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How do some article writers, even those without too many prior articles, get 10’s of thousands of article views in such a short period of time? Is it the title of their articles? Is it something that they do to promote their article after they publish it? I’ve seen some authors write a few articles that get a small # of views and then all of a sudden…blaammo…they get 10-35000 views in less than 90 days.

One thing you don’t see is that many prolific article writers write under multiple pen-names (we call them “Alt-Authors”)…so when you see an author that has a handful of articles, what you don’t know is that author name may be one of dozens of author names from an account with hundreds or thousands of existing articles.

Members who have more than 500-1000+ articles have a clear advantage because they have a huge article inventory test lab… They have already seen what works and what doesn’t. They have become efficient at knowing which article titles will have the best shot at attracting traffic and which ones may not…and even when they don’t know which article titles will work or not, they have the advantage of article volume (buckshot approach results in a few home runs while a few dozen articles may get regular traffic (20-250 views per year)).

If you want to save $10-$97 from one of those lame “how to game EzineArticles” ebooks, here is what they teach: Write lots of articles, be keyword smart and then submit your article to social media sites. We don’t recommend the submission to social media sites unless you have an existing following and you’re adding value to your followers of that site…less you’re just gaming another system and your efforts will be muted.

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of a “blaammo” thousands of instant article views… care to share your best article traffic secrets?


Luke writes:

that answers the question I’ve had for so long! Good thing I didn’t waste my money


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Hi Christoper,

Thanks for your speedy response. I’ll start trying different titles and see if I can get an increase in views. I’m thinking it might also be about a twitter following. If the article is broadcast to a very large twitter base, as it will be if twitter is set up in the profile and the author has a large twitter following, it could generate large view numbers. What do you think?


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Marte Cliff writes:

Christopher – there’s one thing I’m not clear about, and that’s the idea of submitting the same article to different sites – or of putting an article on your own site and then also on

I’ve read so much about Google frowning on duplicate content that I hesitate to do those things.

What’s your advice?

By the way, I recently got a Google alert that one of my articles had been posted on someone’s blog, so as usual, I went to check out the blog.

It was the most insane thing I’d seen yet. This person had posted lots of articles by various authors, and had put all of them through one of those programs that “changes” things to create a unique article.

The result was hilarious, but confusing. Many words exist which may have similar meanings, but in the wrong context absolutely do not.

I did add a comment there – saying that I had not written that gibberish and to please remove my name.

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Luke writes:

As with the dupliucate content…there is no duplicate content penalty. Thats because google reads the code behind the page, and if the pages have a completely different code, but a lot of the same words, google won’t pick up on it.

I know of some companies that submit articles to hundreds of directories and dominate google with all the same article on different directories

Hope that helps

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Patti McMann writes:

Chris, thanks, that is great information!

Marte, good luck on getting your article removed from that site. The same thing has happened to me many times and my articles are still posted in spite of my request in comments to remove them. I can’t find any way to contact the site owner directly, and I am very frustrated.

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Lance Winslow writes:

Boy, I’ve had my share of “BLAMMO!” Articles, or I call them one-shot wonders. It’s like that saying; “It is surprising how lucky you get when you are working hard!”

Sometimes it is just timing, as you are writing an article about something and you post it and then the news happens to make it the topic of the week the within a few days of posting. Is it luck or is it just preparedness met opportunity, thanks to your constant flow of quality articles.

I’ve had so many now it’s hard for me to pin-point, but I’d like to use the example of the FEMA Trailer crisis. I wrote an article about a FEMA Trailer auction going on, as I read an announcement in a trade journal, the main media had not yet picked it up, I had something to add, because I’d been too Hope Arkansas and saw them there, talked to some locals and never thought about it again until I read the trade journal announcement ad.

I had a list of perhaps 20-titles of articles to write about, it was one of them, I decided to do it first, as I’d been thinking about it a bit, good thing, it hit the mass media, every channel the next week.

I’ve had many like that, several Hurricane Articles. Hurricane articles are nice because such a large disruption effects everyone, everything and every industry. So, write articles about Hurricane disruption in your industry, do it now, and then post them around the first announcement of a tropical named storm.

You see, people search what is on their minds, and so try to tie that into your industry or subsector. If you want ideas, I cannot stop the flow, so email me; Lance [at] carwashguys [.] com and I will demonstrate in your arena of expertise how to do this, once you learn you will find it is easy, and you can do it too.

I really have 100s of examples of articles like the FEMA Trailer article to tell you, but it could take me a whole eBook just to do it. But what you need to know is how to relate and tap into what the society is thinking and how that relates to your niche. Often, massive input and scanning of the human endeavor and happens about will help and a good understanding of people, just regular folks, what are they thinking, who are they, what are their dreams, goals and ambitions, how can your knowledge help them. Please be thinking here and I am glad to help if you get stuck.

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Edward Weiss writes:

My best article marketing tip is … use Google insights for search. I forget the URL but it’s easy enought to find. Once there, type in the search words that your target market searches for.

Once results come up, you’ll see something called rising searches in the lower right hand side of the results. You might also see something named “breakout” in the column. These are searches that are very hot!

Use them as the keywords in your article titles and watch the clicks roll in.

Comment provided May 25, 2009 at 8:37 PM


David writes:

Thank you for explaining about how to write an article. Most e-books do say; put it on every social network possible but most people who do that do not write anything to help anyone…They just take!

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Yes, the more followers you have on Twitter, the higher the impact you’re EzineArticles tweets will be… But, I do caution our members to not just get any kind of followers;… you need ENGAGED followers who feel some kind of connection with you.

Comment provided May 26, 2009 at 8:08 AM


Norman writes:

Yes thanks Chris, that was interesting info. I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking ,wouldn’t I be be duplicing my article if i post it in several places? Now i know the answer.

I am fairly new at article writing and am in these blogs reading to learn more about it.

thanks again,

Comment provided May 30, 2009 at 9:42 AM


rob writes:

I’m curious. I don’t practice BH methods but I’m familiar with a tonne of ways I could get fake views, boost me up on the most viewed and therefore get me more targeted traffic.

Does ezine monitor people who get to this status as I’ve seen some articles that i’m sure couldn’t have got so many views naturally so to speak.

Just curious,


Comment provided June 2, 2009 at 10:32 AM


Dina writes:

My article about Scorpio Moon Signs, which I wrote hoping to attract astrology clients who might want me to write for them, has 45,215 views.

Funny, because I mostly write copywriting articles but none of those have gotten nearly as much link love. Turns out that astrology site owners are NOT searching for copywriters… but eager astrology readers ARE searching for information!

I’m thinking that these Scorpio Moon People are obsessing over their astrological personality traits and so they just keep clicking and clicking the danged thing. ;)

Also, perhaps there isn’t enough good info out there on the subject – so maybe that’s why this has scored so well in terms of views.

Make me think I should have created a niche site on the topic.

Thinking that people who are desperate to solve their problems or uncover deep, dark secrets are the ones doing the most searching.

Comment provided June 4, 2009 at 3:41 PM



Probably will process this and definately will follow this site more often.

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Astrology writes:

Unique and informative content helpful to increase visibility

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