Zero to 250 High Quality Articles in 6 Months

Ann Keeler Evans Interview with Host Chris KnightThe secret to making article writing & marketing work the best is nailing *BOTH* quality and quantity…and it’s rare when I see it happen even with 130,000+ expert authors participating in the EzineArticles system.

What happens is that most experts who get the QUALITY aspect of article writing often fail to create enough quantity of articles to get the traffic & exposure return that is possible based on the quality of their articles.

Unfortunately, many of our members who master the QUANTITY aspect, fail to reach a quality factor that makes us proud to promote this type of author as ‘ideal.’

Then along came EzineArticles Expert Author, Ann Keeler Evans… who wrote and submitted more than 250 high quality articles in her first 6 months of being a member. I just knew that Ann had some rituals and secrets that many of our members could benefit from, so I called her up and received permission to interview her on what, why and how she does what she did.

Learn more about Ann Keeler Evans here.

After you listen to the interview or read the notes, what key point(s) did you take out of this as it applies to your unique situation?

Traps and How To Escape Them – Article Template

Here’s an article writing template idea for you to use: The “Traps & How To Escape Them” article template!

We’ve all been trapped from time to time on almost every plane of possibility ranging from physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc… and you get to save the day with your expertise by delivering the “escape plan” followed with a Resource Box where they can learn how to further escape from the trap.

Here’s how the “Traps & How To Escape Them” article template works:

  1. Make a list of every trap you know someone in your ideal target market has fallen into on purpose or by accident.
  2. Important: Only list (1) trap per article but you can list a single or multiple ways to escape it in each article.
  3. First paragraph clearly defines the “TRAP” along with why it’s bad to be in that type of trap.
    • Example: Overtraining for your next triathlon event might be the trap and it’s bad because overtraining can lead to burnout and decreased performance.
  4. Optional: Stir the pain up by selling them on the ideas as to why being caught in the trap won’t help them achieve their goals.
  5. Optional: Sympathize with the reader as to why they are not alone and that many before them have fallen into this trap for the following 2-7 reasons.
  6. Next, setup a sub-head to clearly show them you are now going to help them “ESCAPE” from the trap they have found themselves into.
    • Important: Make it extremely obvious where in your article the reader can quickly scan to grasp your escape route ideas. Don’t hide this from them deep inside your article body or mislead the reader to think they have to visit your website to find the escape plan.
  7. Give the reader a clear path from their current ‘locked up’ position of being in a trap to how to escape the trap via your unique ideas, strategies, tips, suggestions & secrets.
  8. Optional: After you’ve helped them to escape the trap, show them how to never get caught again in the trap.
  9. Conclude with a quick summary of the trap as you defined it; the most common ways to escape it and how the reader will benefit by following your advice.

So, get started with step #1, brainstorming all of the different traps your ideal target reader may find themselves in as it relates to your niche and expertise. You’ll be amazed how fast the rest of this article will seemingly almost write itself once you do the hard part of identifying the most common traps & your specific advice for how to escape.

EzineArticles is Nine Today

Happy Birthday To Us!Yes, that’s right… today is our 9th birthday!

…We’re just a tiny baby site. :-)

Earlier today I gave our members a challenge to share which article writing/marketing accomplishment they were most proud of?

Some came back with:

  • @mariaduron: That MSNBC found and called me from one of the articles I submitted to ezine articles.
  • @TargetStars: I am most proud of being able to help a client outshine the competition (especially small businesses). I love a challenge!
  • @buildingsource: The fact that I had the confidence to get started.
  • @annkeelerevans: I’m doing it, learning how to do it better and learning from doing it! We make ourselves experts as we share our expertise.
  • @jeffherring: Leading a tribe of article marketers to get their message out to the world and make a difference…

QUESTION: What are *YOU* most proud about in terms of all of your article writing and/or article marketing activities?

Market Visibility With Articles

A question I’m asked often is this, “How many articles will it take to achieve success?”

The real question they are asking, “How many articles will it take to dominate my niche and attract more traffic/exposure than anyone else?”

Once you have the “quality” aspect of writing original & unique articles; the next logical step is to create a plan to get the ‘quantity’ formula done right.

Your ability to dominate a niche with articles that showcase your expertise is in relation to two market forces:

  1. The end-user demand for the niche you have expertise in. [Market Demand For Info]
  2. The quantity of peers who are writing articles in the same niche you write in as well. [Market Suppliers Of Info]

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Write A Letter To The Editor

Something new we’re going to test for the next year is the concept of letting people write a letter to the EzineArticles Newsletter Editor.

This is different than the questions sent to us via in that letters written to the editor may be published publicly in future newsletter editions whereas I don’t publish questions sent to me via AskChristopherKnight without removing personally identifiable info.

What I’m hoping will result from the “Letters to the EzineArticles Editor” process is an industry discussion about global issues facing article writers & marketers. I’ll be looking for arguments about the way something should be along with counter arguments from others so that we can show both viewpoints.

Most Common Problem Article Reasons

CEO Chris Knight and Managing Editor Penny discuss PA'd articles In the last 30 days, over 28,000 articles were unable to be accepted on the 1st try. This is crazy!

…So, I called the EzineArticles Managing Editor (Penny) in to do a quick 12 minute audio discussion to help our members figure out how to not be in the 20% of our monthly submissions that get rejected on the 1st try… ie: We want to help you get your articles accepted faster.

Take a listen: (only a quick 12 minutes)

You can also DOWNLOAD the MP3 (12 minutes, 12MB’s in file size)

63 New Themes Went Live

This month we made 63 new theme-based EzineArticles logos live throughout the site. Here is a sample few of the new ones that I thought were kinda cool:

If there are any logo themes you’ve found that you think should be better, different or no theme at all, let us know. There are still several hundred categories we have not themed up yet.

Business Optimization Week Replay

Stacey Hylen interviews Chris KnightEzineArticles Expert Author Stacey Hylen interviewed me on article writing & marketing for business owners/entrepreneurs.

Here’s the replay: (62 minutes)

You can also DOWNLOAD THE MP3 (62 minutes / 60 MB’s), and DOWNLOAD My Private Notes From The Interview (6 page PDF / 148 KB’s)

30 Days 30 Articles Challenge

November EzineArticles Article Writing Challenge!November 30 Day 30 Article Writing & Submitting Challenge:

  • There are 30 days in November.
  • Write 30 articles & submit them to EzineArticles this month.
  • I will coach you every day this month via Twitter giving you:
    • New content source ideas
    • Writing tips
    • Time savings strategies
    • Article title tips
    • How to write compelling copy
    • Keyword & keyphrase research
    • Resource Box tricks to improve CTR
    • How to leverage the tools we already provide you to get the highest return from all of your article writing & marketing activities.
  • Follow us on Twitter to get the daily free training delivered directly to your cell phone or via the web:

Feel free to share via a blog comment on this post how you’re doing and if you’ll be accepting the challenge. The prize? For most newbies, ending the month with your 1st 30 articles gives your website traffic a great starting boost and I’ll be coaching you the entire month via Twitter.