Get an Editorial Power Check

Gain a quick understanding of what our Editorial Team can and cannot fix or change in your article.

How far-reaching is the power of an EzineArticles Editor? Do you need to be concerned that they may change the actual content of your article?

The answer is no. As a matter of fact, there are many limitations on just what an editor can change. And those changes are designed to only improve the grammatical, structural and readability qualities of your articles.

What EzineArticles Editors CAN Fix or Change in your Article:

  • Punctuation– Editors can fix or add punctuation and tweak minor errors in the wording within an article.
  • Spelling – Editors are expected to make sure that all the words in an article are spelled properly.
  • Common Usage Errors – Editors must look out for frequent author word misuse such as “loose” and “lose”, “their” and “there”, or “your” and “you’re”.
  • Minor Sentence Structure – Editors may also change the punctuation in sentences by adding commas, periods, and capitalizing words. For example, an editor may break a run on sentence into two sentences by adding a period and capitalizing the next word. Editors may NOT move the pieces of a sentence around or take out content to make it sound better.
  • Minor Words – Editors can change only minor words within an article title or body. For example, it is okay to add or remove a “the” or “a”. It is also permissible to change a word to the correct tense.
  • Formatting – Editors ensure that the article is attractive and easy to read – articles should be in paragraphs and have proper spacing/bullet points.

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Understanding the Auto-Save Feature

Here’s a little EzineArticles feature that’s rarely even noticed… until something goes wrong!

Have you ever paid attention to this little button at the bottom right corner of the article body field on the submit page? This button is the toggle switch for the Auto Save function and it turns Auto Save on and off.

Auto Save ON – The article you’re currently submitting is saved as a draft every two minutes.

Auto Save OFF – The article you’re currently submitting will not be saved until you click on at the bottom of the page.

Auto Save Tips:

  • The default position of the Auto Save switch is ON
  • Be sure the Auto Save function is not creating drafts unknowingly. Always review the articles in your account on a regular basis.
  • You can also turn OFF Auto Save:
    1. Click on the Account Manager drop-down menu
    2. Select Account Preferences
    3. Click on the Article Editing tab
    4. Select NO for Auto Save.
  • With the Auto Save function turned OFF, you may be vulnerable to losing article content.
  • We encourage the use of Auto Save at all times.

That’s it. A little advice that might just save one of your articles someday. Are there other tools on the EzineArticles website that you’re unfamiliar with? Just leave a comment to tell us about it and we’ll do our best to demystify it for you.

#HAHD Marathon Challenge Update

We’re officially past the halfway point – less than 50 days to go!

Can you believe it? We’re already more than half way through the second EzineArticles 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge (#HAHD). The huge number of authors who have taken the #HAHD pledge is astounding. If you’re not one of them, there’s still time to qualify – but you’ll need to start writing and submitting TODAY!

If you’ve already committed to the challenge, we’d like to take this opportunity give you an update and to clarify a few less-than-clear points about the prizes we’re offering.


  • There are still more than sixty First 100 Qualifier slots available! Remember, it’s the first 100 members who submit a minimum of 100 qualifying articles AND send a prize claim email to that will win the fleece throw, the hat and the invitation to a private 4-hour Article Marketing Teleseminar hosted by Chris Knight!
  • There’s still time to qualify! Any articles submitted after 12:00AM CDT, Saturday, August 1st, will automatically count toward your #HAHD total whether you’ve pledged to enter the challenge or not – so you may be closer than you think! Even if you’re starting at zero, there’s still time – many authors have qualified in a lot less time.

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Discover the Value of EzineArticles

Our internal team and our 200,000+ members all know about the incredible benefits of EzineArticles membership, but it’s always been a challenge to explain what we do to the rest of the world. This video strives to bridge that gap by answering two simple questions:

  1. What is EzineArticles?
  2. What’s the value of membership?

Watch this video to get the answers to those questions and more. And at the same time, meet 4 of the key players on the EzineArticles Team:

  • Chris Knight, CEO & Publisher
  • The Other Chris, VP of Operations
  • Penny, Managing Editor
  • Marc, Marketing Manager and Public Relations

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

We’d prefer you hear our message straight from the horses’ mouths (so to speak). In the process we hope you’ll see, and feel, the passion we have for EzineArticles, our team and our huge family of domestic and international members. None-the-less, we’ve also created a downloadable transcript of the video for those who may need it. [Download PDF – 236K]

Watch the video now. Then leave a comment to tell us what you feel are the biggest benefits of EzineArticles membership.

