Happy New Years!


What is the one single Article Writing and/or Marketing accomplishment you are most proud of for 2008?

Feel free to share your favorite metrics or stats from your article performance reports or any hurdles that may have looked unsurmountable; yet somehow you triumphed?!

Follow up question then… What does that accomplishment mean to you and your business? ie: Did you have a banner traffic year? Did you get any cool high-profile media outlets banging on your door for an interview? Did you close more sales or attract more qualified customers to your website? Did your articles improve your conversion rates?

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Do you Heart EzineArticles.com, too?

Do you Heart EzineArticles.com, too?

Do you Heart EzineArticles.com, too?

Do you Heart EzineArticles.com, too?

Do you Heart EzineArticles.com, too?

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2008 In Review

This week I’ll be doing a series of posts looking back on 2008 and giving my predictions for what will happen in the article writing & marketing field for 2009. For today, let’s take a look back at 2008…

EzineArticles.com ends 2008 with several records and firsts thanks to you!

  • Monthly unique visitors is now over 15,000,000 (Yes, that’s over 500,000+ unique visitors daily!)
  • Daily page views is in excess of one million per day (more page views means more exposure for you and your articles)
  • Total articles live has doubled in 2008 well over a million+ quality original articles.
  • Launched the EzineArticles/Twitter Directory that has 4,100+ members setup for auto-tweeting their newest EzineArticles
  • EzineArticles Premium Memberships launched in Beta since August providing priority article review speed, article scheduling, and insider keyword/keyphrase traffic search term intelligence.
  • New Members are being added at a healthy clip of over 10,000+ new Expert Authors monthly.
  • We’re ending the year delivering more than 3.6 million monthly visitors going to members’ websites! (That’s a gross CTR of approx 10% leave us to member websites)
  • We expanded our offices from 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. and doubled the number of Editors to improve article review speeds & member support.
  • EzineArticles now serves 586 unique niche markets with more planned for early 2009.

The Recessions Impact on the Article Writing & Marketing world:

The hard costs of spending cash to acquire customers (advertising costs/investments) feels heavier in soft revenue times than investing human capital in the form of labor to create and produce dozens, hundreds and in many cases, thousands of new articles to help build a base of traffic coming back to our members’ websites.

Ie: Business owners, entrepreneurs and experts are exchanging their time to produce articles at a greater rate than they are exchanging their cash for hard advertising costs to acquire the same result: More qualified visitors back to their websites.

The members who were really rewarded this year, traffic-wise, were the ones who made article writing investments in prior years because your total traffic received from articles is in direct relation to your total articles in your article inventory times the total number of days your articles were live on the site coupled with a multiplier effect how in demand your niche content was + your articles quality level (greatly affects forwarding to a friend & other social media viral forwards).

Some members who are experts in Mortgages & Refinancing saw some pretty steep declines in traffic while others in Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Business (B2B), Debt Consolidation/Relief, Finance Loans, Home Improvement (specifically Bath, Shower, & Flooring), Relationships, Mobile Cell Phones and Self Help saw very healthy traffic activity.

Lastly, the EzineArticles Premium Membership leaves Beta this Tuesday (tomorrow, Dec 30th) to become official: If you’d like to become Premium member before Tuesday, log in to your account, click on ACCOUNT MANAGER, click on PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP & sign up with your PayPal account. We have a cool 2008-only bonus planned and everyone who is a Premium member in 2008 will get the bonus even if you sign up before Tuesday.

QUESTION: Ok, it’s your turn:

How did your articles perform in 2008? Did you invest in writing more articles this year than prior years? Feel free to share your insights on how your article writing & marketing strategy unfolded in 2008. (Let’s keep the 2009 looking forward predictions for another thread later this week please).

Holiday Cheer!

All of us at EzineArticles.com wish you, your family, and your business a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday happiness you might celebrate!
Christmas 2008 photo

Why are all of our jackets on? It was snowing hard yesterday morning when this photo was taken and we were going to go outside for the shot, but decided at the last minute to do it inside. :)

Meet The Network Admins

We just got done doing our Holiday photo shoot of the entire team (will be posted tomorrow)… and I thought today I’d show you two of our Network Admins who have been working in the dark all week with nothing but Christmas lights on in their office:
Christmas Network Admins

Christmas Network Admins

Katie & Wendy are Network Admins (or “EzineArticles Elves” I’m calling them today).
Here are some of the things they both enjoy about life:
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17 New Niche Markets Added

Great News! We added 17 new niche sub-categories for your articles. This means EzineArticles.com now serves 586 Unique Niche Markets (& proud of it!) Here they are:
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Links in Article Body Become NoFollowed

Self Promotion Encouraged in the Resource Box Only PleaseBeing a market leader means having to make tough decisions sometimes… and this is one we’ve contemplated for more than 2 years now.

What’s happening: Effective later this month, all links in the article body will include the rel=”nofollow” attribute. That means we’ll be instructing the search engines to not crawl those links. Will they actually not crawl those links? I think the consensus is that they STILL crawl those links for indexing purposes, but unofficially.

