Public Member Support vs. Private

Right now, 100% of member support is handled privately. It is the right way to do it as this protects the privacy of our members and allows members & users to ask us questions without fear of the public finding out that they asked or reported an issue.

However, that level of privacy and intimate 1:1 support has a price: Slow response for members + Increased labor load for us.

As of this morning, we’re 921 member and user email support tickets behind….and that number is climbing daily despite us throwing more labor at getting answers to member and user questions. We’re 5-6 days behind in responding to emails vs. our target of next business day response for all queries.

Idea: I wanted to float a concept that I’ve seen catching on in other venues for member/user support that might help us and our members help each other faster:

What if we offered a public version of member support that we’d make searchable so that over time, it would become a super FAQ?

Upsides/Downsides? Your thoughts?

Demonstrate a Clear Purpose

When writing articles, your reader wants to quickly know and understand your clear purpose in 2-7 seconds, not 2-7 minutes.

Here’s some tips to help you figure out how to demonstrate a clear purpose:

  • Before you begin your article, establish a clear goal/objective for what you want your reader to leave with after they read your article.
  • Restrict your paragraphs to no more than 7 sentences.
  • Build paragraphs in a logical order where the first sentence states your primary point and the following 2-7 sentences further reinforces your first sentence in each paragraph.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists.
  • After you’ve completed your article body, ask yourself, “Have I delivered on the promise I made in my article title?”

How do you personally demonstrate a clear purpose in your articles?

Stephen Hopson – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles Expert Author and inspirational speaker Stephen Hopson is today’s Author Spotlight.

Profoundly deaf since birth, Stephen Hopson is a former award-winning Wall Street stockbroker turned inspirational speaker, author and pilot. He used law of attraction and other spiritual principles to achieve these dreams. He is a firm believer that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. He gave up a lucrative six figure Wall Street career to pursue his dreams of using the gift of communication as a motivational speaker. Now in great demand as a speaker, he has spoken all over the country.

As an EzineArticles Platinum Author since 2006, many of Stephens 61 active articles reflect how he was able to tap into universal law in order to manifest his dreams. Stephen attracts droves of new readers to his professional speaking website and Adversity University blog everyday. He most recently released his new professional speaking demo video Transforming Adversity into Success and further increased his credibility as an inspirational writer and speaker by creating an extended author bio and uploading his author photo.

Thanks Stephen Hopson for submitting your inspirational articles and keep up the good work!

New Gaming Main Category

Previously all articles about computer/online games were in one sub-category of our Computers & Technology section.

Here’s a look at the newly created Gaming main category and sub-categories:

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Article Diagnostic Center Replies

When we first launched the new Article Diagnostic Center, only 1,000 members were notified via their EzineArticles INBOX. This was done to gauge member feedback, fix or tweak things and improve the user experience.

Last Friday, we inched out another 4,600 member notifications that some of their articles have dead/broken links that need repair/attention.

I should let everyone know that we don’t intend to de-activate any dead links not repaired by our members until we’ve re-audited the entire site a few more times over a few more days to ensure that the links are in fact dead.

Some of the general responses from members to the dead link notification email:

  • Thanks! I fixed it. Great tool. Appreciate your help in finding inactive links.
  • Sorry, my server’s been up and down a lot lately.
  • or I’m moving to a new web host
  • My server is very slow at times and that’s why your server may have thought it was dead.

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Happy Irish Expert Author Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is believed to have driven the snakes from Ireland. March 17th, thought to be the date of the saint’s death, is a day of celebration and tradition by people from all walks and heritages. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by wearing green, eating Irish food and attending parades and is steeped in folklore; from the shamrock to the leprechaun. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade actually took place in New York City by Irish immigrants in the 1760s.

In honor of this day of celebration, EzineArticles expert author from Ireland Ronan Menton is today’s Author Spotlight.

Ronan Menton lives in Dublin, Ireland and works in the web travel business. His articles highlight Ireland’s vast travel and leisure opportunities and feature many of Ireland’s national attractions and traditions, such as his article Guiness: A Dublin Legacy.

He has mastered the 300-400 word article with ease of read and a flare for “taking you there” with his use of colorful description. An EzineArticles Platinum Member since April of 2006, Ronan has taken advantage of writing and submitting his articles in sets to increase his article inventory and maximize his article writing time spent. He has also uploaded his author pic and utilized the extended author bio. Thanks Ronan Menton for being an EzineArticles expert author and enjoy your day of celebration.

Take a look at all of our EzineArticles expert authors based in Ireland.

New Health and Fitness Niches

New Health and Fitness niche additions this week:

See the newly expanded Health and Fitness main page.
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Swimming Skinny

SwimmingBeing a guy who swims for fun and competes in triathlons, the EzineArticles Swimming category has bothered me since the day we launched it.

Why? Because it contained way too many articles about swimming pools, hot tubs, pool chemicals and all of the physical equipment necessary to manage pools, RATHER THAN articles about the athletic swimming thing we humans do.

Finally, we split the category in two:

Recreation and Sports: Swimming

Articles about/concerning Swimming, Swimming Lessons, Swimming Strokes/Techniques, Coaching Swimming, Swimwear, Competitive-Swimsuits, Swimming Safety, Lifeguards, Ocean Swimming, Pool Parties, Diving, Olympic Swimming, Masters Swimming, & Benefits of Swimming for Exercise/Health.

Home Improvement: Swimming Pools Spas

Articles about/concerning Building Swimming Pools, Lap Pools, Pool Winterization, Swimming Pool Care, Spas / Hot Tubs, Pool Supplies/Chemicals, Pool Equipment, Kits/Covers, DIY, & Pool Toys/Slides.

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New EzineArticles Mug Mailer

Previously, we were sending EzineArticles mugs that we boxed and bubble wrapped ourselves. It wasn’t a pretty way to deliver the small thank you gift to new Platinum members, yet it was effective.

Two weeks ago, we started testing a new bubble-wrap-less cardboard mug mailer to 197 of our U.S. based new Platinum members.

[Click Here To Enlarge]

If you received one of these new mugs in the last 2 weeks, please add a comment to this thread to let us know if the mug arrived in one piece? Thanks!

New Finance and Investing Niche Topics

NEW: Based on member feedback over the past 6 months, we’ve greatly expanded our EzineArticles Finance niche categories:

Here are the new Finance niche additions:

See the newly expanded Finance main page.

In addition, we’ve taken the former “Investing” sub-category of Finance and made it into a main category:

See the newly expanded Investing main page

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