Article Marketing Interview with Cathy Stucker

An enhanced audio-only interview recorded at the Affiliate Summit West (#ASW10) in Las Vegas.

This year’s Affiliate Summit West was packed full of great information, insightful presentations and some of the top experts from the world of Internet marketing. One of those experts in attendance was Cathy Stucker from As an EzineArticles Expert Author, Cathy’s distinction lies in her uncanny ability to produce articles that average over 3,600 views each!

Cathy took a few moments from the fast-paced #ASW10 Conference to talk to EzineArticles CEO and Publisher, Chris Knight, about her methods of overcoming writing obstacles and tips for successful article marketing.

Downloadable Versions:
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If you’re more of a reader than a listener/viewer, you can download this outline [PDF 96K] of Cathy’s interview.

The techniques that Cathy uses have proven successful for many Expert Authors. Integrate some of them in to your Article Marketing process today. Then stop back here and leave a comment to let us know how well they worked for you.

From My Desk to Yours – 6th Edition

By: Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor

Did you know the TITLE of your article comprises the unique URL for that article? Changing the title of a live article effectively re-writes the URL. This results in confused search engines.

That’s why we recently changed the editing process to no longer accept changes to the title once an article is approved. A unique title with a consistent URL means your article can always be found in the same place.

Getting your TITLE right the FIRST Time:

  1. Download and review the “Article Title Training Series” [Download PDF – 420KB] – And keep it for future reference.
  2. Target both human readers and search engines – Make the title keyword-relevant but also ensure your keyphrases are grammatically correct and the title reads naturally for humans.
  3. Use 50+ characters – Longer titles maximize your ability to attract readers with a specific promise that is highly relevant to your niche.
    • Bad Example: Your title is “Changing Horses Mid-Stream?” and the article explains how this is an allegory for switching web hosts. This title is short and vague; it is not optimized for SEO and does not tell the reader how they will benefit from your article.
    • Good Example: Your title is “Brazilian Karate – 7 Keys to Self Defense in Brazilian Martial Arts”. Your title contains multiple highly-targeted keyphrases without being redundant. It will attract search engines and readers alike, and makes the specific promise of 7 tips.
  4. Avoid punctuation that breaks URL’s (including periods, slashes, colons, and pound signs), and refrain from article parts – Be sure the title “stands alone” to provide a positive reader experience and to maximize your chances for higher article distribution.
  5. Study what works and what doesn’t – Review your Article Reports to see which titles have the most views and clicks. Also, read the titles of the Top 15 “Most Viewed” and “Most Published” articles (listed beneath every article) in your niche to brainstorm new ideas.

Following these simple steps will help you generate an endless stream of quality titles that require little or no revision. If you have more tips for crafting the perfect title, please post a comment below!

Scaling Article Marketing Reviews

How to Increase Your Content Footprint on the Internet.

Last week I spoke at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas on “Scaling Article Marketing for Affiliate Marketers”.

The theme of my talk was how important it is to write more articles if you want more traffic. Your website traffic is proportionate to your article inventory.

I won’t be sharing the slide presentation, but thankfully several dozen audience members took notes on Twitter and 3 of them even posted reviews in their blogs. So, if you missed the event…

Here they are:

  1. EzineArticles Expert Author Brad Gosse did a video review. [ReTweet This]
  2. Eric Nagel was on fire and took 3 1/2 pages of notes of which he summarized for you here. [ReTweet This]
  3. Shannon Weidemann (aka, the Marketing Elf) posted a nice comprehensive blog review. [ReTweet This]

In conclusion, if you want more traffic … write and submit more high-quality original articles to in exchange for more exposure, credibility-boosting power and highly pre-qualified visitors back to your website!

Harriet Hodgson – Author Spotlight

Expert Author Harriet Hodgson, BS, MA, is in today’s Author Spotlight.

Harriet is not your typical article marketer. She started out as a teacher and earned a BS with honors from Wheelock College in Boston, MA. She went on to earn an MA in Art Education from the University of Minnesota and did additional graduate work. After spending a dozen years in the classroom, she changed careers and turned to writing.

She’s now been an Independent Journalist for more than 30 years and is the author of 27 published books and hundreds of print and electronic articles. She’s a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Association of Health Care Journalists, and the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Amazingly, she is also an active GRG (grandparent raising grandchildren) of teens.

Harriet’s education and life experience give her a unique and wise position from which to write her articles. In many ways she is a model for combining article marketing with passion and expertise to benefit not only herself, but her readers as well.

We asked Harriet to share some of her experience and expertise with the rest of the EzineArticles community.

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Call for Articles

Recent improvements make NOW the perfect time to submit your articles!

There’s an old adage around this part of the world that says, “Ya gotta make hay while the sun shines.” Essentially, it means that you need to take advantage of an opportunity before that opportunity slips away.

Boy, do we have an opportunity for you!

For many months, EzineArticles has been working hard to increase our editorial capacity and streamline our processes in an effort to reduce our article review times to less than 24 business hours. We’re happy to report that our efforts have finally paid off and we are enjoying the luxury of unusually fast review times.

If you’ve been hesitant to submit a large number of articles because of longer-than-usual review times, now is the time to act. With shorter review times come increased article submissions, so in the next few days we expect submissions to increase to fill our new-found capacity and this window of opportunity may begin to close.

