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Ever wonder which articles show up when on our home page?

As articles are accepted/approved & made live, they go into a queue and are rotated into the home page 50 at a time and they stay up for 30 minutes before the next 50 are rotated in. In a 24 hour span, this allows us to display 2,400 new articles.

In the future, the 30 minute rotation window will continue to go down in minutes so that we get through 100% of the days newest approved articles.

A Top Ten List


10. There’s not a single topic left to write about. Everything has been said.

9. I am currently satisfied with the amount of traffic I’m getting to my website; why would I want more?

8. Too many visitors makes my website slow down to a crawl or it crashes.

7. Joining a community of 95,000+ Expert Authors frightens me.

6. I hate free services that offer massive benefits and very little drawbacks.

5. The Editorial Review Team won’t accept my PayPal bribe.

4. Submitting keyword-stuffed, computer-generated, spun and re-spun, barely-English PLR articles is a better fit for my marketing strategy. NOT!

3. The idea of (2) REAL HUMANS carefully reviewing my articles makes me blush.

2. I find the 569 niche categories too limiting.

1. The cat knocked my EzineArticles mug over and spilled coffee into my keyboard. My “Enter” key sticks.

Have any additional to add to our list?

More Expansion

We’ve run out of physical room in our 2,500 sq. ft. office… so this week we had to get creative to “create more space” for the next (4) hires.

The room in the photo was our office supplies & marketing staging area where we assembled our EzineArticles Platinum mug care packages. We rented a storage shed down the road to house all of our mug supplies and empty Dell boxes. Our Accounting Manager took one of the office supply cabinets and our Managing Editor took another in her office.

Instant new office for hires #29, #30, #31 and #32.

In our local North East Wisconsin job economy (“Silicon Cheese Valley” I like to call it), we’ve had a steady stream of quality job applicants. The plus side to our area is that housing is very affordable ($800 USD a month gets you either a mortgage on a new home or rent on a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 stall enclosed garage home), most have a (4) year college degree, pretty good work ethic; and the downside is that we end up having to teach or train new developer applicants on our platform vs. finding pre-trained talent and the lack of proximity to Silicon Valley is less than ideal.
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South African Freedom Day

Happy South African Freedom Day!

Yesterday, South Africa celebrated its 14th year of democracy since the first non-racial elections on April 27th, 1994. Freedom day is celebrated throughout South Africa and each year the National Celebration provides a constant message of equal rights and unity in diversity for all.

In honor of this day of celebration, EzineArticles expert author from South Africa Gerald Crawford is today’s Author Spotlight.

Born in South Africa, Gerald has studied electronics, telecommunications, eco-travel concepts and promotes responsible tourism in South Africa. An EzineArticles Platinum Author since September 2006, Gerald’s 225+ articles reflect his diversity of expertise from Travel and Leisure to Health and Fitness and result in over 57,500 views. Gerald’s article South African Coat of Arms describes South Africa’s new national coat of arms and its aim to reflect the democratic changes in the nation. His “EzineArticles Expert Author Badge” is proudly displayed on his website and links to his EzineArticles Extended Author Bio and Pic.

Thanks Gerald Crawford for being an Ezine Articles Expert Author and we hope you enjoyed your day of celebration! Take a look at all 534 of our EzineArticles expert authors based in South Africa.

2 Self-Serving Active Links

We’re considering a change in one of our longest standing policies in terms of active self-serving links… and we’d like to get your feedback about it.

Currently: (See Editorial Guidelines section 2.f.) Your articles can contain up to (3) self-serving active links, and (3) non-self-serving links.

Proposed: Your articles can contain up to (2) self-serving active links and up to (2) non-self-serving active links.

Here’s are our research and current thinking why this must change:

  • Our ideal EzineArticles authors already only use (1) or (2) active self-serving links, so they will not be negatively impacted.
  • Members who write thin-content purely for the active link love will be negatively impacted…something that may ultimately be positive for our users & current/future members.
  • User feedback emails confirm that they think articles with (3) self-serving links looks “spammy”.
  • We want to continue to attract high profile expert authors and many of the highest profile of expert authors tell us they want to be seen in similar company. High profile expert authors almost NEVER include (3) self-serving links.
  • We are certain that articles with (1) or (2) active self-serving links will lead to increased syndication and use by ezine publishers vs. the (3) active self-serving link article. Think about this from the Publishers perspective.
  • Very high profile publishers do not take (3) active self-serving link articles seriously.
  • The collective credibility and perception of our site and our members will climb when the maximum active self-serving link limit is (2). More market trust = more market credibility and higher quality visitors referred to your website.
  • This is the natural evolution of our quality focus. Newbie competitor websites with no market credibility would have to offer lots of active self-serving links to make up for having a very low audience profile. Our high-traffic audience profile is the result of years of raising standards frequently. This is just another one of those standards that the time has come to raise.
  • It’s important to differentiate EzineArticles from spammy looking websites (you know exactly who and the type of sites I’m referring to).

Your thoughts?

Original Article Campaign Case Studies

Wanted: I’m writing an article about the trend that many of our members are creating content specifically for EzineArticles as part of their exposure/traffic attraction strategy (vs. submitting content that they already have posted on their own website).

If your article writing & marketing syndication strategy includes writing articles exclusively for EzineArticles because you’ve found that strategy works better than posting articles on our site that you’ve already posted on your site or elsewhere, get in touch with me in the next 24 hours via this link.

Queen Elizabeth II

Happy 82nd Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II… and a salute to the 8,754 EzineArticles experts who call the UK home.

USA Presidential Candidates Content Face-Off

Here in the USA, if you turn on any news station, they have been obsessing over the past year on which political candidate will be our next President.

We thought it would be fun to see who’s winning in terms of article content submitted to to date that mentions the candidate.

Sorted by alphabetical order:

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Barack Obama

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Article Content Idea- Survey Results

Your readers love reading the RESULTS of relevant SURVEYS you’ve conducted in your niche. Give it to them in your next set of articles.

Why articles that include the results of surveys are valuable:

  • You are delivering the result of most likely hours/days or weeks of research.
  • You are summarizing mountains of data into a less than 1,000 word summary.
  • You are helping your reader to key into which numbers in the results are important and why.
  • You are identifying how to evaluate the results…ie: What does it mean for their business.

Most surveys you produce will most likely produce too much data for just one article and that’s the beauty of why a single survey result can help you easily produce a series of 2-15 articles.
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10 Referrals A Day

EzineArticles Expert Author Suzanne Arant-Wells wrote a thoughtful blog entry of her experience with EzineArticles: How to Use eZine Articles to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Suzanne said:

“I have submitted numerous articles to eZine over the past months, and these articles have resulted in almost 10,000 page views.”

“…and according to my website and blog stat reports, eZine[Articles] refers about 10 visitors a day. Not a bad way to get traffic.”

10 referrals a day may not be very sexy, but it becomes 300 per month / 3,600 per year…and will most likely continue for many more years to come. Not bad from 40+ articles.

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