Wanting Tips To Get More Exposure

Just like in business, as it is in writing & marketing with articles… My philosophy has always been, “Get Big or Get Out”…

Every day it seems a member is asking me:

“I wonder if you had any specific tips as far as getting myself more exposure? Maybe I could re-write some of the articles I’ve already submitted? Or maybe there are some things I could participate in about the site or elsewhere online that I’m just not aware of?”

Answer: Yes, WRITE more high quality unique original articles and submit them consistently over time.

Have you noticed how we’re growing Have you seen or heard how our traffic keeps rising each month? Do you think it has anything to do with how we help our expert authors publish tens of thousands of new articles per week that we human curated, twice each?

As it [publishing high volumes of unique quality articles] works for us, so shall it too work for you in your niche!

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From My Desk to Yours – 2nd Edition

By: Penny, EzineArticles Managing Editor

Welcome Back! Today I’m going to share some more helpful tips for getting your articles approved the first time and to also give you a little insight into what’s been happening behind the scenes here recently.

Receiving notification that your article has been rejected by our editorial team is never a fun experience. You want your articles approved and available to the public as soon as possible – we understand that. We want to be able to approve your articles the first time, too! Unfortunately, the bottom line is that any article that doesn’t follow our Editorial Guidelines cannot be approved for publication.

So whether you’re new to EzineArticles or you’re a well-seasoned Expert Author, it never hurts to brush up on our Guidelines. Here are 3 tips to help you follow the Guidelines and improve your chances for first-time approval for your articles.

3 Tips for Getting Your Articles Approved on the First Submission:

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Develop a Downtime Plan

When unexpected downtime hits, have a plan in place to capitalize on it.

Anybody who has spent some time doing article marketing knows this mantra well: Write often. Write Well. But what happens when unexpected writing or submission downtime hits (e.g. your ISP connection dies, your computer crashes, article approval times tank, etc.)?

Go to your Downtime Plan. This plan is a list of things you can always pick up and do at a moment’s notice. Items that could use a little polish to improve your results but don’t need to be done to keep moving forward.

Downtime Plan Items (without a computer):

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Top Expert Authors by Subscribers

Millions of monthly visitors are able to subscribe via email to receive automatic updates whenever you publish a new article!

One way of judging the popularity of an author is by the number of Article Email Alerts subscribers they have. Below are the top 31 Expert Authors based on their number of subscribers. Their subscribers have stated a clear desire to be automatically notified via email each time that author publishes a new article.

The Top 31 Leaders (listed by number of subscribers):

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Easily Post Your Articles to YOUR Site

Displaying a list of your recently published articles on your website or blog is easy with the power of RSS!

RSS (also known as XML) stands for Real Simple Syndication and is a way for people interested in certain topics to quickly get new information, news and other good stuff without having to wade through tons of web pages. RSS Pages are not meant for the human eye, but rather for RSS Readers or Aggregators.

Every EzineArticles Expert Author has an RSS feed of their articles, which means if you’re a Member with at least one published article, you have an RSS feed that contains a title, link, description and published date of your articles.

To Access Your RSS Feed:

  1. Go to your Expert Author Bio
  2. Mouse over this icon
  3. Click on this button
  4. You’ll be taken to a web page depicting your RSS feed. Copy the URL for that page onto your clipboard.
  5. Paste the URL into the appropriate field in your RSS module or plug-in application.
  6. For more information, click here.

Most website and blog authoring softwares have RSS capabilities in the form of plug-ins (WordPress), modules (Squidoo) or macros (WebGUI CMS). There are also HTML templates and add-ons like CaRP available online. You’ll need to review the documentation or contact your webmaster for details about how to add RSS to your site.*

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New Multimedia Help for Article Submissions

We’ve added a new “How To” video and updated the audio help files on the Submit an Article page!

Most EzineArticles Expert Authors would agree that submitting a new article is pretty simple – you just fill out the form. But for new authors, this form can appear a little daunting with its references to HTML tags, Teaser Copy, WYSIWYG and Keywords. So for years we’ve included audio help files to aid newbies through this process.

In an effort to make it even easier, we’ve now added this seven-and-a-half minute video that walks you through the entire article submission process:

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

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