Build Your EzineArticles Photo Gallery

Add another level of professionalism to your Extended Author Bio!

Did you know that offers you the ability to upload up to (30) professional photos to your account? These photos can then be viewed by your readers through your extended author biography.

Follow these steps to add photos to your Professional Photo Gallery:

  1. Log into your EzineArticles Expert Author Account
  2. From the Author’s Area, click on the “Profile Manager” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Edit Author Photo”
  4. Scroll down to “Professional Photos” and click on the “Browse…” button underneath
  5. Find and select your picture file
  6. Click the “Upload Photo” button


  • Photos must be .jpg or .jpeg file.
  • File size must be Less than 300k
  • Images should be at least 480×600 pixels (480px wide by 600px high) but no more than 960×1200 pixels (960px wide by 1200px high).
  • You can upload a maximum of 30 professional images.

Removing Photos: Place a check in the checkbox next to each image you wish to delete. Then click on the “Remove Checked Photos” button below the images.

Editing Captions: If you would like to change captions for your professional images, click on the icon and a text area will be displayed where you can change the caption for each photo. Simply make your changes and click on the “Update Captions” button at the bottom of your professional photo gallery.

And don’t forget the most important photo of all – your Author Photo! If you don’t have one yet, add it TODAY. This seemingly insignificant photo is vital to the success of your Resource Box. Surf to the March 25, 2009 blog post to learn more.

Gary’s Big Video Debut!

Discover (2) of the top (10) reasons for article rejection at

“Meet Gary. Gary writes articles for And even though he’s a great writer, Gary still gets articles rejected occasionally.”

“When this happens he reads the email that was sent to him by the Problem Resolution Team. He reviews the Editorial Guidelines that are posted on and fixes the mistake. Then he re-submits his article.”

“Now Gary is a great guy and likes to help others, so he’s volunteered to explain to the entire Expert Author community why certain articles get rejected by”

So begins the tale of Gary’s epic journey into the realm of improved article quality…

In these first two videos of the “Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection” series, Gary will help you understand (2) of the main reasons why articles get turned down by our editorial staff. In the process, he’ll set the stage for his next eight videos on the subject of improving article quality.


Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format


Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

Have you had one of your articles not approved for either of these two reasons? Leave a comment to share your experience, and how you resolved the issue, with the rest of Gary’s adoring fans.

To see all the videos in the “Top 10 Reasons for Article Rejection” series, surf over to our video archive page.

Improved Submit Form Goes Live!

For the last several months, EzineArticles has been beta-testing a new submission form that will greatly enhance our members’ user experience. We’re happy to report that the “new and improved” Submit Form is now live.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with this new form include:

  • Changing the author or resource box without reloading the page
  • Spotting problems without re-submitting your article
  • Quickly switching between WYSIWYG and plain text editors
  • Built-in Editorial Guidelines enforcement for improved article acceptance
  • Article previews more accurately reflect the format of live articles
  • Larger, easier-to-read WYSIWYG editor
  • Categories AND subcategories
  • Improved date picker (Premium Members only)
  • Cleaner user interface

To find the Submit Form, simply follow these (3) steps:

  1. Log in to your EzineArticles Member account
  2. Click on the “Article Manager” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Submit a New Article”

We hope you find that the new and improved Submit Form makes article submissions easier and faster than ever.

Now go try it out with a few original article submissions. When you’re done, come back here and let us know what you think, or better yet, leave a suggestion for future improvements.

Resource Box Revisited

Two great resources for you to download!Click here to download 'How to Create and Utilize the Perfect Resource Box' [PDF]

Last week we debuted the “How to Create and Utilize the Perfect Resource Box” video to help you better understand the most powerful tool in your article marketing toolbox – the Resource Box.

Now we’ve distilled that video down to a 1-page PDF document that you can download:
“How to Create and Utilize the Perfect Resource Box” [PDF]

As an added bonus, Chris Knight recorded an exclusive audio file today packed with sure-fire tips and hints for what to include, and not include, in your resource box. You’ll also discover the “why’s” behind these tips and hints.

