Halloween EzineArticles Team Style

About 1/3rd of our behind-the-scenes team dressed up for a Halloween party today:

Halloween EzineArticles Style

Rather than give away each of their secret identities, I’ll reveal their positions in the team from LEFT to RIGHT: (Sr. Associate Editor, Developer, Associate Editor Trainee, Associate Editor Trainee, Associate Editor Trainee, Sr. Programmer #1, Network Admin, CEO, VP of Operations, Quality Control, Member Support)
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24 Hours of Premium Speed

Premium MembershipEnd Of Month Special:

For 24 hours only from 2pm CST today to 2pm CST on Friday, every member will receive Premium article review speed.

Let’s finish October off with a bang!

EzineArticles FaceBook Fan Page

If you’re on FaceBook, you can now become a fan of the EzineArticles FaceBook Fan Page!

Here’s your invitation to become a fan of the EzineArticles FB Community page.

New Feature Subscribe To Comments

New feature released today in this blog that allows you to subscribe via email to any blog thread *WITHOUT* having to leave a comment.

This allows anyone to follow via email replies as they happen in real-time so you can lurk-n-learn without having to participate in a thread to get those email replies.

To use this feature, just view the blog entry you’re interested in subscribing to follow up blog comments, enter your email address and click SUBSCRIBE.

Bring It On

Repackage & repurpose your existing content BEFORE you produce new contentSome say there is a global recession going on. We’ve noticed something around here: Article submissions are at an all time high this past week. Could it be that article writing & marketing is a sure-fire strategy to recession proof your traffic acquisition costs from hurting your business?

Here’s what we’re doing to help you during these tougher economic times: We just hired more Editors …again! so that your articles can be reviewed & accepted faster.

It’s not what happens;
It’s what you do that counts!

In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, here’s a concept to give you a lift:

Since you most likely already have content produced for other purposes, your first 10-25 articles should be nothing more than repurposing existing unique articles you’ve already written.

  • Existing email newsletter archives
  • Blog posts you’ve written
  • Blog comments you left that included some meaty substance
  • Lengthy forum posts you’ve participated in
  • Ebooks/Books that are in or out of print.
  • Replies to “Ask The Expert” type sites (being sure to remove private info)
  • Teleseminar or Teleclass Transcripts & Audio CD transcripts you’ve done

It becomes a simple editing exercise where you slice & dice your existing content into 400-750 word articles, add an article title, resource box, some keywords and submit it.

Ever hear the old saying, “If you haven’t seen it before; it’s new to you.” There are literally tens and hundreds of thousands of people who have never seen your existing content even if you’ve had it published for years.

In conclusion, before you write (1) brand new article… make certain you’ve leveraged your existing exclusive-rights high quality original content that you already produced to form the basis of your first set of 10-25 articles. Make sense?

EzineArticles Google Gadget

Do you use iGoogle for your home page?

If so, you can now add the new EzineArticles Google Gadget to display your own EzineArticles or track any of our 126,000 expert authors on your iGoogle custom home page.

Read the instructions here or if you’re ready, click this button and then you can reconfigure whichever expert author (or yourself) that you’d like to track.
Add The EzineArticles Google Gadget to your iGoogle home page

This is our 1st version of a Google Gadget and we’re open to hearing how you’d like to see us improve it.

Article Readability Study

Using the Laesbarhedsindex (LIX) readability formula, we analyzed 100,000 random sample of articles to see what level our members are writing their articles for:

Essentially this chart shows that our members are more likely to write Easier-to-read articles than they are to write Difficult-to-read articles.

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Business Optimization Week Guest Interview

Stacey HylenEzineArticles Expert Author Stacey Hylen will be interviewing me this Wednesday morning 9am EST on article writing & marketing for business owners/entrepreneurs.

This is your chance to hear me and 16 other phenomenal expert and bestselling authors such as: Dave Lakhani, Melanie Benson Strick, Ben Mack, Fabienne Frederickson and many more interviewed by Business Optimization Coach, Stacey Hylen, for the second annual Business Optimization Week 2.0: Marketing & Mindset to Make You More Money teleseminar event.

The event goes on today through Thursday, October 23rd and participation is absolutely free of charge. You will come away with amazing tools and strategies to implement into your business to achieve your goals, attract more clients, generate more profits, and develop a winning business mindset.

Visit http://www.BusinessOptimizationWeek.com to sign up.

Subscriber Count Added

Number of Subscribers Who Follow Your New ArticlesWhen you log in to your EzineArticles account, you’ll find a new stat added to your Authors Area home page: Subscribers

This is for the feature that went live (6) weeks ago where visitors to your profile are given the chance to sign up to receive new daily email alerts whenever you have new articles posted.

I don’t expect this feature will ‘change the world’ but over time, it will gain momentum and power rewarding our longest standing members with more highly targeted traffic to their newest article submissions.

In November, I’ll share a report as to how well our users have adopted this new feature as I’m expecting to be reporting a high number of unique authors with a low subscriber count per author; however, these are highly valued subscribers because they desired a very specific request to track your freshest article submissions.

Your Article Reports

The EzineArticles Developer team asked me to ask you for some feedback so that we can figure out which direction to take your article reports in terms of improvement.

Right now, we’re displaying Article ID, Article Title, View Counts, EzinePublisher Counts, URL’s Clicked, Emailed (how many times your article is forwarded to a friend), # of Comments, Votes, Rating and the Published Date. Seems like an incredible amount of data is being displayed that may be too much for most members.

If you’d like to have a hand in the direction we improve your article reports, we’d like you to reply to blog entry with 3 things:

  1. What is your monitor size and screen resolution?
    (Example: 17″ monitor / 1024×1280 resolution)
  2. If you could only change one thing about your EzineArticles “My Article Reports” to make them more immediately valuable to you, what would you want changed specifically?
  3. The top 3 statistics ranked in order of importance to you for each of your articles is? (ie: View Count, URL Clicks, etc…)

Optionally, you could tell us if the charts and graphics we’re auto-generating on the fly are of any value? Example: The top most viewed articles or the pie chart that identifies your total article count by which author produced the content? (This only shows up if you have more than one alt-author setup with live published articles)

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