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Call for Developers & Programmers:

Seven months ago we began a journey to offer an API into our data silo’s so that applications could be written that would interact with the EzineArticles database (that would also adhere to the author & publisher terms of service).

This week we’re rolling it out to anyone who would like to create an API key (for free) and try it out.

Ideal initial developers include 3rd party article submission service providers, existing membership sites that want to identify which of their members are also our members and compile their own directory similar what we did with twitter, portal developers, SMS developers who might want to offer an alert service to their users when key queries are fulfilled, or stats researchers who want to identify most viewed/published/emailed articles.

The ideal developer is interested in figuring out how to use our data in a way that adds value to their users.

Our API system was developed with a load-balanced scalable back-end designed to serve billions of queries per month…giving developers confidence that this is a set of services we’re committed to providing way beyond this initial launch.

The initial API key is rate limited to 100 queries per hour. Approved developers can request that limit be raised.

We’ve denied some API requests already that we felt would be bad for the eco-system (tools that would help a person game our system for the purposes of gaming other systems), but we are always open to hearing from potential developers any [crazy] ideas they/you might have that would require additional resources as we’re open to providing larger levels of access.


Joseph Ruisi writes:

please explain exactly what the api key is..

Comment provided February 17, 2009 at 8:56 PM




An API (Application Program Interface) key is how we give you certain rights to be able to have your application & server talk with our application & servers.

Comment provided February 18, 2009 at 7:56 AM


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