Why is this being done? To discourage self-promotion in the article body.

The Article Body is the GIVE;
The Resource Box is the TAKE.

This decision was taken very seriously and we did a comprehensive internal stats study and found that 92.7% of our members already do include their links properly in the Resource Box. This change only affects the value or perceived value that 7.3% of our members receive.

What we’re hoping will result from this change: Self-serving active links will end up in the Resource Box where they are suppose to be and thus, user trust and referral partner trust (ie: search engines & other social media sites) will improve. When traffic referral partner trust improves, our members win and we win at a higher level together.

More traffic to us = more traffic to your website… and we’re basically placing a large bet that the negative consequences of 7% of our membership being unhappy because of this policy change will result in 100% of our members getting more traffic in the long haul. Always open to your thoughts? (please keep comments in this thread on topic)

Write Your Way Into People’s Minds

EzineArticles Expert Author Rachael Tiedeman created this quick video yesterday that takes you through a tour of the EzineArticles authors area (perfect for newbies new to EzineArticles).

Audio To Articles

Turn your Audio into Articles effortlesslyWant to discover a simple & fast concept that will help you produce hundreds of articles effortlessly without having to write a single article nor hire a ghostwriter?

If you can speak into a mic and record it, you can get an incredible market advantage for your article writing & marketing strategy.

Here’s why this strategy works:

  • No article writing experience necessary.
  • Writers block never happens.
  • SPEED/LEVERAGE Advantage: One article may take you an hour to write; but in one hour of speaking into a mic, you can easily create 15-20+ high quality original articles.
  • Uniqueness factor is huge: No one speaks like you do. The quality of content you produce when speaking is uniquely different than when you write on the same topic.
  • Remarkable Time Savings: Besides the huge return on time, you can outsource the monotonous job of transcribing & editing your audio into articles.

Sold on the idea of using your spoken voice into a mic in order to produce articles yet?

Here are the quick 10 steps to using this strategy:

  1. Hook up a mic (doesn’t have to be high quality) to your computer and find a recording program to save your work (I use AconDigital’s Accoustica, most others use Audacity/SoundForge/SndSampler).
  2. Pick a core topic you want to speak about relating to your expertise. Don’t worry if you go off on tangents as each tangent will become a separate article.
  3. Begin speaking and pretend that you’re giving a live seminar where you don’t have the luxury of stopping and editing. It’s important that you force yourself to reach a flow state if it doesn’t happen naturally.
  4. I recommend a target *minimum* number of minutes that you’ll be speaking for such as 30-90 minutes. Don’t worry about going over if you reach a flow state as I’m sure your audience would love to hear you continue to speak.
  5. Save your recording as a .WAV file (for PC) or .AIFF (for Mac) and I recommend using a file naming convention with today’s date, topic of the audio, and your name. Example: 2008-12-11-ArticleWriting-ChrisKnight.WAV
  6. After you’ve archived the file, save it as an MP3 for faster transport/transit to your transcription service provider.
  7. Send the MP3 to your transcription service of choice; wait for a day to a week, and they’ll send it back to you in a MS Word or text document. Expect to invest about $60-$100 USD/per hour of audio transcribed.
  8. Slice & Dice the transcription into 300-800 word chunks that are themed by topic or sub-topic to create dozens of articles.
  9. Log in to your EzineArticles membership interface and submit all of your articles at once (saves time vs. uploading one at a time).
  10. Within a week our Editors will review your articles and you’ll most likely be in the top 15% of all EzineArticles members having submitted more than 10 articles without having written a single article by hand.

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Problem Article Process Overhaul

We received some feedback from our authors through various sources that our problem status emails needed some work so we took a look and found that we had room for improvement.

…So the Editorial Team and I dedicated some intense hours over the last few weeks and re-wrote the problem article emails that are generated to our authors.

Every article that we review receives one of 2 actionable statuses – Approved or Problem status.

Problem status means there is something in that article that did not adhere to one of our Editorial Guidelines, and it must be fixed in order for us to look at it again so an email is generated to better explain what needs to happen.

What we did:

  • Re-wrote each Problem Article status. This means that the guts of every email that is generated from a problem status is now even more specific to the problem so that our authors will understand what we are looking for and what they will need to do to get their article approved. We also offered some examples in these to further explain what we found to be erroneous in the article.
  • Cleaned up what wasn’t needed and removed “repeated” directives. This was fun :)

We took 71 status’ and condensed them into 40 status’ that offer more information more clearly.

We have changed internal processes since the last re-write and we found that the efficiencies that we built internally enabled us to use far less status’ than we had. Removing them will provide the editors with more consistency and our authors with clearer directives.

Because this change affected many structural changes internally, we must roll this out in 4 phases that will be finalized in approximately 10 days.

The end goal is that you’ll spend less time in determining what is wrong with the article and more time doing what you’re good at – Article Writing!

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