Cyber Monday Premium Membership Special

For a limited-time only, get a 2 month Premium Membership subscription for the monthly price!

In honor of Cyber Monday (the online equivalent of Black Friday), start a new monthly Premium Membership subscription (or renew an existing monthly subscription) before 2PM CDT, Wednesday, December 2, 2009 and you’ll get 2 months of Premium Membership for the price of 1!

To take advantage of this great limited-time offer, just follow these simple instructions:

Sign-up for a New Premium Membership Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Input your email address and password
  4. Click on:
  5. Input your credit card information
  6. Click on

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2nd #HAHD Wrap-Up

Second “100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge” To-Do List:

  • Identify All Qualifiers
  • Verify Prize Claims
  • Identify “First 100” and “Top 100” Qualifiers
  • Choose 10 FREE Premium Membership Winners
  • Send Congratulatory Emails to All
  • Upload Certificates of Achievement
  • Send Prizes
  • Schedule and Announce FREE 4-Hour Teleseminar
  • Hold Teleseminar

Whew! As you can see by our nearly completed To-Do List, we’re just about done. It seems like only last week that the 2nd #HAHD Marathon Challenge officially got started. It’s amazing how time flies when our Expert Authors are being incredibly productive.

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers who diligently completed at least 100 articles in the designated 100-day window. If you’re one of the qualifiers, and you also submitted your prize request email, you should have already received an email acknowledging your achievements.

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Traffic Search Terms Tool How-To

Discover the power of this easy-to-use tool!

Last week, Chris Knight shared a video called “Your Keyword Leverage Strategy” that explained how to use keywords and keyphrases to dramatically increase the performance of your articles. In this video, he talked about the EzineArticles “Traffic Search Terms Tool” and the value it brings to your article marketing efforts.

Since then, we have received many requests for more specific information on how to use this tool. It really isn’t complicated, but like anything else it can be a bit mysterious until you learn just how simple it really is.

So we put this video together to demystify the “Traffic Search Terms Tool”. It’s only 3 minutes long and will give you a clear path to making the most of this great member perk.

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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Anchor Text Rule Based on Word Count

A quality guideline now becomes a rule.

Every month we raise the quality bar a little. This month is no different. Effective immediately, we’ve tightened our standards on how many words are accepted in anchor text links – and for good reason.

An “Anchor Text Link” is a clickable word or phrase that links to another web page. [How to create an Anchor Text Link]

Sadly, some authors abuse this ability by linking-up extremely long key phrases – or worse yet, entire sentences. Before you know it, a quality article looks like SPAM because it’s filled with giant text links. Suddenly the emphasis of the article is shifted from providing useful information to merely serving as a vehicle for link space in a spammy resource box.

Our Editorial Guidelines suggest limiting anchor text links to only 3 words but …

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Today marks the 10th Anniversary of – but we’re giving YOU the present!

On this day in 1999, was launched as an online Expert Author community where authors from around the world could share fresh, high-quality articles and make them readily available for limited niche syndication by ezine publishers.

The site was envisioned to be a matching service for ezine publishers seeking supplemental content for their next email newsletter and expert authors who wanted to share their expertise in exchange for exposure, credibility and qualified traffic referrals back to their website.

Today, the site’s incredible success is obvious. Now the #1 article marketing website in the world, EzineArticles caters to almost a quarter million Expert Authors from across the globe. The site enjoys over a million unique visitors every day and delivers an average of 225,000 clicks per day back to our members’ websites. Website Magazine recently ranked #18 on their list of the “Top 50 Websites for Professionals” in their November, 2009 issue.

Our Anniversary Gift to You

While it’s true that EzineArticles has a lot to celebrate, we felt that the people who are ultimately responsible for our success, our members and visitors, are the ones who deserve an anniversary present. So we’ve designed this custom EzineArticles wallpaper, complete with our popular mug and coffee, just for you.

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Find Your Article Writing Zone

Being in the right place, in the right mood, at the right time, could be key to your article writing success.

We often hear about athletes and other competitive individuals getting into “the zone” before a competition. “The zone” is really nothing more than a frame of mind that focuses all of our energies, both mental and physical, on the task at hand.

The techniques that help get these people into their zone are as varied as the people themselves. For some it’s a routine, born of superstition and experience. For others, it’s a place or a smell or a sound that gets them psyched up.

