • Business: Innovation – Articles about/concerning Business Innovation and Design, Creativity, Risk-Taking, New Ideas, Industry Leaders, Services and Resources.
  • Business: Risk-Management – Articles about/concerning Risk Management, Principles and Methods, Planning, Risk Avoidance, Risk Management Plans, Computer Security Basics and Training.
  • Business: Restaurant-Industry – Articles about/concerning Restaurant and Food Service Industry, Industry Growth and Statistics, Current Trends and Products, Popular Food Chains, Food Safety, Restaurant Suppliers and Marketing.
  • Business: Agriculture – Articles about/concerning Agriculture, Factory Farming, Energy Crop, Food Production, Farm Machinery, Environmental Impact, Crop Production Systems, Processing, Distribution and Marketing.

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How to Select the Perfect Article Category

CategoriesBelieve it or not, choosing the right category is vital to the success of your article.

There’s an old saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Surprisingly, putting your articles into the correct categories and sub-categories is a critical stage in the article writing process. In fact, selecting a category is the first thing you should do each time you start writing a new article. Then bear that category in mind as your article develops.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at why category selection is so important and then guide you through selecting the perfect category for your article.

Why It’s Important:

  1. Many Readers Search by Category – Many readers search by category for the information they’re seeking. Ensuring your article is in the correct category significantly increases the chances that it will be discovered by those readers.
  2. It Creates a Positive User Experience – This is especially true for first time visitors to our site who may be confused by a miscategorized article.
  3. E-Mail Alerts are Sent Out by Category – Every day, we send out E-Mails to readers notifying them of new articles published in their categories of interest. This is also how publishers find out about new articles. If your articles are in the wrong category, you’re missing out on thousands of reads (and clicks)!

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Titles – The Key to Your Articles’ Success

This post was updated on May 9, 2012 at 2:11 P.M.

Discover one of the best ways to quickly and easily improve the overall performance of your articles.

Your article’s title can have a significant impact on the success of that article. The first 3-5 words of your title can dramatically increase how much traffic your article will generate back to your website. You could have the world’s best article, but if you have a poor title you’d only see a fraction of the potential traffic a great title would bring.

Ensuring that your titles are keyword rich and benefit-oriented will help your articles achieve maximum readership and exposure.

So how do you create article titles that will drive massive traffic back to your site? Well that’s what this 5-minute video is all about. In it, I’ll give you some valuable tips for finding and formulating titles that not only describe your articles’ contents, but also attract readers and push your articles toward the top of the search engine results.

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Quick Case Study: Mary Bodel

The Mary Bodelfourth in a series of posts that highlight one Expert Author who has achieved success by doing just one thing exceptionally well.

Mary Bodel has been studying alternative herbal remedies since 1981 and has been a Master Herbalist since 2004. She’s written five eBooks on herbal remedies, including the Complete Guide to Complementary Remedies.

Mary tells us, “I grew up around plants; my grandmother owned and operated a nursery. I’ve always been interested in medicine and medicinal herbs. I suppose part of that is because my mother is an R.N., but it is also fascinating to me.

Education is the Key

What sets this California author apart is her heartfelt desire to educate her readers through her articles. She says, “Many people want to use natural products, but very few people truly understand what they can and can’t do. Educating them is important to me, because there are some problems that can result from taking herbal supplements improperly. I want my readers to finish my article and have more knowledge.”

Keeping herself educated is the first step. “I’ve been working with herbs and herbal preparations for decades,” Mary says, “so a lot of the information in my articles is from stuff I know by heart. However, I also check several reputable medical sites to be sure that the information is correct. As with any field, things can change and it’s important to reaffirm what I know.”

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Optimizing Titles for Articles in a Series

Creating titles for a series of related articles is easy – provided you follow 3 simple guidelines.

We often refer to the concept of “article sets” – articles that are related, yet stand-alone. If you write article sets for any length of time, you’ll inevitably create a few in which the articles are so interrelated that they fundamentally form a sequential series – one where each article flows naturally into the next.

Trouble is, EzineArticles by its very nature is not conducive to a sequential series of articles. Readers tend to find your articles as single links in the chain rather than the entire chain … and most will not be inclined to search for those missing links in your article series. So using common literary title additions like Part 1, Part 2, etc. isn’t recommended.

The key to solving this dilemma lies in creating titles that are optimized for the unique nature of articles in a series. Understanding WHY proper titles are so important will help you discover HOW to create the perfect titles for your next series.

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Your Article Goes Live! Now What?

Bringing your articles to life on the Internet is a great way to drive highly-targeted traffic back to your site while increasing your credibility and media exposure at the same time – but you can do even more.

In this Blog and elsewhere, we talk a lot about the process of researching, developing, writing and submitting your articles. Once your new articles are published, they usually take on a life of their own and will go to work for you almost immediately. That’s the real beauty and simplicity of article marketing: you need only sign up and then write and submit articles – we’ll take care of the rest (things like automated tweets and RSS feeds).

However, some Expert Authors want more from their articles. They want their articles to be more than a creative outlet or an adjunct to their other marketing efforts. They want their articles to be part of a living, breathing, article marketing machine.

For these members, article writing and marketing is an ongoing process, not a series of stand-alone events. They see it as a repeating cycle of writing, submitting, promoting and analyzing their articles to produce truly extraordinary results.

If you’re ready to take this next step into the article marketing process, read on …

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