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EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • Want to discover how to create an EzineArticles bookmark for the iPhone? Check out our new YouTube video:
  • Great articles can go viral. Make sure yours have evergreen keyword-rich content, simple formatting and proper grammar.
  • Grammar tip: If you’re not sure of a grammar rule, look it up, just like you’d research a topic.
  • Resource Box Tip: Be concise. Include name, URL, pitch, and your CTA. Avoid laundry lists, pets and guts of your book.
  • Grammar Tip to Remember: ‘A lot’ is always two words. ‘Alot’ is not a word.
  • Writing Tip: Keep tabs on the competition. Learn from their successes & avoid their mistakes to stay on top of your niche.

EzineArticles Fun Facts:

  • 5,000 more data-driven, human-curated titles added. Premium/Platinum members now can select from 20,000+ titles available!
  • Fun Fact: On February 17th our recent Facebook Fan Page facelift generated 500+ new fans in 1 day alone!
  • Fun Fact: 2,471 members had their accounts upgraded in January – 382 made Platinum (15.5 percent), 2,089 made Basic Plus.
  • Milestone: Now 250,000+ Expert Authors strong! :-) Thanks for being part of EzineArticles!
  • Fun Fact: 92 Expert Authors wrote and/or submitted 100 or more articles in January. If they can do it; You can do it! #HAHD ^CK
  • Fact: Weight Loss is the strongest niche category during this time of year with over 170+ new weight loss articles daily!

EzineArticles Inside Information:

  • Want to get to Platinum level membership faster? Here’s a PDF roadmap:
  • Our Facebook Fan Page just got a major face lift – go check it out! While you’re there, become a fan –
  • New feature gets unveiled: Articles remain LIVE while you make changes!
  • Further insights by ^CK on how the Article Title Writing service works:
  • Premium members will now be able to schedule articles for release in their time zone instead of ours.
  • Jan, 2010 topics getting most avg views – Finance: Taxes-Income and Taxes-Tools, Bowling, Crockpot Recipes, and Wrestling.

Motivational Moments:

  • Become part of our latest video project and promote your article marketing success to the world!
  • You can’t build a house with only a hammer. Successful internet marketers use all the tools in their belt.
  • Great articles are like potato chips … readers will eat ’em up and one is never enough.
  • “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Your writing skills get better in time.
  • Need a way to make article writing fun? Race yourself! Time yourself on each article. Try to get faster with each draft.
  • When writing you must pace yourself, avoid burnout and be consistent. Set a comfortable pace and work your way to results.

Misc. Words of Wisdom:

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel with every mktg campaign. Reusing content won’t help. Using the same successful strategies will!
  • Don’t waste time editing already-published articles. If you have new or more information to add, put it in a new article!
  • Consistency is key to credibility. Don’t spell or capitalize product names differently throughout your articles.
  • Keep your purpose in mind when writing articles. Entice readers with content rather than a sales pitch.
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Find an article-writing formula that works for you and then use it until it stops working.
  • Higher CTR won’t mean more sales if your landing page stinks. Simple navigation and quality content work best.

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Martin Haworth writes:

This is a great resource – as well as a really easy way to share great information about article writing and EzineArticles as well!


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Audrey writes:

Chris, thanks for sharing these regularly. I don’t get onto Twitter that much..Facebook yes, Twitter no. I love reading your tips.

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Lisa Mason writes:

My Twitter followers always love these. :)

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Nice article,
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.
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Thank you so, so much. What a fantastic help this is – some days it is so hard to think of something creative to tweet about … this just saved the moment!!

Big Blooming Hugs
Sherry ‘n Margarita

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