[Download the MP3] (7 minutes / 6.7MB)

If you’re looking for even more resource box ideas, check out:
Article Marketing 101: The Perfect Author Resource Box.

Start using your “new and improved” resource box today on all of your fresh, high-quality articles. In no time, you’ll be reaping the benefits of additional traffic, increased credibility and improved sales.

Thousands of Instant Views

Anonymous AskChristopherKnight user asks:

How do some article writers, even those without too many prior articles, get 10’s of thousands of article views in such a short period of time? Is it the title of their articles? Is it something that they do to promote their article after they publish it? I’ve seen some authors write a few articles that get a small # of views and then all of a sudden…blaammo…they get 10-35000 views in less than 90 days.

One thing you don’t see is that many prolific article writers write under multiple pen-names (we call them “Alt-Authors”)…so when you see an author that has a handful of articles, what you don’t know is that author name may be one of dozens of author names from an account with hundreds or thousands of existing articles.

Members who have more than 500-1000+ articles have a clear advantage because they have a huge article inventory test lab… They have already seen what works and what doesn’t. They have become efficient at knowing which article titles will have the best shot at attracting traffic and which ones may not…and even when they don’t know which article titles will work or not, they have the advantage of article volume (buckshot approach results in a few home runs while a few dozen articles may get regular traffic (20-250 views per year)).

If you want to save $10-$97 from one of those lame “how to game EzineArticles” ebooks, here is what they teach: Write lots of articles, be keyword smart and then submit your article to social media sites. We don’t recommend the submission to social media sites unless you have an existing following and you’re adding value to your followers of that site…less you’re just gaming another system and your efforts will be muted.

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of a “blaammo” thousands of instant article views… care to share your best article traffic secrets?

Create the Perfect Resource Box

In article marketing, there’s a concept of give and take. The content of your article is the give – it’s the value you share with your readers. Your resource box is the take – it’s where you’re given an opportunity to make a call to action that the reader can pursue if they want to learn more about you.

But did you know that a properly used Resource Box is probably the most powerful tool in your article marketing toolbox? It’s the one thing that can have the greatest impact on the amount of website traffic your articles generate.

This video will explain how you can create and utilize the perfect resource box.

Downloadable Versions:
WMV Format     MOV Format     MV4 Format     MP3 Format

Bottom Line: If you really want to make your articles sell then you’ve got to craft the perfect Resource Box. You have provided your expert advice to the reader for free, now is your chance to get something in return. Update your Resource Boxes today and take full advantage of the power of a perfect Resource Box.

Don’t have time for the above video? Article Marketing 101: The Perfect Author Resource Box

Article Writing Obsession

If Click here to add this cartoon to your website or blog!you were about to be taken away and cooked up by cannibals, would you be as obsessed as the Expert Author in our cartoon about submitting just one last article?

Now think about what specific quality most separates the truly prolific and successful article marketers from the rest of us mere mortals.

Is it their writing talent?

Is it their expertise in their niche?
Maybe a little…

Is it their marketing experience and education?
That could be part of it…

Is it their obsession?

Without a doubt, it is the obsession to be writing and submitting a constant stream of high-quality, original articles that drives the incredibly successful EzineArticles Expert Authors to do what they do.

From the moment they wake up in the morning, to the moment they fall asleep at night (and even while they sleep!), they’re constantly conceptualizing, writing or submitting new articles to add to their inventory. They know from experience that more articles = more sales. As a result, they are forever obsessed with publishing more articles.

Do you dream of incredible numbers of qualified visitors coming to your website? If so, then you need to become obsessed with writing and submitting as many articles as possible every single day. Only through this commitment to obsession will you ever rise to the level of the article marketing elite.

So let your obsession begin… NOW! =)

Congratulations to Jan Ferrante for supplying the winning caption for today’s cartoon. She received a stylish EzineArticles mouse pad and other goodies for her efforts. Watch the EzineArticles blog for more Supply the Caption contests in the coming weeks.