Believe it or not, writing articles is competition, too – with yourself. Every time you sit down to write you’re competing with all of the other things in your life that are fighting for your attention. If you can’t put yourself into a zone that focuses you completely on the article topic at hand, your writing is going to suffer – both in quality and quantity.

Ways of putting yourself in “the zone” can be broken down into (3) broad areas:

  1. Routines – These are the little rituals you repeat every time you sit down to write. Maybe the first thing you do is get a cup of tea in your EzineArticles mug. Then you go to your writing room and shut the door. After that, you put on some music that suits your topic. Then, and only then, do you start writing.
  2. Locations – Surround yourself with the environment of your topic and simply let the environment inspire you as you write. For example, if you’re writing about car audio systems, why not sit in the passenger seat of your car with your laptop and jam to great tunes while you write? Or write about great cuisine from a table at your favorite sidewalk cafe.
  3. Triggers – Triggers engage your other senses to positively influence your writing. Imagine writing about how to make a great loaf of bread while the smell of fresh baked bread wafts through the air. Or writing about competitive swimming from a poolside table with the sounds of splashing water in the background.

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Calculating Your Resource Box Size

Is your article’s Resource Box too big, too small or just right?

EzineArticles recommends that your Resource Box be around 15% of your Article Body’s word count. If it’s too big, your article will look spammy and be of little value to the reader. If it’s too small, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to market you and your products.

So how do you calculate the relative size of your Resource Box?

Use this formula: Take the Article Body’s word count and multiply it by .15 (15%). The result is the target size for your Resource Box word count.

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Your Keyphrase Leverage Strategy

You may already know about our Traffic Search Terms feature where you can access the top 5 keyphrases or keywords that were used to find your published articles on [Premium members can access the top 30 keyphrases]

While this is one of our coolest tools, it has one downside: It can take 60-90 days after your article gets published on before it starts to produce really useful keyphrase referral data.

What if you want to leverage this keyphrase strategy right away? Watch this video to discover how!

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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Article Writing Tweets to Retweet

If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @EzineArticles, you’re missing a lot of great EzineArticles information and training!

The following is a list of assorted author tips, insider info, fun facts and reminders we tweeted in the month of October. Any one of these could have been just the tool you needed to turbocharge your article marketing efforts.

Just CLICK on any of the “ReTweet This” links to auto-populate your Twitter status field. Then just edit for length and retweet to your heart’s content!

EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets:

  • A trap to avoid: Making the focus of your articles about what you are AGAINST. Instead, argue your points about what you are FOR & why. [ReTweet This]
  • Resource Box Tip: Never pretend or say that a self-serving link is not your own when in fact it is. Build TRUST, not deception. [ReTweet This]
  • Tip: Excessive HTML in your article body makes it hard for publishers to use, meaning you and your links get less circulation. [ReTweet This]
  • Punctuation Tip: Reach the period sooner before later. Don’t drone on and fail to close your thought. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Writing Tip: Make connections with your readers by envisioning yourself speaking directly to them. [ReTweet This]
  • Article Body is where you GIVE; Resource Box is where you TAKE. (This is one of our core tenets.) [ReTweet This]

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Are Your Old Articles Still Driving Traffic?

If the links in your articles are dead = No free traffic for you.

Writing and submitting quality articles for inclusion on can significantly boost highly pre-qualified traffic to your website(s). That traffic is generated by interested readers clicking the links in your articles. But when one of the links in an article breaks, the article is no longer able to do its job. A broken or dead link in an article is like a car that won’t run – you can be proud of your beautiful car, but it’s useless for “driving in traffic.”

That’s why we provide you with an “Article Diagnostic Center” to quickly check the links in ALL your active articles at once. It’s accessible in your member account under the “Author Tools Menu.” Check it out now – If all is well, you will see a message saying “All of your links are responding!

If we DO find a broken link, our internal system begins to monitor it: [Download Chart (PDF / 120KB)]

  • After 3 days of inactivity, the link shows up in your Diagnostic Center where you can address it.
  • After 8 days of inactivity, we provide a courtesy reminder to you via email.
  • We continue checking the link for activity and send courtesy email reminders after 15 days, 22 days, and 29 days of inactivity.
  • After 35 days of inactivity, we will “unlink” invalid links in your articles [and display in text-only the original link that was unlinked]. We aim to provide a positive user experience and chronically broken/dead links do not create a good experience for your readers.

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