Bottom Line: Make hay while the sun shines.

We look forward to seeing your next set of high-quality original articles!

From My Desk to Yours – 5th Edition

By: Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor

Near the end of last year, the number one obstacle for our authors in getting their articles approved was overly promotional content. To quote from our “Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection” video series:

    “Without value, your article loses credibility. Less salesmanship means better articles and better articles mean more traffic to your website.”

5 Examples of Overly Promotional Content:

  1. “Check out my link in the Resource Box!”
  2. Using sales copy for an article: “For only $9.99, you can get [product] with instant satisfaction!”
  3. “In another article, titled [title], I …”
  4. Using links in the article body instead of anchor text: For example, “[] is a great example of …”
  5. Name Dropping. Remember, your company, your product, and your name belong in the Resource Box

Your readers want expert advice, not a sales pitch. They need to get a feel for your credibility. Once that credibility is established, they will trust you enough to surf to your site.

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Meet The Developers

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Developers who work to make the EzineArticles Platform the best:

[Their ThinkGeek shirts actually show how strong the WiFi signal is. Pretty nerdy, eh?]

You may already know that two human Editors review every article that is submitted (1st editorial review and a Quality Control 2nd review), but what you may not know is how many additional people are involved behind-the-scenes in touching every single article submission to ensure the success of each member, user and internal user of our platform.

As many as 15-17 people are involved in every single article submission transaction!

Example activities include:

  • Ensuring the servers are operating efficiently to all of the error/handling
  • Link-quality checking
  • Author/member history profiles
  • Social media distribution systems
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Site security
  • Site/article “discoverability”
  • Email servers for messaging/email alerts/newsletters/sequenced and segmented mailings
  • RSS/XML feeds/widgets
  • Usability and tracking member analytics and feedback
  • API’s to all of our internal systems that ensure the continuity/accuracy of our databases

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Attending Affiliate Summit Las Vegas?

If you’re attending the sold out Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference in Las Vegas next week and already have your Affiliate Summit Platinum Pass, you are personally invited to my session:

“Scaling Article Marketing For Affiliate Marketers”
– Chris Knight, CEO, [Twitter @ChrisKnight]
(This Session is Open to Platinum Pass Holders Only)

Date & Time: Tuesday, January 19 11:30am-12:30pm
Session: 7b
Location: Brasilia 6

Drive millions of free, high-value visitors with articles. Avoid the 7 common pitfalls that could hurt your pocketbook & reputation. I’ll be covering the positive approach to help you leverage article writing & marketing to attract MILLIONS of highly pre-qualified visitors back to your website / affiliate campaign.

Be sure to stop after the talk and introduce yourself! I always enjoy meeting our expert authors. :-)

4,125+ Internet Marketers are attending this conference (full conference agenda). Wow, eh? This event is put on by EzineArticles Expert Author Shawn Collins [Twitter @AffiliateTip] & Missy Ward [Twitter @MissyWard].

You can follow along on Twitter via this hashtag: #ASW10

If you’re attending the summit and interested in being the subject of a video case study, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Tweet Your Expert Author URL

We’ve begun testing a new Twitter feature that will tweet your EzineArticles Expert Author URL [example] on a frequency that you choose.

Why do this? To share with your followers that you’re an EzineArticles Expert Author, bring more exposure to your articles and build credibility for your expertise over-time.

What’s it look like? [Live tweet examples]

You can find access to this feature from the Social Media tab within your EzineArticles Membership interface, click on “Twitter” and Authorize the link between EzineArticles & your Twitter account. You can revoke these rights at any time.

Two questions to help us improve this feature before we tell all members about it:

  1. What should the default expert author tweet be?

    Right now, it’s this:

    • EzineArticles Expert Author, Christopher Knight:
  2. What should the default tweet frequency be?
    • Every 14 Days
    • Every 30 Days
    • Every 60 Days
    • Every 90 Days
    • Every ___ Days?

My gut feeling is that we have the default tweet wrong and that it should be more like, “I am an EzineArticles Expert Author:” or “Check out my latest:”… Open to your thoughts.

Based on the members who have stumbled into this feature over the past few weeks that we’re testing it, the “Every 14 Days” is the default frequency most have been choosing. This is surprising to me as I’d have done every 30 or 90 days personally. Open again to your suggestion for what we should make as our DEFAULT frequency, that members could then change at any time to their preferred default. As of today, the default is NO frequency.

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the above two questions and/or this new feature. Thanks!

Top Posts of 2009

Looking back at the year in review as seen through the eyes of the EzineArticles Blog.

2009 was a year of growth and change for EzineArticles. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Blog, one of our most important lines of communication with our members. Every Blog post not only informs, educates or entertains, it also opens up a dialogue that allows us to talk to you and you to talk to us about the things that matter most.

The Blog also serves as an indicator of what was important to us, and to you, at any given point in time. Spend a few minutes reading posts and comments, paying special attention to the posting date, and you’ll quickly get a feel for what was on everybody’s “article marketing mind” in the surrounding days.

So with that thought in mind, let’s take a look back at the Top 5 blog posts from last year in a variety of different categories. The posts we picked are evergreen and packed with valuable information that can help you bring your article marketing efforts to an even higher level in 2010.


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