FREE Expert Author Training

“If you train hard… you’ll be hard to beat.”
— Herschel Walker

We’ve just added an entire collection of FREE Expert Author training materials to the EzineArticles Members interface. These valuable PDF and audio programs can now be accessed under the “Author Tools” drop-down menu:

  1. Log into the Members interface
  2. Click on the “Author Resources” drop-down menu
  3. Select either “EzineArticles Training” or “90 Second Audio Training”

The “EzineArticles Training” PDF collection includes:

  • An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing Training Series

    Begin article writing and marketing today with this 12-part starter kit full of helpful tips on article writing, marketing and syndication. Learn the best ways to compose your article’s components, create your content and submit your articles to

  • Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series

    This 8-part training series offers tips, strategies, guidelines and more to help craft an expert article title that can improve on the success of your article and increase your readership.

  • Article Writing: Paragraph and Grammar Structure Training Series

    This 7-part training series offers the basics of paragraph structure and English Standard grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage and agreement rules.

  • Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series

    Looking for article content ideas and a quick way to compose them? This 7-part training series offers strategies to generate new article ideas and (8) article templates to compose your next set of expert articles.

The “90 Second Audio Training” series contains:

  • Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series

    Listen and learn with these (13) quick tips and strategies to help you write efficiently to increase your article inventory and effectively to bring more targeted, qualified traffic to your website. This series also includes a complete (15 page) PDF transcription.

These training materials can only provide value to you if you use them and utilize them! In other words, take the time to review the materials and discover what they have to offer. Then put your new skills and knowledge to good use by writing and submitting more, higher-quality articles that will attract additional readers and drive added traffic to your website or blog. (Continue Reading…)

4 New Problem Article Solvers

In an effort to help our members better understand why their articles are being not-accepted yet, four new Problem Article statuses have been added to the list that our Editors can use.

1) Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation >> Article Body Cut-off

Please review your article body as it appears the article body ends abruptly. Please edit your article to close the thought, remove it, or add the missing language so that it is complete and resubmit for Editorial review.

2) Invalid Link >> Lack of Quality Content

Your article has been placed in problem status for linking to a page consisting primarily of advertising rather than informative content: In order to ensure a quality user experience, we can only accept links which direct to pages which are content-rich beyond advertising and products for sale. Please edit your article to link directly to the content-rich pages on your site, or edit the link to add additional informative content and resubmit for review.

3) Invalid Link >> Links to an existing EzineArticles article

You can link to in your URL providing you are linking to an article in a series or you are linking to your EzineArticles Expert Bio page. Your link does not fall into either of these 2 categories and will need to be changed. Please make the necessary changes and resubmit for Editorial review.

4) Resource Box Length

We would like to help you get this article approved but there is an issue which needs to be resolved first. Your resource box is longer than we recommend. Please keep the size of your resource box so that it’s no larger than 15% of your total article size and resubmit it for Editorial Review.

We routinely review our problem article status codes to fine tune them with the end-goal of helping our members know specifically how to fix an article so that it can be approved on the 2nd try.

The (3) Stages of “X” Article Template

Another great template that you can put to use NOW!

Almost every article niche contains topics that can be quickly plugged into (3) clearly defined stages, or levels. Although these stages could be given any number of different labels, for the sake of simplicity let’s just call them:

  1. Mild
  2. Moderate
  3. Severe

This article template capitalizes on the fact that your readers can mentally plug themselves into any one of these stages and in so doing can easily identify with content that is of interest or appropriate to them. In the case of painful subjects, like unhealthy debt, your article can guide the reader through the steps of escaping the negative impact of a particular stage. In the case of more enjoyable pursuits, like yoga, your article can give the reader a road map to the next stage of proficiency.

Here are (3) excellent examples of stages within a niche:

  • Debt Relief
  • Mild – Low Debt: Self-management through Consolidation
  • Moderate – Medium Debt: Settlement Services and Grants
  • Severe – High Debt: Bankruptcy
  • Yoga
    • Mild – Getting Started (Novice)
    • Moderate – Developing a Routine (Intermediate)
    • Severe – Maintaining Excellence via Advanced poses (Expert)
  • Anti-Aging
    • Mild – Topical and Nutritional Products
    • Moderate – Simple Procedures
    • Severe – Cosmetic Surgery

    (Continue Reading…)

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